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White Cloud: The Circle Of Life

May we all walk beauty and peace along the path that leads us Home...

Channeled Through Tazjima 11-13-13

Our scribe has traveled far, exploring the inner reaches of her Native American spirit. Ah, you would say, there is not a drop of Native American in her veins.

True, but her spirit resides with us and with those people who live close to the earth. She honors the Mother; she honors the Great Spirit. In these things, she is one with us. She has felt compassion towards our suffering and the suffering of many, now, in the world. Her heart is open and she listens within and so we can talk to her.

And you are, too, one with the great circle of Life. Perhaps you have only forgotten this for a moment.

In acknowledging that life moves in circles and spirals, one can go far without moving an inch. It is better to move as the body was designed to move, but sometimes the body holds the spirit back. Then the spirit must take flight and explore on its own, bringing back the knowledge and wisdom garnered, back to the body.

When our children observed the ungrounded actions of the white men, they were astonished. The young warriors thought that they could defeat them easily and so they would have if there had not been so many. Some of the angry leaders of the white men did not observe, make choices and then act. They saw something in their way, reacted and thought later, sometimes with remorse at their stupid actions. Or they rationalized the destruction which they spread far and wide, calling it manifest destiny or the duty of the white man to “civilize” the heathens.

There was no sensitivity in their actions, no realization that they were a part of the Whole. These lost white men did not realize that they were the heathens; that it was they who had left the Great Spirit behind and walked on a path through great darkness. They could not see truth even if it was staring them in the face. Their eyes and ears were shut. Their hearts were like stone. They did not even see us as being people, but beasts to destroy.

The great Circle moves on even if we are not ready to do so. And so it is that many of the children of the white man now feel more in tune with the earth. They wish to heal their bodies and the Mother who has been wounded by the selfish activities of other greedy and short-sighted white men… and those who would emulate the unbalanced actions of deluded white men. They feel the groans of the Mother when her flesh is cut to make roads and to dig out minerals. They understand the need for the great cleansing that has come because the white man refused to listen, to us or to the Mother, or even the Great Spirit.

Let us remember that each of us walk a road, a road or journey that is unique to each person. I have learned that we spend lifetimes in many lands, cultures and societies. We are not limited to just one, unless the soul wishes us to experience more of a particular culture. So, I tell you now that some of those who walked as white men in the days of the Indian Wars, are now living as Native Americans on the Rez, where white soldiers put his great- great grandparents. And some of those who walked and fought and died as Native Americans now walk as white men and women. So the great Circle moves in a slow spiral, so that the soul can learn all the lessons and undergo all the experiences needed to transcend the Circle and move into the Stars.

If you feel an affinity for the ways of the Native Americans, understand that perhaps your soul has already experienced our way of life. Once we thought we were free men. We lived a good life, a simple life, but one filled with work and play. Those good times ended with the coming of the white men, not at first for they were but a trickle. As with the coming of a flood, the trickle became a torrent that we could not hold back, destroy or stop. Our way of life collapsed and we felt lost, bereft and torn up inside, but still some of us managed to survive through the bad times.

Even as captives of the white men, we were still more free than our captors, but even then, our ways tripped us up, as well. We did not understand how many white men there were, for we had always been few, scattered across the plains and mountains and in the forests. We did not burden the land with people, but left plenty of room for our brothers and sisters of plain and forest to wander and prosper.

There was more than enough for all, especially through the grace of our brother, buffalo, who provided for our needs. We did not understand the greed and cruelty of a people, who attacked our villages without provocation and who denied the jealousy and hatred they felt towards each other. They were a people with closed hearts, who could not feel that their hatred of us came from their own self-hatred.

In the old time, our hearts lay broken on the ground, as we saw our children and women and old ones die at the hands of the white men. We could not comprehend the cruelty that resided in these ones; we did not have time to understand why the whites were so cut off from the Mother and from each other. They were angry and struck out wildly at each other; we were merely in the way and an easy target, although we fought bravely and long with what resources we had. The end came badly, but some of our people survived and still survive. The secret wisdom of our peoples has been retained by sacred elders and is now being passed down to our children, but some of them are now lost like the white men of the bad times, so we sometimes must look to others to carry the wisdom for future generations.

Today some of our children wander through the world, ungrounded, lost in the maze of their anger, at themselves and with the world. They drink; they fight; they run away, ashamed of how the People now live. They do not want to claim their heritage, but run away and hide in the dirty cities of the white man. We open our hearts to them and hope that they will return to us, their family, but we understand the need to wander is strong in some. However, it is only by going on the journey within that one can get to know oneself. Until one is willing to look inside and accept what is found there, one cannot proceed any further on the journey, even if one walks for miles and miles.

There are some of our people who are now coming forward and using the ancient wisdom to heal their land and their people. They are willing to work with the white men and women, who they now begin to understand, are their brothers and sisters. The ways of the people are ancient and are those that sustain the land and allow all who dwell upon it to flourish and live in peace. Our culture is but one on the planet that has roots that go deep. Even the culture of the white man runs deep, but he has mostly forgotten or denied that it ever existed.

