Sunday, November 10, 2013

AA Michael - Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Your Love, Of Your Compassion


Channelled By Ron Head 11-10-13

We are here today to speak with you of the marvelous portal into which you are passing at this time.  We would pass on to you some reminders of how to best utilize this wondrous opportunity, as there are still many of you who have not yet activated or remembered the wisdom which has been made available to you both recently and in your past. 
Before stating that you have not such knowledge and wisdom, we would advise that you search inside with great intent and determination to find what is there, that you find that which is what you are, and not listen to the voice which tells you that it does not exist.

Feel that which is what you are.  Feel all of what you are.  Of course, that will be the quest of your forevers, but you can begin it or continue it today.

The time has come that will find you more able to see, to sense, to feel your greater selves than ever before.  You will be able to learn, to remember, to expand, to grow, and to change in vastly more wonderful ways and in less time than ever before.  You will find, if you look for it, a self that will surround you with all of the love which you ever need.

Perhaps you might want to begin by loving that self, by welcoming that self.  We tell you that this part of you, or rather the all of you that you are a part of, will arrive bringing gifts you cannot yet even imagine.  You may also wish to begin by holding gratitude for those gifts even before you open the package.

You are the ones chosen to bring to this world the things necessary for her, for society’s evolution back into its intended purpose and condition.  You were chosen to bring them and you have done so.  It is time now for you to open the packages you have brought.

Some of you will now find abilities and talents unknown or long dormant.  Some of you will think you have not such things to bring.  Be assured that is not the case.  Some, indeed much, of what is most needed is the simplicity, the purity, of your hearts.  Do not underestimate the power of your love, of your compassion.  Do not undervalue the effect of your smiles, of the hugs you give to those around you.

You cannot see with your physical eyes the extent of the change those seemingly small things bring to your world and beyond, but see in your imagination the possibility of it and you may begin to understand.  This is the time when those things are needed.  This is the time when they will be needed more than ever before.  Stay grounded.  Stay centered.  Stay focused.  And maintain your steadfast intent to build the world that is a wondrous garden for all to play in.

May the love and blessings in your hearts surround you from this day forward.  Good day to you, dear friends.

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