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Starseed Astrology - Scorpio Solar Eclipse and New Moon

I love this guy and his flowing prose/poetry.  

Not many astrologers communicate this beautifully.

Sing it Sal...DT the ET

By Astrologer Salvador Russo 11-3-13

In the twilight hours of November 3rd our planet will be reborn beneath the power of a total solar eclipse. It will occur in the House of Scorpio, the House where life is redeemed. The ancient legend of the Phoenix will soon come to life as we become awestruck with the prolific events which will soon bring endings and new beginnings to every soul and future. The portal for the Phoenix will soon open as the Moon blots the Sun for a brief moment in space-time. I welcome you all to my analysis of this great cosmic event and the profound effects it will have on our lives.

Rebirth and Redemption

The themes of rebirth and redemption will soon manifest with Divine force. The purpose of the coming events is to bring new life precisely where it is needed most. Many prayers will soon be answered as they are made manifest before our eyes. Transformations of every form and order will resuscitate and reclaim once dark territory into the Light. The hidden poisons in our lives will be brought forth with an irresistible force that will press mighty ultimatums before us on every level. As lives are reshaped blessings will come to heal wounds, settle debts, and invigorate the most extreme portions of our lives. The tides have turned on the Earth and the waves of Light will blight the night.


For new life to emerge odious things will first need to be destroyed. Expect to see the widespread destruction of evil lives and systems beginning this Sunday and for this trend to intensify into the future. The time for evil has passed on the Earth and what remains is only a pathetic attempt to thwart the inevitable redemption of mankind. Powers exist above and below which are and will continue to decimate demonic attempts to subjugate humanity. Be prepared for spectacles in the highest offices and circles of worldly power. Historic defeats for Babylon and her agents will become as common as the full moon. Their death is our life.


Allow these words to reveal where this eclipse will effect us the most: health, healing, recovery, wealth, power, sacrifice, labor, crime, revelation, counsel, systemic transformation, purification, mystic empowerment, metaphorical rebirth, death, and conversion. These fields of life will prove to be extremely active and bountiful in the weeks ahead as the eclipse ripples throughout our world. Expect the worst to rise for reckoning and for life to become more beautiful through rites of passage, empowerment, and spiritual richness. Be conscious of these Scorpio themes as the Moon waxes and wanes into the winter.

Quality of Life

Dramatic improvements in quality of life will prove to be a central theme of this eclipse cycle. For some this will mean tremendous enrichment, and for others, apocalyptic ruin. The Light in each heart will determine the outcome. Sustenance in all forms will abound in the days and weeks ahead to nourish, revitalize, and empower. The re-allocation of power and wealth will drive the coming changes in quality of life. The process will require patience but the results will be nothing less than life transforming in the most precious of ways. New foundations will be built throughout the winter as a consequence, posturing us all for a spectacular start to the 2014 solar year next March.

The Legend

In the lexicons of lore a world renown legend known as “the Phoenix” exists. The sages of antiquity taught that this mystical bird corresponded with the Sun and with cycles of rebirth. What they didn’t make known so clearly is that this creature is actually a living solar archetype that manifests on the Earth at precise cosmic times. The Phoenix operates on the astral plane which is invisible to the naked eye. Its cycles are timed to our total solar eclipses, that is why it has been dignified as both solar and royal throughout history. In simple terms the Phoenix is a supernatural life-form that works to usher in glorious transformation and rebirth in our lives. This is why our total solar eclipses are so powerful – because they always unleash a certain type of Phoenix. Born of the Sun they are.

Endowments of Power

As the Phoenix works its magic power will be given to those worthy of it in mundane and supernatural forms. Those who receive power will be expected to wield it with great responsibility and with the aim of transmuting darkness into Light, the core task of every genuine alchemist. These endowments will in themselves transform and beautify life while opening new doorways into the future. Be fearless as they come and show courage as higher pathways emerge that will allow for ever-greater expression of creative power. The world will see many authorities fall who are not worthy of the power that they were allotted, and in this profound lessons will be learned by way of the Scorpio saga.

ISON Imminent

The world is watching the path of ISON, a comet which will reach perihelion to our star on November 28th. At this point in spacetime the Scorpio eclipse wave will have swept the world into a maelstrom of change. Many speculate toward ISON’s greatest significance which in my understanding confirms the reality of the Apocalypse, the coming and ultimate victory of good over evil, and the unveiling of God’s Kingdom. This comet visits us during the first year of our new Age so the ramifications are bewildering from a cosmological and philosophical perspective. I believe that we have entered a time of prophecy fulfillment and I correlate this to the sacred nature of this solar eclipse within the context of our new Age and the appearance of ISON.


The rumblings in our lives up to this point will not compare to what we experience beyond Sunday when this eclipse aligns for us in Heaven. I promise you that the most powerful events of the year are yet to come. We find ourselves on the cusp of a profound and brilliant new chapter in our lives where we will shed old skin like a snake in its season. Metamorphosis is a golden word to capture the essence of the things to come. If we have been crawling we will soon walk. If we have been limping we will soon run. If we have fluttered we will soon soar. And if we have stuttered we will soon roar!


Our DNA will be blessed as the Phoenix is unleashed that we evolve beyond what we now know as human. The truth is that cosmic events trigger evolutionary processes that transition us into a super-human state. Eclipses epitomize this process and this will all be proven with science in the years to come. To the most dedicated of you I say this: prepare for Kelly Divine enhancements and welcome them as rewards from our Creator for your excellent service. The new power will lead you to freedom, and when freedom is attained, we will be expected to lead others into it just as we were. The quest for freedom is real and this eclipse will catapult us into it.


On November 5th and 6th God will show His authority to the world. Detested agencies, figures, and circumstances will receive His mighty touch. Observe these coming events in higher consciousness knowing that in Heaven the Sun will align with Saturn in Scorpio. This conjunction reveals the astrological correspondence to these extraordinary future events that will christen the first days of our eclipse cycle. And this is the essence of astrology: correspondence. The events of our lives mirror the events in Heaven. It has always been this way and it will always be this way. I dare to declare astrology to be the most marvelous science. With all my heart I will deliver it with justice. 


The Phoenix rises with the Sun, the glory of His Kingdom comes. The golden wings will guide our days, transforming life in every way. The legend lives on Sunday morn, I love how life can be reborn. I’ve died myself in latter days, to be the man I am I’ve paid. Osiris knew the Phoenix then, we should all be born again. Death and fear are gateways to, a world profound you’ve never knew. The scorpion keeps these keys just so, no one but the worthy go.
As I stroke down through my keys, I’ll hide my favorite mystery. The Moon is Master of our dreams, her orbit telling of her schemes. The Houses dye what she imparts, you’ll crack the code within your charts. How’s that to start? There’s more to share. Let’s watch in awe at ISON’s glare. How rare it is to see these signs, sent from God to tell the times. Apocalypse, it’s time to play, I roast the Devil every day. Power has a heavy price but when it comes it brings new life. And so I write, with guided pens, signing off in spice my friends.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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