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Full Moon Update 11-17-13

Look Up!  It's Full Of Stars, Comets and That Old Beaver Moon - DT the ET

By Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles
Dear Friends,

I thought it would be good to repost here from our website ( what was written for the November forecast just so you know you are not alone in this big process called change and that there are others probably experiencing the same thing.

"November 8-15: During this "shell shocked" time sometimes it is enough just to put one foot in front of the other. You may feel contracted or have difficulty staying up beat and positive. You may be unfocused or confused or scattered. There is much that is changing and paying attention to your immediate environment is crucial. Keep you daily goals achievable and be disciplined about staying neutral, not taking anything personally and seeing everything as a work in progress.

Remember that even if it does not appear that there is any progress in the physical, there is a great deal going on energetically. Keep your mind occupied with mundane tasks so it does not go into fretting, obsession and anxiety about what it does not know.

The positive of this time frame is an allowing of a new foundation and a new anchor. You are in the birth canal. There is no going back. Relax and allow, but push yourself forward with discipline and presence."

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Full Moon is Sunday, November 17 at 8:16 AM MST. Because this is such a powerful time energetically, it is easy to get caught up in the drama of it all. The temptation is always to look at what has come down that has been a challenge or is negative. The mind will always want to understand and try to process what did not work out much more readily than gaining any insight into what has manifested without any problem.

During this full moon, discipline the mind to accept and welcome the positives in your life. Focus on what works and ask the "what if" questions that will stimulate even a greater expansion and gratitude. "What if this path you are experiencing now will take you forward into a life so magical and fulfilling that you cannot even imagine it?"



Written by Patricia Liles

Contact her at

Taurus Full Moon

Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Taurus ~ 25º

Sunday November 17, 2013, 8:15 AM MST

(3:15 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Note: The following may be somewhat serious in nature and not be that uplifting to some or suitable for the inner child.

We all know it's a time of major change and a collective stretch for greater conscious awareness. Support is abundant and available just by stepping outside our self-centered universe and calling it forth. Taurus Full Moon acts as a mirror to its opposite sign, Scorpio, and reflects back to us all our issues with empowerment, intimate truth, and what we must relinquish to evolve as we move through this time weighted in the archetype Scorpio. Full Moon is in fixed signs, so we have to deal with where we're stuck.

The imperative might be less intense, but Scorpio along with the Sun also hosts Saturn, our Lord of Karma and Keeper of Time, the Big Daddy Teacher who raps you on your knuckles with something sharp to get your attention and insists on some adult priorities, discipline and focus in your life. In this chart, Saturn is at 15º Scorpio, the most powerful degree in a fixed sign=it's strong! The North Node is also in Scorpio pointing with a crooked crone finger at just where we need to show up collectively and bring to the light all that is denied, covered over, festering and causing bad vibes all around us. Relationships are erupting all over the place unable to bear the stress of Scorpio's scrutiny and the pressure of its Pluto ruler in maximum torque square to Uranus.

Uranus is in a very cranky mood, not positively aspected to anything and in difficult aspect to the Sun, Mercury and Venus/Pluto. Uranus wants change NOW, but Pluto is more powerful at the moment and is calling for a visit to the depths. Uranus may have to wait for spring when the Sun, Venus and especially Mars roles into Aries with support and then major changes can get implemented. Right now transformation is the only pull down tab available.

Mercury, our Messenger, influencing our thought and communication processes is also in Scorpio helping us to heal our mental habits to eliminate judgment, stubborn attachment to being right, and those naughty gremlins of low frequency separation – resentment, intimidation, greed, jealousy, envy, suspicion.

Scorpio gives us access to tremendous power and healing ability. This is the feminine power continuum, Scorpio/Taurus – the water/earth polarity of emotion and practical manifestation. Here, we can use it to delve into some cold, hard truths about ourselves and transform what has gone before by opening our hearts to our true inheritance, the power of Love. Venus, Goddess of Love, is doing her part by standing at the side of Pluto that powerful Lord of the Underworld – a clear sign that issues in relationship, right use of our finances and resources, and empowerment of the feminine principles of inclusion and cooperation may manifest in some way for you.

What does the Taurus Moon bring to this chart? Our self-esteem, our self worth, our safety and feelings of security and comfort, what is truly valuable to us, and the connection to our material possessions and finances. All of this is up for scrutiny. Some of you in long-term relationships may find yourself projected out intensely on your partners (or you may find yourself the object of that projection). Because the past, the hidden, the deeply buried is so emphasized in Scorpio, many have to look to original parental issues where as children we have been shamed, ridiculed, dismissed, falsely glorified, etc. and stamped with overwhelming issues underlying our self worth and self love.

The bad news – these painful, 'I-can't-deal-with-this' issues are in our face, and the good news – this is the Scorpionic opportunity to bring this to the light and release it. Surrender is messy, unwelcome, and scares us to death as it breaks down all our defenses and reveals a struggling child within; we fight it with all the ego strength we've got, and some of us are incredibly STRONG! Okay, it's all very psychological, but Hello! Scorpio is about the psychological, the hidden motivation, sexuality and death. Are you willing to surrender your comfort (Taurus) for your personal empowerment (Scorpio)? Well, here's the opportunity to make a realistic assessment of how your outdated story is ready to be released and radically updated to hold more power than you ever thought imaginable. Your old stories are not you and are just waiting to crumple to dust when you take your energies out of them.

If all of this is too much for you, so be it. The shamanic path is not for everyone. It takes courage and a desire to heal. Let the Taurus Moon lead you to nature, Mother Earth and the beauty, love and support available through her. The feminine is being hugely empowered now and along with that comes the need to clear out our emotional filters and distorting veils with forgiveness and gratitude for the re-balancing of the Masculine and Feminine on the planet.

Within a 10 day period, three planets have turned direct, Mercury (11/10), Neptune (11/13), Chiron (11/19) so the energies are quite concentrated and there's the feeling of being buffeted and on shaky ground. We're being blindfolded and spun around three times to give a whole new orientation. Remind yourself often what your priorities are, clean your energy field daily, clean and renew the energy in your living environment frequently, even daily if you're going through many changes, and give thanks daily for having the strength and wisdom to be chosen for a major role in this incredible evolutionary show.

11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius

12/02 Sagittarius New Moon 5:22 PM MST

12/17 Gemini Full Moon 2:28 AM MST
Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

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