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What Happened to Comet ISON?… Exactly What Is Meant To Be


By Stephen Cook – November 29, 2013

Comet Ison approaches the sun in a screengrab taken on Monday from an enhanced video made by Nasa's Stereo-A spacecraft. Photograph: AP
Comet Ison approaches the sun in a screengrab taken on Monday from an enhanced video made by Nasa’s Stereo-A spacecraft. Photograph: AP
There are various reports in the mainstream and alternate media today about what happened to Comet ISON after it reached perihelion (its closest point to the sun) yesterday.

Some say it was completely ‘burned up’ by the huge temperatures of the sun. Others say it just quietly disappeared on the sun’s far side. And others undeniably indicate that it made its special journey and continued on it’s way.

Of course these are scientific, “fact” based theories only… in the really big, bigger picture, no matter what happened, Comet ISON’s special cosmic role in the ‘moment of now’ – has been fulfilled in THIS ‘moment of now’. On every energetic, spiritual, cosmic and universal level in existence.

Naturally NASA painted a gloomy picture, as reported in the London Guardian newspaper: (1)

“I’m not seeing anything that emerged from behind the solar disk. That could be the nail in the coffin,” astrophysicist Karl Battams, with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, said during a live broadcast on NASA TV.”

“It’s sad that it seemed to have ended this way, but we’re going to learn more about this comet,” he added.

At closest approach, the comet was moving faster than 217 miles per second through the sun’s atmosphere.

At that distance, it reached temperatures of 2760C (5000F) – hot enough to vaporise not just ice in the comet’s body, but dust and rock as well.

But it did end on a slightly more positive note:

If the comet or any large fragments survived the close encounter with the sun, they would be visible to the naked eye in Earth’s skies in a week or two.

This vision below however demonstrates clearly that Comet ISON did pull through and continued on it’s way;  somewhat diminished in size and intensity but, nevertheless, still making its life-altering way through our galaxy and beyond.

(this video is available on

No matter the actual or eventual outcome, I feel we’ve all been indelibly touched by Comet ISON’s unique galactic and celestial energies forever.

I only have to ‘feel’ myself to know this. My head is heavy, buzzing as though I have a head cold, and yet I have no real symptoms. I could easily have spent the day lying in bed…I feel totally drained. And yet I am also completely relaxed and somewhat oddly enlivened. Oh, and my ears are seriously ringing…

I spoke to others today who felt the same: as if they had been through the cosmic washing machine – on heavy duty wash, full rinse followed by a fast spin. At some point I’m sure we’ll all feel ‘fresh and clean’ again.

Something, however,  tells me that the real, deeper, universe-changing full effects of Comet ISON are yet to be truly felt – or even realised. After all, Christ Consciousness is not something many of us – in this human lifetime we find ourselves in now – have yet fully experienced.

And even if Comet ISON has visibly gone for good (pun intended), I like what lightworker and author Denise Le Fay had to say last night:

“On Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.) with these latest physical pains finally gone, I could easily feel that the complex November 23rd astrological energetic deed had been done; that comet ISON had delivered its energetic payload; and that once that mission was done ISON immediately returned “Home” (wherever that is for it/them) via entering the multidimensional portal of the Sun. Of course that’s not what “professional scientists” will claim happened to ISON but just ignore them.

“ISON delivered and immediately went Home through the Sun portal.

“The Sun has always been a busy portal but with planets positioned in a complex star pattern (Merkaba) around it in late 2013, that portal was jumpin’ with activities, NEW energies and exciting multidimensional disappearing acts!

“My ears are still ringing constantly as they have been since September 21, 2013, but that’s merely the NEW energies of the NEW and my body having to acclimate to them so eventually I won’t hear it anymore. The NEW energies aren’t going to lessen or calm down or diminish — they’re here to stay and we’re having to adapt to them in these NEW ways.”

Well, if everything pans out as per some of the clues we’ve been given by our sources recently as to what ‘The Event’ will entail (yes, a comet pun) that we may well now be IN – and much of which still lies ahead – none of us yet know what all those new energies and new ways are….  I expect they’ll be the ISON on the cake!

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