Sunday, November 17, 2013

AA Michael: Encouragement In Tumultuous Times.

Channelled By Ron Head 11-17-13


Our message today will be, as always, one of encouragement in tumultuous times.

What you see around you can only seem to be chaotic as you can see only the merest glimpse of anything other than the breakdown of the old wherever you look.  The final result can, so far, only be seen in your imagination.  This requires what you term a leap of faith.

So be it then.  Leap!  Leap with gusto.  Leap in joy.  Leap toward the most wonderful and abundant world you can imagine.  That process is what has built and is building the world you want to live in.  Spend all the time there that you can.  Be the daydreaming person you were when you were enjoying your summer days as a child.  Allow yourself now, however, to do it with purpose.

What are your own particular fondest dreams?  There are many millions of you in this process.  You do not need to imagine it all.  Just imagine what, as you term it, ‘rings your bell’.  After all, that is why you are there.  There are many others there to ring the other bells.  If you like, and if you can, imagine the magnificent chorus of all the bells.

Also, for those of you who are feeling energy running through you at times, we have a suggestion of something you may wish to try.  We think you will like the result.  When you do feel those energies surrounding and flowing through you, realize that they are unconditional love… and return it.  Allow the inflow and the outflow to feed upon each other.  There will be no need for you to imagine the result.

We leave you with this thought.  It is time, dear ones.  It is time.  A joyous good day to you.

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