Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mother Earth: The ‘Now’ Fits Like A Dress Three Sizes Too Small

Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 11-15-13

Like a great magician, you have the ability to magically call into matter anything that is needed or wanted. As the plentiness of earth starts to lessen herself in order to hold more light, it is a wise and formidable thought to act as if you have landed upon a desert isle far from the land of plenty. What was once plenty has dwindled in size and does not have the ability to recreate its self as in times past.

As Earth becomes a star, her matter will diminish as its DNA shifts into lighter particles/ stardust. Earth will become singular in nature not reproducing herself as she has in the past. Matter in its densest form is released to the ethers where it will seek to become stardust again.

Each earthly element awakens from a long sleep of discontentment forcing humanity into a corner of slim pickings. Wanting more is the habitual of nature man. In this now so much comes at you that you can neither move forward or back like one who is caught between a rock and a hard place. The now fits like a dress 3 sizes too small squeezing the very life out of you. The Earth herself grows weak and weary as she changes her gray matter for more light.

Humanity needs to embrace the quality of their individual light – in doing so new thresholds of invitation rewrite themselves announcing the innate ability to take thoughts, encircle them in light, and bring them into matter form thus replenishing the dwindling resources. The resources will not come from the Earth herself as she readies for her new role as a star. The resources come from the minds and the needs of humanity.

Treasure each element, each drop of water, the shade from a tree. Treasure what was once thought of as plenty and live accordingly. Your needs grow deeper and the land is fiery and dry – from whence will the light and nourishment come. The solution lies within your heart and thoughts. Birth a new world from old wants and needs.

The Mother that once sustained you moves away from you. Left in this dark forest of thoughts how will you survive the night of the soul. Look for new possibilities, see with an open heart and create always from a point of love. The future, dear child, I leave with you.

Mother Earth

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