Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heavenletter #4747

Wherein Lies the Kingdom of Heaven?, 11/23/2013 
God said:

How lovely are the hearts that beat on Earth. From My vision, even as I understand your bewilderment and heartaches, all is more than well. All is beautiful. My vision is true, and your vision is stuck. You come from certain premises. From your premises, your vision is true, except your premises, your positions, your patterns of thought are incorrect. Your premises seem obvious to you, yet you are looking at a fa├žade rather than a foundation. The basis you come from seems obvious. This basis holds you up, however, only so long as you have it. If the premises you come from were true, then a baobab tree would bear apples.

From where I sit, from My long view, from My solid awareness of Eternity and Infinity, where can heartache and sorrow exist? Oh, yes, they seem real to you even as they are not real. Only through a keyhole do you see all the matters that trouble you in the land of Earth.

It is possible for you to see from a different angle, only you struggle with that. You can only see so far as you can see. You can desire to see bigger, yet you see as you see. To you, My Children in the world, it’s like you are in New York at the Empire State Building. You read the signs. That’s where you are. You can’t fake that you are in Los Angeles, for you are clearly in New York. You see yourself in the world as on the edge of a precipice, and you hear Me tell you: “Oh, no, you’re really in Heaven.”

What I say to you is true, and yet it is not true for you. When I say you are in Heaven, it’s one thing, for I do see Truth. For you to say it, it is like a fish tale. Until awareness sinks into you, for you to say you are in Heaven, you have just memorized words.

Nevertheless, you have experienced those moments, no matter if only a blink of an eye, no matter how submerged, no matter how vague  –  you have experienced the Reality of what I say – you have known it for yourself  -- and yet you have not been able to hold onto it. Even if you do not recall these flashes now, you do know what I am talking about. You do have a sense of what it is like in Heaven. You will come to a greater sense of it. Already you even sort of understand how that Kingdom of Heaven is not a faraway place but that it abides within you. The Kingdom of Heaven within you does not come and go. It is always. Your awareness comes and goes. The Fullness of Heaven is absolutely permanently within you. Always, even when you can’t really believe it. Heaven is a given. Heaven doesn’t wander off. It is you who wanders.

Concurrent with your living on Earth, you are also living in Heaven. You have a different where-ness than exists in Heaven. You never left Heaven, although it certainly seems like you cannot be there even as the truth is that you cannot leave Heaven. You are not only connected to Heaven, you are also permanently ensconced in Heaven, for you are never ever separated from Me, not for even for one-split second. Heaven isn’t the illusion, beloveds. Earth is! You are caught up in Earth’s spell. It is as if you are glassy-eyed at a Casino. The Casino which you may intellectually know does not offer good odds, you nevertheless, get wrapped up in the illusion, the bright lights, the music, the atmosphere, the strain and the sorrow. In other words, you are caught up in the illusion of the Casino where you gamble on Earth.

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