Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Message From The Star Nations"

Beautifully produced video behind Judy's challenging Aussieaccent.  DT the ET

2013 New Life on a New Earth

(This video is available on

A Message from Judy Satori and Spirit about this video:

“They are here to stand beside us and help us transition through this time of change and challenge. To together create a new age of peace and prosperity on earth.”

“Many beings from the stars also chose to incarnate on earth. To take on the new DNA coding. And so help the earth move forward. Many of these star beings are human looking. This is because they created us to look like them.”

“At this time of new beginning many beings from the stars are coming again to the earth to help humanity chart a course through stormy waters. And begin a new planetary cycle of conscious galactic co-creation. Many representatives of the star nations of this galaxy will come to walk among us here on earth. They say that so many will come, that no government will be able to deny this. Or cover up the truth. In turn they will have our world governments chart a new path of progress envision for the earth.”

“When we come, we will come quickly. And we will come in large numbers. You will see huge ships of light in the skies above your cities. No one will be able to deny that we are here among you.”

“Please welcome us with the consciousness of love. As you too came from the stars. And we are like family to you. We work only for your highest good and greatest well-being. In the years ahead we wish to assist you in many areas of technology to advance the earth, and create abundance, health and happiness for all. Together, we will re-create the pure light and original beauty of Terra, the earth as it once was, and will be again.”

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