Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Exit Into The NEW EARTH Via Your Emotions

Channelled By Karen Doonan On 11-12-13

For many of you the last few days or even weeks in a linear context may have you shaking your head and wondering when life will begin to make any sense whatsoever. The outpouring of human emotion is now reaching levels that have never been experienced before in this your human form and this is DELIBERATE. For how can the human race move into FLOW and move into the LOVE that IS when they have anchored deep trauma, pain and grief. The latter frequency is one that may be walking with you at this time and this is something to be conscious of at all times. For you may be FEELing like you are experiencing grief but you are merely RELEASING LIFETIMES of this frequency.

The full moon has already begun to work to bring emotions to the surface and the increase in New Earth energetic frequencies is working to push these emotions THROUGH the human vehicle. Many of you may be trying desperately to ignore or deflect these rising emotions and I would guide you to detach from this as this may make them more intense. Trying to “hold on” and to “deal with” these emotions is to walk in the old 3d earth paradigms, these are now dissolving and are not supported on any level within the New Earth. As you have spent lifetimes on this planet being TAUGHT how to deal with your emotions your logical human mind may try to teach that this is how you work with them but remember the old earth taught you how to behave in order to CONTAIN and suppress your energy signature. Any thing you have been TAUGHT under the old 3d earth paradigms is now null and void and THIS is what the New Earth energies are working at ALL times to show you and for you to release.

As you read my words you may be wondering how on earth you are meant to exist in a world that moment by moment is making less and less sense and is becoming more and more emotional and the answer is to allow the FLOW of the energies to guide you. When you FEEL tired then honor the human vehicle and take some rest, when you FEEL hungry then eat the foodstuffs that your human vehicle asks for and when you FEEL as if you need to cry then cry and allow the tears to flow. You are not asked to justify the tears, you are not asked to defend the tears, you are asked to ALLOW the release of said tears. Personally over the past few days I have had various emotions that I cannot logically equate begin to move THROUGH me and the depth and range of these emotions has at times been intense, from a feeling of deep grief to the “opposite” end of the emotional spectrum of much joy.

In the old 3d earth paradigms you are taught to keep your emotions on an “even” keel, so you are taught to be happy OR be sad and this filters out the full range of human emotions that attempt to flow at any one moment in this your human life experience. Look at any child and note how they can be full of anger one moment then laughing joyfully the next or in tears and then move to the next emotion. Very young children (pre school age) will move with the flow of how they FEEL until they begin to align with those around them. This alignment is a CONDITIONING and one that is very strong and deliberate. YOU are asked at this moment to tend to your inner child at all times, laugh, play, cry, rage, the full spectrum is there and in order for you to come fully into balance at a frequency level you must allow the “blocks” that have been CREATED under the old earth 3d earth paradigms to begin to dissolve fully.

Those around you may attempt to “pull” you back into the old 3d earth paradigms and I would guide you to detach and find balance within at all times. There is no servitude at this time to try to explain to those around you what is going on within you. It is a very personal process and will vary from human vehicle to human vehicle. This blog is written to show that YOU are not alone in what is unfolding within you, around you and through you. As more and more frequencies are ALLOWED (at all times you have free will and CHOICE) to dissolve from within your very BEing then you will begin to see those around you who resonate with your energetic signature MORE CLEARLY.

In times of vast chaos it is vital that you begin to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF at all times. No one else is living this human life experience but YOU and this is something that the old 3d earth has TAUGHT you to filter out. Whilst you may value the opinions of those who share your human life experience they can only ever be opinions and there are NO rules that state you have to adhere to any of them.

In a world that is now attempting to birth fully into human consciousness there will be moments when you walk in one earth and moments when you walk in the New Earth, for many of you the walking in the New will begin to unfold more and more rapidly. For many more of you the walk in BOTH at the same time may now be unfolding and may be at times alarming you. To move into a highly multi-dimensional space whilst going through the motions of the old 3d earth life experience is an “EXPERIENCE” and one that may try to throw your human logical brain into even more chaos.

This process is ongoing at all times, making “sense” of life is in itself a PARADIGM and being able to anchor and see this clearly is a key in this process, for you are here to experience this planet and all that you CAN CREATE whilst on this planet, no one ever said it had to make logical sense! The logical on many levels seeks to dis-empower, for the magic is in the wonderment and the BELIEF. If you take this out then you are left with ONLY the 3d earth and as that is now dissolving you are left with NOTHING. When this happens to you during this process the old 3d earth will try its hardest to make you filter out the magic and you may feel as if you are walking a hidden path or if the path has suddenly disappeared. This is not TRUTH and the realms/races will send you many signs and symbols to confirm that you are who you are in TRUTH.

MAGIC is REAL, you create magic with each breath you take and each dream you dream. At this time you are asked to BREATHE LIFE into your dreams and allow the old 3d earth paradigms to dissolve fully.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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