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Brian The Dragon: Holographic Experiences

The Dragon's Breath is not for everyone so Brian makes but infrequent visits to this blog...DT the ET

This is Brian. I want to be honest and say that this channeling is not for everyone. I think it is more for people that are looking to really get into the nitty gritty of some aspects of manifestation. Many of the concepts here are not essential, but may lend some additional understanding in some cases. If you love hearing Metatronic Consciousness blather away ;-) then you'll probably be into this as well... I probably would read this channeling myself with great interest and intent, but would probably lose interest halfway through simply because I have a horrible attention span unless I get hypnotized by what I'm working with @.@

Hi everyone,
This is the dragon. From your soul's perspective, the way some of your "other lives" or what you may call past lives on Earth are experienced would almost seem holographic in nature to you. Whereas the akash is often seen as a record of things that have happened, there is an extension of that concept, which is the true akash. It is that which humanity will become very good at working with even at the physical levels of vibration, after you do the work necessary to put some things into place. We say this not to fortune-tell, but just because it is an appropriate part of the uplifting process. This other side of the akash is potentials, and it maps all potentials that could happen on Earth, even if you haven't experienced it. Now, there isn't something in a drawer that has the label "Earth" on it.

What is and isn't Earth is based on your judgements of what Earth is. We could say that there's a planet out there in the multiverse much like your own but somehow has two moons (there is), and someone could call that Earth. Another would say it's not Earth. But then the first person would point at dolphins on it and elephants and seven continents and say "See, it is Earth". On and on. Well, whether or not it is Earth doesn't matter, that's a circular discussion that could go on forever. It does share some histories and some potentials with your version of Earth. And that brings us back to the "drawer" analogy. There is no drawer in the akash that contains Earth's energies, so you in a sense create the drawer yourself from all the potentials in the universe, and fill it yourselves. That's how you shape your perceptions, and that's how you manifest this world.

So, let's get back to the topic of the holographic nature of life experiences. Many view the akash as a place that you plug into, you pull your own life experiences, you experience some lives, and you present those experiences to the akash. This is ok, but it's also a ignoring many of the mechanics involved that offer some greater understanding. The full expression of the akash represents all the potentials in the universe. Your soul looks around and sees potentials, and goes "Hmmm, I wonder if I take this potential and this potential and this potential and combine them" and then presto, actual physical experiences that have eternal presence are integrated into your soul's consciousness. You in a sense "loaned" that experience from the universe, and depending on the capacity you believe you have then it could be permanently part of you, or you may "give it back", but never completely.

This may bring up some questions that have to do with the implications of the mechanics involved. We'll pose this as a mock question and answer, which obviously has the benefit of making you think about it before you read the "answer". To be fair, since often times in a Q&A people will want to ask their own questions, you can always ask your own questions later on, and they can be answered in another channeling. We know some of you have some questions while reading this, but don't know whether you will ask them or not. Isn't free will interesting?

Q. Can more than one soul have the same experience?

A. Yes, and no. Multiple souls can experience the same incarnation. If it's through a blending, then they both experience the "same thing" - in the physical at least (the interpretations may differ). Many of your more aware people in history, for instance, were actually a group soul incarnation, but it's not limited to that. If it's interesting, then many souls may experience it, regardless of whether it's something you know from history or not. If it's not through a blending, however, then the physical experience will usually have some subtle differences between souls because a different soul will impart different "subconscious" aspects to the life. A unique fingerprint if you will. The importance of which depends on what details the soul is focused on. If the soul is focused on a very general type of struggle, then whether or not the world has two moons or one, and is in the Milky Way or Andromeda Galaxy, probably won't make a difference.

Q. Will the same potentials being pulled together to form an identical life in two worlds that are similar but distinctly different in some ways yield the same experience?

A. We think if you consider this, you'll realize that the experience has pretty much the same value, but the details of those experiences will be different. In a sense, a unique fingerprint in the same way as described earlier. Just the same, whether or not its important depends on whether or not those details were essential.

Q. If souls can mix and match, why do they choose one experience over another?

A. Believe it or not, souls often don't choose one experience over another. We think you have the tools now to comprehend this based on your current level of advancement in language tools. It can't be fully expressed, but you can get enough of the feel to understand it. Imagine a game of chess where you can play every possible move with full awareness and follow that trail to the end for every branching, then go back and decide your move based on those results. You have computerized chess games that can do this very well.

Then you have things called quantum computers which to put it simply have executed all moves at the same exact time in different universes. Then you tell it "give me the result that most matches X" and it spits it out without doing any additional work. In much the same way, your core higher self is formless. That isn't to say it has no form, since it really has a lot of potential forms at once. It means to say it hasn't chosen a form. So to skip all the messy details, your soul - which is the part of your higher self that exists in a mix of form and non-form and directs the energy flow - knows how to work with this formless core and use it to process multiple lives in parallel, and choose certain experiences based on attributes of energies it is looking for. Obviously, in the set of lives, that translates into form-based experiences, more of a corporeal nature, and the energies become less obvious.

Q. If we have loaned the experience from the universe, that means it never happened? Or at least, we didn't experience it?

A. This takes us back to the original topic - of your lives being holographic in nature. We think the challenge with that word is that holographic implies not real. Whereas what we're meaning by holographic is that it's very real, but the actual process your lower vibrational parts seem to go through - basically what you are going through right now - is more of an illusion. Emulation is another term you could use. The very nature and attributes of these experiences are eternal parts of the universe, and you are pulling them into your awareness.

As part of truly integrated, versus just "sampling", you go through the drudgery of the full experience - well, to a point. Realize that even this has limits. You didn't go through the drudgery of inventing vulcanized rubber, did you? Or even manufacturing it? You just use vulcanized rubber. So obviously, you even segment off what details you have to experience. The ironic thing is that even your soul, even your higher self, in fact anything but the all-that-is is an illusion or emulation of something, not "some thing", which has eternal presence in the all-that-is even if you don't see it as eternal. However, there is naturally a bias. You are spiritual beings experiencing corporeal life and as such the bias is that the corporeal life seems like more of an illusion than your soul's experience no matter how hard you work to try to mask that from yourself during your corporeal existence.

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