Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Mini-Reading Via Bella Capozzi: Strength and Perseverance

As Received by Bella Capozzi – April 26, 2013

imageToday’s reading centers around the subject of standing in your own power. You’re suddenly finding that you’re remembering little bits and pieces of your Divine Mission. These can come in during meditation, or at the most unexpected of times! They are the brilliant “light-bulb” moments, the sudden inspirations and ideas. “Wow-how did I ever think of that,” you wonder?

As we go deeper and deeper into 2013, these flashes of brilliance are going to become more and more frequent until they eventually become the normal way of doing things! Your Angels and Guides are spoon-feeding you little increments of your mission and your history, chapter by chapter so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

Okay, so there you are… You’re excited, you’re inspired, and your ready to get out there and change the world! Until, that is, you’re faced with the daunting task of actually having to manifest your dreams in the still-sluggish energies of what’s left of 3D reality. It’s so easy to become jaded. The temptation is great to just give up and find something a whole lot easier to do. Sometimes it all seems so scary and daunting and overwhelming.

These are the times that it’s so important that you are aware of your own power of creation. You’re strong and smart and you have everything that it takes to be successful and make a difference . Seriously-would you even be here if you weren’t!?

imageI chose to draw a card today from the Angel Dream deck, and the card that came up is called “Dandelion.” Printed on the bottom of the card are the words vitality, empowerment, and perseverance. The picture is of 3 dandelion flowers bending in the wind; bending, but not breaking. No matter how often you mow the lawn and pull the weeds, you can count on the dandelions to pop back up immediately. They’re plentiful, resilient and spring up everywhere! Just like Lightworkers.

So take this card as a sign that you’re being encouraged by the Universe to push on and go after your dreams. Visualize often, seeing yourself living and enjoying your new way of life. See your efforts panning out and making a difference in the lives of those around you. It’s time to be your most magnificent self!

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