Friday, November 29, 2013

A Short Update on the Energies – 27 November

Channelled By Aisha North 11-27-13


We would like to delve a little bit further into the upcoming attractions, if you will, as we gather there are more than a few of you already tuning into these new frequencies. As always, getting used to these enhanced vibrations is not easy, and as such, you will all have a hard time finding your footing these days. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, as a sense of equilibrium may be a thing of the past for so many of you.

Still, this is only the beginning of what someone might find more than a little daunting to contemplate, as you are indeed approaching the point of no return, the point where these droplets of light will coalesce into a veritable rainstorm. And as such, we will only give you a heads up as it were in order to make you a little bit better prepared for what is to come.

Again, you will search in vain for any clues as to exactly when and how this rainstorm will hit you. Suffice it to say, it will be in the very near future, and so, we do advice you all to prepare yourselves to be more than a little bit shaken up in the interim. You see, you are all being prepared to receive this rainstorm with wide open hearts, and as such, you will continue to be tossed and turned every which way in the time ahead. Again, this is not to break you down in any way, it is simply a way to help you to truly receive the gift of light that will be so generously bestowed upon you in the very near future.

We know this will be of little consolation to all those suffering the most from these preliminary rounds, but even so, know that we are not inflicting this upon you in any frivolous way. We are merely assisting you all in the best way we can, and so, this upchurning of energies is simply the best way to do just that. For what is coming in, is of such a magnitude you need all the help you can get beforehand in order to prepare you as best we can before it arrives on your shores.

And arrive it will, as if out of the blue, and as such, whatever it takes, we will make sure that you are more than ready whenever it announces its arrival. For this will indeed be an event of majestic proportions, and as we have touched upon earlier, it will leave no one untouched by it. And so you, as the forerunners, the pioneers, will be equipped to deal with all of this in a way that will ensure that not only you, but also all those electing to follow in your footsteps will find themselves not only standing up, but also cheering from their very hearts when all of this is over.

For remember, even if the winds of change that will continue to blow all over your planet will be construed as more than ferocious at times, they are not here to level everything to the ground and leave only waste in its wake. No, it is here to literally give you all just that much more wind in your sails so you will all lift in unison and bring this whole planet with you when you do. And then, all of the parameters will become as if new, and as such, you will all begin your lives with a whole new set of coordinates if you will that will enable you all to steer a brand new course afterwards.

We speak in riddles as always, but let us just finish off this missive by saying that you are all in good hands, and you are more than protected throughout all of this. For you are so vital to this whole operation, and we would not want anything to go amiss for any of you. So know that even if the speed and ferociousness of this storm may seem to be more than daunting when it comes hurtling over the horizon, remember that it is nothing to fear. For it is not your enemy, it is simply the most powerful ally you will ever meet on this journey, and as such, we ask you all to receive it with your arms and indeed your hearts wide open.

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