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Steve Beckow - Clearing for the Collective

Posted On The Golden Age Of Gaia On April 3, 2013

New Man 11In my reading with Archangel Michael on March 29, I asked him, on behalf a of a team member, how we’d know we’re clearing for ourselves or for the collective and he replied:

“They go in tandem. You would not be gifted with the opportunity to clear a certain area or belief or vasana [for the collective] if you did not have a trace or a former imprint of that within thee. So it is the level of intensity that comes up, especially now, with the clearing. And you think, ‘Well, wait a minute. I have done this work. And I have done it diligently and deeply and completely. And yet here I am and it feels as I am being swept away by a tidal wave.’ That is how you know it is for the collective.”

In my view, there are several subtexts being said here, some of them not so much subtexts because the Company of Heaven have not been saying them but subtexts because the way we hear them keeps them at that level.

The main subtext, which AAM has been working with me to have me see, and which I’m beginning to see ever more clearly as time passes, is that a distinguished company is here to assist with this monumental effort of raising the consciousness of a whole planet. (That’s us, by the way.)

Earlier I quoted Archangel Michael as saying that we’d come down from our collective Elysian Fields to squeeze ourselves into physical bodies and sacrifice our ease and comfort to assist with what’s transpiring on Earth right now.

As each day passes, it’s becoming more and more apparent that masters from all over the universe have come to Earth and dumbed themselves down by putting on this canvas and steel apparatus we call a body to serve.

Why to Earth? I asked that of Sanat Kumara the other day, and he said it was because Earth was the first planet to go through this new form of Ascension.

Steve Beckow:   But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj?  We’re not the only planet, are we?
Sanat Kumara:  You’re first in line.
SB:   Ah! So we’re the first planet to ascend. Is that what you mean?
SK:  Yes. (1)

The new form it is is that (a) we ascend with our physical bodies and (b) the planet doesn’t explode like Haleon but simply advances its presence to a higher dimension.

I firmly believe that this Ascension effort is being worked on as we go along. I think the Company of Heaven are very much conducting this as an experiment and are changing it as and when circumstances arise. For instance, they accepted our request that we wait a year so that many more than the 30% who qualified by the end of 2012 could come along. I am willing to be that the Company of Heaven expected more than 30% to have been ready by the end of 2012 and so were very willing to prolong this experiment by a year.

I further speculate that they themselves, as the folks who are working this effort, are learning every day from how we respond to things and that this learning, on behalf of other planets who will later ascend, is valuable.

When we volunteered, as what you might consider galactic special forces, I think we knew we might be at the heart of an experiment and that it would take time. But then all memory was wiped and we now know nothing of these conversations.

At this moment, the part of the experiment we’re going through is collective clearing. We lightworkers, exactly because I think we’re masters from a different, higher level, are processing for the collective and I think how we do is being noted. In order not to scare us out of our wits, it’s been laid down that we can only process for the collective whatever we have known or been involved with before so there is the least possibility of confusion and alarm on our part.

Even though we might say, “I thought I was finished with this,” at least we recognize what “this” is.
Archangel Michael tells us that the giveaway that we’re processing for the collective is the tsunami-like quality of the feelings.

I hope you see the irony in this. I’ve always approached the subject of clearing vasanas as clearing our own for ourselves. I’ve been oriented towards thinking that we must be nearing the end of this work. Now we’re told we’re processing for the collective. There’s a whole new relevance and importance to the literature on how to clear a vasana if we not only clear them for ourselves but then go on to clear them for the collective.

So what are we to do to process for the collective? The best way I can think of is to use the upset clearing process which is described in numerous articles here:

I’ll summarize that process here. Also perhaps read Jesus’s wonderful article on it. (2)

(1) Name the feeling you’re experiencing. Our files are arranged in memory under feelings.

(2) Breathe slowly into it and experience that feeling.

(3) Ask your mind to reveal to you an earlier, traumatic incident that’s the origin of that feeling.

(4) Take the very first image or word you get.  Don’t reject an image or word you get and wait for a second. A second will probably never come. This is the stage of the process where people most often work it incorrectly and later say the process did not work.

(5) Breathe slowly into whatever arises and allow the feelings and images to come up until there are no further to be experienced.

Processing your vasana this way, whether you’re processing it for yourself or re-processing it for the collective, is the way to have it pass through you, release itself, and, after repeated processings perhaps, disappear.

So, in summary, the subtexts I mentioned earlier are that: (a) we are a much more highly evolved group of masters than we suspect; (b) Earth’s Ascension is being run as an experiment; (c) Earth’s Ascension is being tweaked to find out the very best way of proceeding for the rest of the universe; (d) we’ll participate later as “experts” from the higher dimension in the Ascensions that follow in other regions of the universe; and (e) that we’re being asked to process for the collective and the results of that are being watched.

I stand a great chance of being wrong in what I’ve just said. But I have an agreement with Archangel Michael that if I say something that’s incorrect he’ll signal me with a rather dramatic feeling of queasiness in my upper chest and I feel no sense of queasiness.  So I have a modicum of confidence in what dawning awareness has just brought to mind for me.  But we’ll need to check all of this out with him at a later opportunity.


(1)  “It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.” March 18, 2013,
(2) See “Jeshua: The Third Way” at and “The New Gospel of Jesus” at

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