Monday, November 11, 2013

God: Your Mind is Your Garden

Channelled By HeartSong Meditation

garden-of-the-mind-mindy-newmanOften you underestimate how much of the emotion you struggle with is biological.

There are chemicals involved. There are hormones. There are structures in your physical brain that have much to do with your thought and emotion, especially to habitual thoughts.

On the one hand you do have a tremendous ability to shape your thoughts. You do have the ability to control your thinking and establish new patterns. But, on the other hand, the moment you let go of your focus your brain tends to run on pre-established patterns.

As much as the two ideas seem to conflict it is important that you understand both your power and your limitations. It is not reasonable to believe that you could have a mind completely free of every so-called negative thought and feeling. On the other hand, when you notice those thoughts, you can recognize them and choose to focus on the light instead. You don’t have to empower that kind of thinking.

When you keep your thoughts on a thing you empower that thing. You empower it with your attention. You empower it with your awareness. The more you think about how much a thing frustrates you the more frustrated you become. If you turn away from the frustration it fades away. You have a choice. You don’t have to allow frustration to run its course. You don’t have to allow it to have its way with you. You can control your thinking.

The more you allow a certain thought in the more it will return. When you allow frustration to have its way with you it tends to come back stronger. You train yourself to be frustrated by things.

In the physical world if you allow weeds to sprout in your garden without taking the time to remove them they will go to seed and you will have more weeds. Those weeds don’t just look bad, they may strangle out those plants that you wish to grow. You will likely never be able to keep all the weeds from your garden; but that’s no reason not to try. The weeds come back from time to time and you keep removing it and the plants that you wish to nurture are able to grow stronger.

Your mind is the same way. Your mind is your garden. What kind of thoughts would you like to grow? Would you like thoughts of love and light? Would you like to be happy? Would you like to smile more and help others to smile? Would you rather sew seeds of joy and laughter or of depression?

You will never be able to keep the “negative” thoughts out completely. Just like weeds they will come. They are just a part of life. But, that doesn’t mean you should allow them to spread. You can remove them. You can put your attention back on something positive. You can choose to think good things about yourself. You can choose to think kind thoughts, loving thoughts. You can bless yourself and bless the world. You can think of those things that you love. You can wish good things to people you care about. You can pray for blessings for the world.

And, if you need help call on Me. I can help you with your weeding. I can help plant bright, shining thoughts of light in your mind. I will help you if you have to ask. I always come when you invite Me in. I am always here for you, Child. I always have time for you and I always have love for you.

Let love bloom. Let the flowers of love, of compassion, of kindness take root in your mind. Let the seeds of light take root in your heart and soul. Think kind thoughts about yourself and let them lead you to kind actions. Be kind to yourself and to others. Be gentle. Be forgiving. Be nurturing and loving.

The light of love is yours. I gave it to you. I give you a continuous stream of My Love. Bit by bit you are learning to see it, to feel it, to recognize the light that you have within. You are learning to see yourself in a new, more positive way. You are thinking more of love and less of criticism and condemnation.

The light is growing in your heart.
It feels wonderful doesn’t it?

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