Friday, November 8, 2013

The Light Collective: On Being Radiance

Channelled By Tazjima On 11-8-13

We are the Light Collective. Welcome to our world. You are a part of it, already, whether or not you acknowledge this as fact.

Beloved ones, we “see” your light bodies emanating radiance across the face of the planet. If you could but see yourselves as we do, you would wonder, too, at the brightness with which you glow. And this radiance will increase in the coming days, weeks and months, as you fully integrate into your bodies the energies of the recent solar eclipse and other celestial events. We tell you that the present energies support rapid growth of your consciousness moving towards full Unity consciousness.

Those who stand at the leading edge of humanity are now on the cusp of bursting into light, while fully anchored in their physical bodies. Others are following close behind. Do these human angels look different from anyone else? Not right now, but with time, their bodies will begin to emanate a soft glow that will be visible to the naked eye. This process is in store for all those who are wayshowers and will come sooner than you might imagine, given that time itself is collapsing into the eternal Now moment.

How can you move into the New World with grace and ease? Tools are available to help you focus, but it is truly a matter of learning who and what you are that will aid you in releasing all remnants of old patterning and beliefs that serve to impede your progress. If you find yourself falling into frustration, you may still be comparing your journey to that of others.

We are not suggesting that you suppress your feelings, but to look at them, feel into them and let them go. Most of all, let go of any belief that you are not moving along fast enough, for this is one sure way to slow down the movement into fully anchoring the fifth dimensional energies into your physical body. Let go of judgment and the need to compare your process to that of others. Learn to trust your intuition and inner knowing as to what is right for you, in the moment. Allow for flexibility and changes in direction, as they will come as you adjust to your own needs. The field of possibilities lies before you; reach out and select what you want to play with and put back what does not serve.

If you haven’t already, learn to quiet your thoughts and emotions by simply sitting and breathing slowly and deeply. The practice of yoga can aid in this, but is not necessary for all to do. Feel what aids you in quieting down for a while so you might breathe gently and slowly and then focus on the heart center. As your heart begins to glow, take notice of the way you feel. If there is a sudden lightening of your mood, you have begun to feel your own energy, your own special note.

By becoming aware of how you “feel” when balanced and quiet, you can reset to that same energy level when you find yourself moving out of center. In this manner, you can come to center quickly and gain a greater sense of confidence and ease in managing change and challenges.

The transitional period in which you find yourself now has been and will continue for a time to be quite challenging to some individuals. The challenges will come in many forms, some physical and other challenges both mental and emotional. Change will rule the day. It will be necessary to let go and to let go some more, as each of you is being refined down from common clay into pure gold frequency. Nothing that belonged to the 3D frequency that is stored within will be allowed to remain. The solar and cosmic energies will simply strip the incoherencies away.

Some of you are beginning to tune into the frequencies of bliss and joy; these will continue and strengthen. You will find yourselves in the midst of making adjustments in your life and refining your direction and focus, coming to greater clarity in terms of what service or gifts you can employ or offer to self and the collective.

Be willing to explore, to feel into what excites and delights and leave the rest for now. You can change your mind. There are no more limits to creativity, just what limits you set for yourself now.

Be aware that when the energies intensify there might be a reason to pull back and rest. Your bodies need time to adjust to new frequencies. You may experience body aches, fatigue, insomnia or the desire to sleep, nausea and other side effects of the high-powered energy streams now entering the atmosphere, the earth and your bodies.

Are you feeling powerful these days? Have you become aware that you are a sovereign being? If so, you may be experiencing feeling fuller and more stable in your body. It may even be a strange sensation to some of you, as many light workers have felt uncomfortable being embodied during this present lifetime, due to the heavy vibrational levels of the earth into which you were born. That earth is no longer; the planet has been raised in vibration into the lower fifth dimension. The human inhabitants of the planet have not necessarily registered that fact. Most are still clinging to third-dimensional habits and modes of acting, despite the fact that there no longer exists any foundation to support their actions.

Where are you living at the present moment? You may feel like you’re in a void. Know then that you are deep in process of integrating the energies. In a while, you will emerge and find yourself aware of things that you never consciously registered before. And there will be a new sense of knowing, just knowing things, without effort. This is an indication that you have connected fully with your soul, anchoring the energies of higher self in the heart center, whereby allowing greater access to the wisdom and knowledge contained therein.

There will be plateaus reached and then a steep climb, and yet another plateau. Ascension is an ongoing process which will never end, even when you are fully adapted and able to live in the higher frequencies at all times. It is an adventure and will be different and unique to each individual who makes the commitment to ascend in this lifetime. Recognize your unique qualities and savor the diversity that they bring to the Collective. It is a rich symphony of delights that is being prepared on this beautiful world of yours and each of you is in the process of blending and interweaving your individual light signature into the great web of Light, the golden Christic light grid that encircles the planet.

This is all for now. Our scribe has had a long day at work and would like to rest.

We love you. We adore you. We honor and watch over you. You are never alone. Call on us and we will be there, in your heart center, glowing. Feel our presence and know our love for it is yours, also. We are One.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective.
Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)
Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

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