Saturday, November 16, 2013

Things In Your Life Sorting Themslves Out Is Ascension

Channelled by Brian The Dragon On 11-13-13

Hi everyone, This is the dragon. We talked in the past about this being the year of clearing.

Time-wise, it's not as important since time is an illusion anyway, and we don't see it as you do.

A year, two. It will be different for each person. But what's important is we're talking about a time of approximately one year versus decades of your time.

This year, 2013, lends well to it. Next year will be much the same for some, whereas for others it will start to bring about higher forms of experience.

We also, for not just this channeling, but for all thought going forward, suggest you start thinking in your mind about the distinction of global vs local community vs individual clearing and ascension.

We tell you that, as you probably know, they are all connected as this is a global ascension you are going through in the grand scheme of things. However, the timelines will be different.

For those of you already seeking, the personal may clear a lot faster than the global. Global resolutions tend to take a mass paradigm shift, then they move fast after being stuck a while.

 Individual and community resolutions may seem like a more fluid process.

So start to think about, when reading messages and hearing news, what category it fits into. It may give clues as to how quickly you can expect it to resolve.

So in this year of clearing, a lot will happen. And for the first time in a while, more will be happening on the personal level or community level for each of you than at the global level.

These clearings are essential for your evolution, for beings hung-up on things will have a hard time ascending. Also, for those ahead of the curve, it means you will be able to help guide others.

Of course, you may relive some of the same challenges through others still working on them but nonetheless you'll be ever the wiser.

For the first time, you will start to witness a mass resolution of many issues in your life, with things moving towards your goals.
This isn't spontaneous or forced. This is something you have been building towards and you have reached a point in your personal and in society's evolution that makes this possible.

You have learned a lot, and are applying that learning intuitively and consciously. Sometimes you are intuitively manifesting Synchronicity.

Many of you have probably already noticed. It would feel kind of "soft", like everything resisting you has just loosened up.

It won't be without struggle, and it will sometimes be hard work.

There will sometimes be two steps forward and one step back. But progress will be apparent.

For our partner, his goal has been to simplify his life, resolve challenges, while still being successful especially at the kinds of creation he's interested in and also be comfortable and be able to provide diverse experiences for himself and his children.

He has been moving forward on that for two years, but things really only started to click this year for him.

At the start of the year, he may have been less than a quarter of the way towards his goal.

He's now rounding the last bend and just meeting a tiny bit of resistance that should clear.
Resolution may not always be in the way you hope.

But it will be resolution and typically positive from some level. It will give closure one way or another.

For things that aren't resolving themselves, we ask you to think about whether they are truly important in your lives, and if not then perhaps they just aren't something that you should focus any energy on.

Perhaps the lesson there, and resolution, is that they are not a match for you or you don't have the time/energy to deal with them.

Ascension only seems quick and easy to those observing it from afar. Be prepared to face your demons and work at yourself.

That's how ascension and evolution is. In the end, it will bring a great sense of accomplishment, and you now have the weight of the universe pushing behind you.

With love,
The dragon

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