Monday, December 2, 2013

Archangel Michael: Your Desire And Prayer Are Very Definitely The Fuels Which impart Your Forward Motion. And Your Intent Provides The Direction.


Channelled By Ron Head On 12-2-13


Dear friends, we meet you today in a period of integration and consolidation for you, a time for you to assimilate what you have gained thus far on your journeys.  This will not be of great duration, and some of you may wish that it would last longer than it will.  But there is still a long way to travel, even for the marvelous beings you are and continue to become.

Most of what we speak of now is still somewhat beyond your understanding.  Still, we know that many of you are beginning to get the beginnings of such.  You are seeing more of the light, more of who you are, more of where you are going.

For those of you who do not yet see, let us say that if this is the kind of message you follow, if this is the kind of dream that you hold in your heart, then you are most definitely upon this path as well.  And let us also assure you that you are much further along than you now perceive.  Looking about you, you may wonder how we can state such a thing.  How can you possibly believe it?

Let us remind you of one or two things.  Firstly, your desire and prayer are very definitely the fuels which impart your forward motion.  And your intent provides the direction.  And then, we remind you that you are a part of the oneness of the collective heart of humanity.  You rise together.  And it is a most beautiful and fantastic thing to see.

Know that each time you give your love, your best hopes, a hug, even a smile to another, each time you help them to feel better, it raises their state of being, raises your own, and raises the all.  Each time you spend quiet time in your hearts in prayer, in meditation, or simply imagining the future you wish for your world, you bring it closer to you.

Very quickly now you will be once again thrust into the increasing flow of change, and the momentum and velocity of change will increase greatly.  We have told you of this before.  You have been patient.  And you have, as a result of your intentions and prayers, and the purposes for which you came here at this time, made great strides in your inner selves.

Now the outer mirrors of that are going to reflect back to you an increasingly accurate picture of who you truly are.  Your combined energy is beginning to be felt.  Remember if at times things seem unsettled, and you do not see the positive direction they are heading, to simply know that your best interests are always our intent, and renew your own resolve.

These knowings, these intentions, these feelings are what power the change you desire.  And know that you have our own intention and the energy of our love joined with yours at all times.  Be not dismayed by anything that happens around you.  Everything is happening now exactly as it needs to happen to bring about the very highest and best result of your collective vision, even though it may be impossible for you to see that from your perspective.  Connect with us at any time that you need to renew your knowledge of that.  We love you dearly are here for just that purpose, dear ones.

Good day to you now.  We will speak again shortly.

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