Monday, November 4, 2013

Life Within New Earth Part 2


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 11-1-13

Being Multidimensional
As we flowed across the surface of the great inner lake, we remembered the Arcturian’s final message, “Go down there and let go.” Since this was our first chance to ponder these words, we realized that “let go” could mean many things. 
As we crossed the lake hidden deep within the core of some frequency of Earth the mist of the cool water danced across our loose representation of our feet. It was then that we had to “let go” of all former restrictions of a form.

Our body was somewhat humanoid, but it seemed to shift and waft with our every thought and emotion. We could feel our essence of Mytre and Mytria as our dominant being, but our Arcturian nature shined a light on us that provided great calm and confidence. We also felt Sandy and Jason, our third dimensional expressions of SELF, deep within us.
Therefore, we knew that we had to let go of our old limited thinking about our identity. Best of all, there was a peaceful sweetness that we could feel growing inside us that seemed to be increasing while we were in the presence of these great beings. At the same time, we could feel another part of us, likely the Jason/Sandy part, which was afraid to allow that sweetness to grow. 
From our present state of consciousness we could not imagine why we would be afraid to be sweet, but then our 3D human self shot us a distant memory of fear. This brief experience of fear was so intense and disruptive that we almost fell into to the water. Fortunately, the two beings behind us lurched forward and held us between them. 
“It is just an old residue from your life on topside Earth,” they whispered to us with one voice. In fact, their voice went straight into our heart and healed the sudden memory of fear. Yes, fear was definitely something that we would need to “let go.” With that thought, the leader beamed us instantly to a huge crystal at the far side of the inner lake. 
We were telepathically instructed to stand in front of the crystal and allow our heart to connect with it. “I will help you,” the leader said. We did not know why we would need the leaders help to look at the crystal until we felt the first rush of energy explode into our heart. The blast of light was so intense, that had the leader not been standing directly behind us, we would have been shot backwards into the lake.
“At first I will need to assist you to ground this higher frequency in Gaia so that you do not become overwhelmed by this frequency of energy. You see this crystal is one of the cornerstones of New Earth. Gaia was shielding you from the energy of the core, Mother Crystal, as she knew that you were not yet ready to integrate that resonance. We will take you to the four cornerstone crystals, and then you can return to the core to commune with the Mother Crystal. But first we would like you to meet our Lemurian community.”
Of course, we thought, these wonderful people were the ancient Lemurians. 
“Yes,” the leader responded to our thought. “I am known as Lemurion, which is the title for my position. However, our names are no longer words but frequency patterns that are recognizable via our expanded perceptions. When you are ready, we will teach you how to read these energy patterns. This skill will be very helpful when you go topside to the myriad versions of transmuting Earth.”
“Thank you,” we said, “We would truly appreciate that. However, first we must find Gaia’s child. We were told that we are to protect her, and now we cannot even find her. We unknowingly followed her to the core where she was climbing inside of the Mother Crystal. However, she scurried off. Gaia told us we must follow her.”
“Yes,” said Lemurion. “You are among the ‘Honored Ones.’”
“The Honored Ones?” we asked. 
“You are among the first to emerge from the Arcturian’s Corridor to assist in letting go the lower frequencies of Gaia and focusing on ONLY the higher frequencies. In this manner, you will recalibrate your perceptions to include the higher dimensions of Gaia’s multidimensional Earth. You will still be able to perceive the lower worlds, but as you become accustomed to the feel of New Earth, you will only have to lower your perceptual field to assist those who call for assistance.”
 We were shocked by the immensity of our responsibility. Actually, our Sandy/Jason was shocked, our Mytre/Mytria was honored and for our Arcturian it was a normal experience. We were gradually growing accustomed to feeling these three different frequencies of SELF in the same NOW. 
“You are still accustoming yourself to being multidimensional,” said Lemurion, again answering our thoughts.
“Yes Mytrian, we are all fully telepathic here. Hence, every thought and emotion is experienced by everyone within the same NOW.” Once again Lemurion’s communications were simultaneous to our thoughts. 
“It will take you a bit to become accustomed to this manner of communication. Actually, it will take your Sandy/Jason element a while to adjust. Did you know that they still exist as two separate people on physical Earth?’
“Do you mean in a parallel reality?” we asked.
“It is not exactly a parallel reality from the perspective of our fifth-dimensional ONE. Physical Sandy and Jason are within the same reality as you, Mytrian, but in a different dimension. Parallel realities are on the same frequency/dimension, but within a different timeline. Just as your Mytre and Mytria and the Arcturian component exists in the higher dimensions, Sandy and Jason exist in the physical reality on this timeline that is transmuting into a multidimensional reality. 
“However, when you perceive them from the perspective of the fifth dimension and beyond, as you are doing now, there is no time. Hence, there is no process of transmuting because it has always been. When you go topside you will be met with the myriad versions of transmuting Earth. This will occur as chaos precedes change.”
“Oh,” we said weakly. “One thing we will definitely need to ‘let go’ is third dimensional thinking.”
“Yes,” smiled Lemurion. However, the smile was not on Lemurion’s face, which was too bright to clearly see. The smile was a feeling that came from its aura. 
“Excellent!” Lemurion responded to our thoughts, “You are understanding our true language of emanation.”
We were beginning to understand, or actually, remember the language of emanation, but our Sandy/Jason self was quite confused. This experience of being multidimensional was even new to Mytre and Mytria, as they/we worked with our physical human expression as a separate person.
Now our Sandy/Jason inner expression is within the collective of our Multidimensional SELF. On the other hand, Lemurion had told us that there was another version of Sandy/Jason that had not integrated into this SELF. This information was confusing to us.
Lemurian instantly responded to our thoughts by saying, “Dear Mytrian, we understand that there is much for you to integrate into all the frequencies of your SELF. Therefore, we will directly take you to our hub settlement.”
“Hub settlement,” we asked.
“There are many of our settlements, much like your cities, that are in different areas and different frequencies of Gaia’s Inner Earth. We will begin by taking you to the festivity that is being planned in your honor.” 
“Our honor? Why would that be?”
“You, and the others like you, are very important for the stabilization of New Earth. But, let us not discuss that now. It is time for you to rest and recreate.”
In a flash we were beamed to a huge city, which they titled a settlement. We had not been conscious of our Lightbody breathing, but when we first saw the glory of this settlement we inhaled with surprise. Was this amazing place right underneath our feet all along?
 “Indeed, but it was not always as glorious. After many of your years, we Lemurians experienced the total destruction of our society. It is difficult to count the “time” we were topside as we were a timeless fifth dimensional world. That is why the topsiders have so many different dates regarding the creation and ending of our civilization.
“Our leaders saw the possible reality of our total destruction and tried vigilantly to avoid it. However, our cycle had ended, and we needed to enter Inner Earth to find safety. However, that is a story for another NOW. Please, follow us into your celebration.”

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