He has believed the lies of his leaders and false fathers who have sought to cut their followers off from the earth and each other. Their leaders have sought only power and wealth. Our leaders sought the prosperity and welfare of our people. In the language of our brothers, the Sioux, there were no words for “me” or “I”. All of the tribes called their people, the People. Within our tribes, we worked together as a unit. We were not perfect and fought amongst ourselves, but we never forgot that we were a big family and needed each other to survive. When we forgot and lost that unity, we became lost ourselves.

While we learned quickly how some of the white men lie and how worthless it was to trust the word of the powerful men who hated us, the men who worked under them could not trust their feelings and followed their leaders blindly. Or they ran away, also, ashamed and in denial of what they knew was not truth. They were not willing to look within and discover their own truth, for themselves. Now the time has come when they must look into the face of their own self-hatred and see it as illusion, as a chimera designed to defeat them.

The time of denial and resistance to truth is ended. The veils of forgetfulness have been lifted and now the world is learning the truth about the false foundations of the white man’s world. So ungrounded are some of the white men still, that they do not even realize that the foundations of their world have already crumbled away. Only by the strength of their habits and thoughts, do some continue to live in the shallow fashion taught to them by those that they have allowed to rule them. They have willfully believed the lies told to them, that they are powerless, unworthy and do not deserve to thrive.

They have been systematically cut off from the source of their power, from the Mother and from Sky Father. Their hearts are closed by self-hatred and loathing; and so they continue to strike out at those who are different. Still, even with these stubborn ones, the light is beginning to work on the barriers that they have erected around their hearts. Some of these formerly lost ones are beginning to reconnect and to understand that something is wrong and out of balance.

The children are awake. They know that all people are their brothers and sisters. They do not consider race, skin color, religion and culture to be barriers to the power of friendship and love. They play together, happily, resisting the threats and warnings of their parents to desist in these friendships, for they know they are one with their friends.

Some of the elders and adults of the white people are waking up, too. We know that many are secret rainbow warriors sent to the Mother to help her people to wake up. It is why their hearts and ours resonate as one heart for we feel the frequency of truth in these people; we know them as our brothers and sisters in spirit. Many of them have walked with our people in other lifetimes. We share the same values; we share the same heart.

To follow the old ways can no longer be done, entirely, for the world has moved off, but there can be a return to the values of the old ways. By reconnecting with the Mother and her elements, earth, air, fire and water, one can draw closer to the truth of one’s being. You are a star being, a great soul who walks upon the earth. Your anchor point is the body, but you are much more. Our stories speak of how easy it was to walk in different worlds; you can do this, too, by opening your heart and seeing the world through its eyes. And the wisdom you discover in the stars and inner worlds is yours to bring back and share with others.

As a people we have largely let go of our anger, resentment and grief over what happened between ourselves and the white man. We can no longer blame the white man for our present day conditions, for we, ourselves, have contributed to them. So we must take back our power and our personal sovereignty, as a people and as individuals, and remake our world as we would like to experience it. We know, now, that we must heal ourselves. In healing ourselves, we heal our world.

As White Cloud, I did not walk through the world when the white men came to our lands, but I saw their coming in visions. I warned the people then, but they would not listen or they forgot. They did not want to hear what I had to say; they were frightened of the visions and did not understand what was being said. And yet I knew that the time of tribulation and suffering for our people would end just as the time of tribulation for the white men would begin. And we would help them to regain their connection with the Mother and with each other. We would help each other by offering our gifts to the Whole, to all the people and to the Mother.

I saw that we would have to work as brother and sister, together, learning to talk and listen to each other. I saw that we had to open our hearts up to each other and to listen to our spirit talk to our hearts. I saw that those whose inner eyes were open and whose hearts were full could lead the people through the difficult times ahead. And only those who walked with truth and love in their hearts would be able to hear the guidance of the spirits and of the Mother.

We know that many worlds exist side by side with this one. These worlds are interwoven into the fabric of the world through which we walk. It is easy for one with open eyes and open heart to step through and into these worlds. We call these ones spirit walkers. They journey for us and teach us how to journey for ourselves, for each person holds this power within. There is a need to let go of fear before one can take these journeys, but they open to those who seek to regain their power and to determine their direction in life.

The world has changed; the great circle of life has become a spiral, leading all peoples upward towards a place where they can live as brothers and sisters. Those who can walk on the spiral and into the promise of the morning sun will live as brothers and sisters, in harmony, peace, love and abundance for all. We hope to see you there with us.

We go now as we have given you much to ponder. Consider our words, but listen to your own heart to guide you in the direction you must go. We are there beside you, to guide and mentor, but we do not walk the journey for you. Now is the time to regain your power and sovereignty and to learn to listen to your heart. It will guide you well.

Be at peace and know that we are One.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved.

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