Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comet ISON Messenger

If Momma's Not Happy; Ain't Nobody Happy...DT ther ET


To Isis
Bestower of Wealth,Queen of the Gods,
Speaker of Wisdom,
Omnipotent Lady,
Agathe Tyche, greatly renowned Isis ...
through you, Heaven and Earth have their being;
and the gusts of winds and the sun with its sweet light ...
All who live on the boundless earth ...
invoke  your fair name, honored among all ...
Syrians honor you as Astarte, Artemis, Nanaia;
Lycians as Leto, the Lady;
Thracians name you Mother of the Gods;
and the Greeks Hera of the Great Throne, Aphrodite,
noble Hestia, Rhea and Demeter.
But the Egyptians call you 'The Goddess';
for you are all other goddesses invoked by humankind.

-Isidorus, ca. 100 BCE

Eclipse Portal Close  

November 16, 2013 // Hi Everyone, How are you doing? What a month we've had! As November comes to a close, we will be wrapping up the eclipse portal that began with the Full Moon on October 18. This cycle peaked with a Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3, a powerful event made even more so by the 4th (of 7) Uranus-Pluto squares only two days before. I describe this eclipse, the Uranus-Pluto square, and their themes in my recent newsletter which you can read here: These themes continue to resonate and may be related to the comet discussed below.

The eclipse portal will 'technically' close with the Full Moon in Taurus (Sun in Scorpio) which occurs tomorrow, Sunday November 17. The eclipse portal is still energetically present, however, until November 28 when Mercury Retrograde will be completely finished. I.e. there is a 'shadow' Mercury Retrograde effect, concerning when Mercury gets back to the exact degree it was at when the Retrograde began. This is when Mercury is officially back up to speed after slowing down for three weeks.  

The shadow ends on November 28, and so does the eclipse portal. We have changed so much in the past month/6 weeks! Keep in mind that November 28 is Thanksgiving in the U.S. It is time to immerse ourselves in GRATITUDE! for all that we have received and will receive- from earth, from the celestial realms, and from each other.  

The eclipse portal closes with a bang and a sizzle! Along with the gorgeous Full Moon in the sensual sign of Taurus on Nov 17, we are having a close encounter with the Comet ISON, on its 10,000 year journey from the Oort Cloud in our Solar System (see below for more info on this). ISON will make its closest approach to the Sun (its destination) around November 28. Note the synchronicity of the dates of the eclipse portal ending and ISON's approach to the sun. This reveals how closely related ISON is to the Hybrid Eclipse of November 3 (and the Uranus-Pluto Square).

Additionally in regard to timing: the Earth will pass through the 'comet dust' of ISON on January 12-14, 2014, which is when the full message INTEGRATES into the earth realm. (See below for more information) ISON has been heading our way for some time now, but it suddenly burst forth a few nights ago, on the evening of November 14. On that night many people were surprised by something in the sky - which some thought looked like a UFO. I'm pretty sure it was the Comet ISON which just 'turned on its light' after being faint for the past year. It's nucleus may be fragmenting, which means it will burn bright and then 'turn off' again.

ISON is green and white and appears to be changing color which is why some people thought it was a spaceship. Keep in mind that ISON - like all comets - actually IS an extraterrestrial visitor! Just not what we perceive as the Star Trek variety (not yet:) And so ISON brings us a message from deep space. What is it saying?

To explore this question, scroll down for some information on ISON's sudden outburst, and for some thoughts on its symbology and the information flowing from it.

Carol Ann Ciocco, Astrologer

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