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Tazjima: The Council of Nine – A Festival of Light Commences

     The Council of Nine – A Festival of Light Commences

Channelled by Tazjima On 12/2/2012

Artwork By Gregg Lauer-
We are the Council of Nine. We have come today to rejoice with you for the Light of the Christ has descended into the world. The spiritualization of a physical race is now a fait accompli; the first of the star seed have undergone their initiations into the spiritual hierarchy and the light has entered into the world. Many may not be fully cognizant of just what has taken place, but as the days go by their new gifts will come online, as it were, as the downloads of new energy, awareness, love and light take place in their physical everyday world. Nothing will be the same for them, again. Nothing will be the same for the entire planet. Now that the flame of the Christ has been permanently lit within these physical vehicles upon the completion of soul merge, the light of the Christ will fan through the ranks of the lightworkers like a forest fire.

This is the culmination of a project undertaken by the spiritual hierarchy of this solar system under the direction of the spiritual hierarchies of the galaxy and universe. We understand that few of you understand the significance of this step, but it is one that will change the face of the universe forever.

We rejoice with those galactic sisters and brothers who have had a hand in the establishment of a Christed race upon the Earth, for it was through the star seed volunteers that this task could finally be accomplished. Many changes are yet to come upon the world, but with the presence of living Christed Ones, the changes will be mitigated. Centered in the golden light of the Christ flame, these ones will bring peace into the world, for they are the embodiment of peace.

Man, woman and child, these ones will walk among the populations of the world, a blessing in motion, bringing with them the flame of initiation to all whom they encounter. When we say all, we mean all. Even though their companions and neighbors be entirely asleep one day, the next they will awaken, rubbing their eyes and becoming awake, sensitive and, what is more important, amendable to the changes that are forthcoming. The light of understanding will open their eyes and ears; their spiritual senses will be unstoppered and released from the chains of the matrix of fear that has bound so many for the last several millennia.

Many galactic and intergalactic councils, as well as hierarchies of ascended beings have worked to accomplish this step and now it is a physical fact. The spiritualization of your physical bodies can now move forward. This will take some time and adjustment, but will happen. Your Christed light bodies are now in the process of merging with your physical, emotional and mental bodies. You are now living vessels of the golden Christ light. Verification of this fact can be sought out in dreams and meditations.

Now we can go forward with the many plans that both the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet and solar system, as well as the participating galactic and intergalactic councils, have held for this tiny planet, this new garden of Eden. Yes, many changes must and will come into being through the course of the next days, weeks and months. Yet with access to the living light of the Christ among you, the changes will not frighten those who are open to the high frequencies of their monadic families who will be working through the Christed Ones.

We speak of the Christ in a universal fashion. This is the living son and daughter of the Father Mother God who has undergone a soul merge with their soul. The soul has descended into the physical body and taken up residence there. Naturally, the soul works with the monad, the spiritual family from which it has emerged. And it works with the many councils of the galactic star nations, who as ascended masters themselves are aligned with the goals of the spiritual hierarchies all the way to Source.

Know that these Christed Ones are human beings, too. They are no more important than the beggar on the street, only that as light carriers they act as a catalyst for the spiritualization of the entire human race. They are the servants of all and should not be subject to worship or reverence. The importance of their presence in the world is to bring hope and nourishment in the form of love and light to those who have been forgotten and who have forgotten that they are also the Christ within.

The flames of the inner temples are about to be re-lit, as was the ancient ritual of the Festival of Light. First the altars are cleared and scrubbed of all debris and then the fire can be re-set and re-lit; and so it is now. There can be no return to darkness for these ones; they are sealed with seals of fire, head and foot, wrapped in a column of light that cannot be penetrated by the minions of the dark. And they now walk among you as ordinary human beings, lit from within by the light and love of their Father Mother God.

Know also that these now spiritualized physical vessels will remain upon the planet, for they also serve their Mother Gaia, assisting in bringing about the necessary vibrational changes in their fellow human beings by being here now. The separation of the worlds is now commencing. Those who cannot abide in the increasing frequencies will depart. We ask you not to judge anyone whose soul has decided to withdraw its presence here for they might be choosing to be reborn into a higher frequency body in the new world.

Yes, there are those who have chosen to remain in the heavier density, lower vibrational worlds, but that is a choice that has been made for them by their soul, as all human beings are soul extensions, the body being merely a vessel for experiencing the physical realm. The soul is the one who chooses to withdraw, not the individual personality, for whatever purpose. Reserve judgment for deciding on what to eat for lunch; judge not the actions of others and be kind to yourselves.

It is now time to remember that you are a Light Being experiencing a physical life. As you undergo the soul merge, you will begin to experience such a peace and lightness of heart that many of you have not experienced for more than short moments of this present lifetime. We understand that for many, this life has been hugely challenging, but your souls chose this in order to enable you to approach this most important step on the way to ascension. Initiation is an ongoing process; it will not end with you embodying the Christ light and it will not end with the sixth initiation, ascension. It is a process that will continue on for an eternity until all are once again united with Source… and then it will begin again. Universal cycles are vast in scope. Plans are complicated and take much time to complete, but you have done well, very well and for this we commend you.

As humanity emerges from their cauldron of fire, you will take the next step in becoming galactic citizens. Some of you are ready for this step now, but remember you are here to serve others, to bring the light and love of the presence of your monad, your spiritual family, to others. There are many who have no concept of spiritual hierarchies, the presence of galactic star families and their relationship to them, or even a grasp of their own sacred history, so long has it been suppressed by certain elements of society.

That is changing now; the truth is being revealed every day, even now in more daring venues of the mass media and certainly on the alternative sources of the Internet. Be aware and check within your heart for resonance to any material which you are drawn to; your heart will let you know if the information is “yours” or not. This is a time for personal empowerment and enlightenment, as the flame of the Christ burns away all remaining dross of delusion and illusion. Be one with your soul, within your heart flame and know the inner peace that passes all understanding.

We are one with you in your heart. We encourage you to seek out those who are awake like yourself and to begin, if you have not already, to create communities of the heart. Follow the lead of the lighted one who has taken up residence within your physical body. You will know what to do when the time comes to act. Our blessings go with you always; Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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