Saturday, December 1, 2012


   As Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele
December 1, 2012

Dear ones, again we come to greet you in this powerful time of change and new birth–the Christ (Light) is being born each day in the stable of individual consciousness when it becomes humble enough to let go of ego (the sense of a self separate from Source).

It is a time on earth in which many are now questioning the status quo. Awakening souls empowered with truth are asking serious questions of those pretending to have all the answers.

Many of those (not all) elected into both religious and governmental positions of power, work only for themselves and their friends and not for the people who elected them. This has happened because much of the world has been out of touch with their intuition, their inner guidance system. Living wholly on a third dimensional mental level, they believe whatever is told them by those seeking votes.

It is a new time, a new energy, and new awareness is manifesting in each moment. You are graduating and are now beginning to realize that you are in charge, you vote your leaders in or out of office which most recently came to light, when you did not elect the candidate representing old and finished energy, but instead followed your intuition to re-elect the one who best represents an energy of oneness.

This came as a great shock to those who believed that they were in control of the outcome as has happened in the past, but the Light of your awakening dear ones, prevailed for in the presence of Light, there can be no shadow.

Begin to honestly question your own personal motives when choosing leaders-spiritual or governmental. Are you choosing those who will keep the status quo because you are comfortable there or are you electing those who simply reflect your own personal concepts and beliefs which may be very biased and old? Do you realize the good of the whole in your voting choices?

As enlightened individuals you will vote what is best for the world–for nature and all life forms, not just what a select and comfortable group believes is best for their bottom line while spouting that it is for the universal good. Begin to trust and honor your inner guidance on these issues for you are now ready to step into a higher sense of self, one empowered with truth and Light.

You see, Light and Its manifestations are for and within all, not just a select few and it is this truth that is coming alive within the consciousness of so many at this time. When truth births within the prepared soul, it activates an intense examination and questioning of one’s whole belief system which then in turn activates the clearing of the mental body and all associated false concepts. This may cause the individual to experience intense guilt regarding actions taken in the past while in a previous state of consciousness.

Release any guilt regarding the past in your journey of evolution dear ones, and honor yourselves for any past decisions because they were done from your highest awareness and state of consciousness at that time. If you as an awakened soul with an awareness of truth were to make these same choices now, then it would be inappropriate because you would not be living out from your highest attained state of consciousness.

Many are presently feeling emotional upheavals and wonder why. Negative emotions coming out of the blue indicate the clearing of the emotional body. One can suddenly be depressed, angry, sad, and even suicidal for no apparent reason. Please understand that it is necessary to clear all accumulated energies of duality and separation because you cannot take them with you into the new and higher.

Emotional energies are frequently re-experienced as they move through the energy field and release.
The important thing is not to accept these energies as personally yours, pulling them back in, claiming them as real, and running to a doctor for mood altering drugs. Drugs will only slow or even stop the whole clearing process which must be completed at some point if you are to move ahead. Source never manifested Itself as negative emotions, they are impersonal– you simply accepted them as real through the experiences and beliefs of many lifetimes, and then stored them (some very deeply) in your emotional body.

You are now ready and evolved enough to let them release through seeing what it is you are believing that is manifesting as them. Try not to give them any power for there is no law to support, sustain, or maintain them.

Also clearing are old cellular memories stored within the physical. Many of you are experiencing very odd and unusual symptoms–some painful, some bizarre, and some just plain weird. Rashes, aches and pains, extreme exhaustion, ears ringing, buzzing,nausea, headaches. Occasionally an individual will actually relive the experience that is clearing. Try not to resist dear ones, make yourselves comfortable as you can but rejoice in the realization that you are shifting and evolving on all levels and that higher dimensional energies are integrating with each release of the old. There will come a time when all the clearing and releasing is finished.

Try not to move into fear, for all you who read and understand these messages are undergoing a clearing the old in preparation for the new and it is different for every individual depending upon their past life collection of energies. This process can be difficult if you are surrounded by friends, and family who may not understand what is happening and keep telling you that you are not taking care of yourself. Trust your intuition dear ones, and if guided to go to a physician for some help or assurance then go, for fear or resistance simply acts to make a power out of these experiences.

What we are trying to convey in this message is that the experience of clearing and releasing old physical, emotional, and mental energy must be recognized for what it is. Lovingly send light to those areas of your body that are giving you concern. In meditation speak to your cells telling them that is it time to allow in the Light of the Divine blueprint and release all that is old, false, and finished as well as any medical beliefs of inheritance.

If you are tired, lay down. It is resistance to say; “I will rise above this” or “I hate this” etc. etc. for when you do that, you are giving power to something that has no power which is the definition of duality and separation. If one finds oneself in the grip of fear regarding some physical situation, it may be better to simply go see a doctor, while still holding to the truth , within. This allows an individual to acknowledge the illusory nature of appearances but at the same time recognize that he has not yet attained that state of consciousness. This is not a ticket to go backwards, but a way to take the sting of power out of certain experiences.

Keep these truths silently and sacredly within your heart, sharing them only with those of like mind, for many on earth are choosing to leave the planet now, and others need more experiences of the third dimensional sort before they are ready to evolve. These dear ones would only be confused by this information.

You see, spiritual evolution is a journey into the trust that comes of knowing– The I that I am knows where I need to be, knows what I need, and how to get me there.
I am that I have been seeking–always have been and always will be.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/1/12

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