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Steve Beckow - Toolkit for Ascension

Posted by Steve Beckow on December 3, 2012

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I was just answering a series of questions from a reader about some aspects of Ascension and it occurs to me that I should repost the answers here as well. (1)

The first was a question about what place we should be in at the time of Ascension and the answer comes from SaLuSa:

“Most of you by now should be in the right place for the end-times, and it will be where you shall experience the final days of this cycle.” (2)

“Be assured that you will all be in the right place for the end times.” (3)

So the answer is that you will be in the right place at the time of Ascension and there’s no need to worry about the location you’re in.

Some people find themselves in a situation which doesn’t seem the best for them. Say, they’re surrounded by skeptics or fearful people. That may not show up as the “ideal” circumstance. And the people themselves may wonder if they should be out of that circumstance and location.

Archangel Michael once answered a question for someone in a personal reading who asked why she was assigned to a part of the hospital that was negative, competitive, back-biting, etc. What was she there to learn? His answer was that she was not there to learn anything. She was there to shower them with her love. Same in this instance.

Most of us are Starseeds, here to assist with Ascension, not to go through our own Ascension per se. We come from dimensions higher than the Third and often higher than the Fifth. We’re the leaven in the loaf, not the loaf itself. We cause the loaf to rise.  Once the blinkers come off, we’ll probably see all this but until then we have to go by certain signs to get that this is so.

One is noticing that you have an acute interest in Ascension, that you’re reading blogs like this one, listening to TV and radio shows on Ascension, that you’re considering the matter, that you’re concerned about the matter, etc.  You may have a feeling you’re from somewhere else.

In my last reading with him AAM said something like you never did really assimilate very well to Earth. (Apparently I’ve only been here a few times.) Indeed I’ve regarded it as a novelty and sampled everything I felt drawn to but I have very little interest left in almost anything Earthly. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. It’s been fun but there isn’t very much left to do. That does corroborate what I’ve been told in readings.
So, if we’re Starseeds, we’re here to assist the rest. That doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy Ascension as much as anyone else but it probably does mean that you signed up to wait tables rather than enjoy the feast.

And finally, in the course of answering the reader’s question by perusing the First Contact website (http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fc/fc-index1.html, which is how I answer most questions (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), I came across Archangel Michael’s wonderful description of what occurs at the moment of Ascension. So let me include that here as well in this toolkit for Ascension:

 The sense will be that you are flying upward. It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly. So that is the feeling of ascending up the sacred spiral.

There will also be in that period, which can be moments or a few hours, [a sensation] of feeling disassociated, that even if you were to open your eyes, even if you were to look at a floor, you would see that it is simply made of particles, subatomic particles, quantum particles, that it is not solid. So you have begun immediately to have the real sensation or vision of how things can be seen, and how they are seen, maybe, from this side.

So there is a sense of unreality. Now, if you wish to make things solid, you will just simply say that you want that, and it will appear. But the knowing that that is simply a construct that you are creating already is there in full consciousness. When you decide to open your eyes, how you see the colors, the textures, the richness, the air, will be very different. What you think of as your senses will be heightened, oh, at least a thousand-fold.

So, there is a little adjustment. And we are with you, and we obviously take care of that, because this is completely a joyous situation to be in. Think of it as being spiritually orgasmic. It is the union of all.
Then, you will settle into this knowing, and of course that choice of physicality. But also know that if you choose to keep physicality, immediately what you have noted as, what we would call human aches and pains are gone. But the biggest shift is you no longer live or exist — you can visit, you can exhibit, but you do not live — within the third dimension, where you are in that movement of what you think of as going up the sacred spiral.

That is the best analogy I can give you. It is the elevator to the Fifth. And further, there will be some who simply choose to keep going [to dimensions higher than the Fifth]. But as a collective, that is the plan.

And it will be the place of love. It will be all of a sudden that the decisions, the actions, the existence, the form is love, and is from love, and is of love. So that sense of either/or, of what you traditionally have thought of as yes or no, of duality, of polarity, is gone. It is the alignment. The entire journey in this third-dimensional existence is reaching this place of alignment, of placing yourself beyond the either/or. And when you are doing that in this ascension process, it is like a Roman candle: off you go. (4)

(I’ve brought many tips around and interpretations of Ascension together into one book, which can be found here: http://the2012scenario.com/handbook-on-ascension/)


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