Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Waves And Responsible Creation


Channelled By Sandra Walter 11-14-13 

These intense photonic waves of light, which will increase and continue through the end of December 2013, are un-creating the illusion. The Maya dissipates in the light of truth, the light of love, the light of the galactic rewrite we are experiencing right now. Today.

Guardians of the New Light take heed

The current light waves are of a substance which past Masters and Galactics have not experienced in a physical body on a planet going through a dimensional shift. This is the point where we – the grounded awakened and ascending collective – must be very clear about our choices and our Ascension process.
In order to stay focused on the Ascension timeline, you must hold firm to your heartstream. The activations available now are continuous, powerful and purposeful.

Source-point of the Heart-Stream

The Heart-Stream is centered at a Source-point of light within the Heart Center. It centers your lifestream (all expressions of you) around a stream of Source consciousness right in the heart. Like a flow within a flow. I see my Source-point as a tiny version of my light signature shining within each of my expressions, connecting us all with Source. This Source-point is an aspect of the lifestream which connects all the expressions of Self. It was activated last year during the liquid light God-drop activation (October 2012). AS ALWAYS, when several of the ascending collective take on a new aspect of the process, such as the God-drop, it becomes available to all of the collective through their focused intent to receive and activate it.

A heartstream flowing in the Light, geometry and magnetics of the higher dimensional expressions of the 5D you and the 5D Gaia is your key to the gateway through this passage. LOCK ONTO IT. The stream-lock is created by you; you must choose to lock onto the the intelligence of the Source-spark within your heart. It is a palpable, strong stream of lovelight intelligence.

You will FEEL this energetic stream flowing upwards and around your body – from the heart itself – like a pillar of light connecting you, the ascended Self, and the ascended planet. It is PURE Source light; very powerful and very pure.

Pure Grace and Divine Will

Surrender is such passionate bliss right now! Yeah … except when it isn’t. It is getting easier, and the beauty of this new light (notice the clarity?) is intoxicating. Staying in my heartstream is saving my In-Carnate Self from getting entangled in the visions of what is ahead of us. My Higher Self and the Masters, Star Brethren and Guidance realms are helping me as best they can. I keep seeing them standing back as the collective goes through the energetic wringer (like an old-fashioned wringing machine for clothes). All they can do is watch and send love – they haven’t done this themselves.

Remember that everyone must obey Cosmic Law; higher realms can only provide support if the energy is reciprocated. Send LOVE, light and strength to the higher realms as we level up through the wringer. I AM going through this intense phase with my heartstream focused on Divine Will and Unification. I send love to the beings who support me, and it allows them to send me more. We are learning this law quickly, we are learning our Mastery quickly. The anticipation you may feel is Ascension itself. How exciting to be consciously co-creating a new reality. Be grateful, even when the deeply embedded old systems are wrestled out of your consciousness. Say thank you.

Doom and other distractions

Enough already with the questions about collapse. If you cannot find satisfaction for your doom appetite here, there is a good reason for that. Fear is a great marketing tactic, and I cannot reiterate that enough.

Of course this passage is going to be rough and weird and wonderful. Please remain calm through the collective flail. Changes during a dimensional shift are NORMAL. Earth changes are normal.

Speeding comets are normal. ET interaction is normal. Collective rewrites are normal. Blasting of the lower level egoic, emotional and thought forms are NORMAL during a Shift in consciousness. The unusual aspect of this particular Shift is the Ascension of HUmans to a newly-ascended higher expression of a planetary consciousness. You will not learn to activate Source Light in programs designed to dis-empower and distract.

Conspiracy forums and other nonsense are old programs aimed at restricting HUman ascension. Some may have started with good intentions to wake people up, then forgot to evolve above the old programs. As the gap between intent/focus/thought and manifestation in your personal lifestream disappears, I highly recommend disconnecting from any remaining attachments to negative programs. Unfortunately, it is also normal for people to use suffering as a safety net when change feels scary.

Conspiracy programs are very clever – they convince you to create realities which do not exist anymore. It teaches you how to create a barrier between you and the truth; an energetic encasement of your expression fed by low-vibrational thoughtforms and emotional triggers. (Clever move, dear dark ones. Well played.) These are OLD programs which do not serve the new light, which means a whole lot of folks are missing out on the truth of ascension. Ironic, as people are convinced they are finding the truth through these programs. Doubly ironic since the energies which built these programs got the cosmic boot already, and yet HUmans continue to create them.

The doom timelines have already dissipated, there is no need to be concerned about their survival at all. However, as the old constructs crumble it may become very difficult for those without heart-center coherence to decipher what is true, what is illusion, and what is absolutely aimed at inhibiting their own evolution.

To clarify: these new light waves are not out to get them, or old structures and systems. Anyone still focusing on the Shift as some kind of biblical, destructive tool aimed at crushing the dark is way. off. the. mark. Same goes for the waiting game on collapse – what a frustrating and disempowering ride that must be. I encourage everyone stuck in the global collapse waiting room to read or watch Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

The Shift is Planetary as well as HUman, Gaia’s as well as many HUman ascensions have already occurred, and the dense time-delay is disappearing quickly. This applies to instant manifestation of positive, heart-based thought as well as instant manifestation of subconscious baggage of the old operating systems. Masks off, Kachina … what have you created under there?

Command and decree it NOW

If you have not done this already, command your immediate release from all 3D and 4D operating
systems and programs. Bind them up and out of you to the Sun, release them to Source, whatever your method is right now (for the love of Source, PLEASE do not dump it back into the planetary grids or crystalline grids. Get it outta here, we have a dimensional Shift in progress and Mama Gaia needs your help to clear her, not contaminate her.) Be sure to clear the cellular memory of those systems – as well as your Soul and Family Monads. Decree it, draw it out, yell it out, cry it out, burn it out, wash it out, whatever you need to do. Those systems do not support a 5D existence. Disengage.

Yes, we’re doing some heavy lifting for the collective by doing this private work. That’s our job (a clue for those still waiting for a magic mission to appear). Do your best to maintain the love of Source-point heartstream consciousness. First wavers, this will be especially helpful in the next few months. Lock onto your interdimensional heartstream and take care of the body as best you can.

Revelations and Reminders

I was shown I have a Guardian expression … oh, there is so much revelation happening these days. All we can do is take the note and stay open to the new, new, new. This isn’t about what was, rather what we are becoming. I AM completely bored with conversation about aspects of Self. Beloveds, in my perspective, the I AM this race, I AM an aspect of that being, deity, etc. chatter is just scenery. It is not the end result, it is what was.

Focus on what you are creating right now as you integrate all aspects of Self. Be aware of TRIALITY: highest interests of all concerned, not in the highest interests, or not applicable to my journey (none of my business). Responsible creation is important as our creator skills are amplified. If a mis-creation or aspect is getting stuck in the wringer, let it go.

Remember that 4D is the astral plane of consciousness – a plane we used to access only in dream state (or plant/psychedelic substances). We have to observe it on our way to 5D. Lingering in the dreamy, freaky realm of the astral – believing the illusions – can inhibit your stability, as well as your ascension. LOCK your heartstream on that pure Source-point. The physics of it – the higher vibrational shield it provides – will act as a protective energetic which keeps you centered and lucid during this passage.

Mastery and Beyond

Now that the recap of current events is done, look for an video in the next few days about maintaining 5D coherence. Many blessings to all of us during this incredible passage!

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