Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 300

Channelled By Aisha North On April 16, 2013

As you see the light approaching on the horizon, you will hear the clarion call from all of those souls starting to wake up to this new dawn. For now, it is not only you who will be singing the praise of this dawn. As we have said earlier, this heavenly choir you have been putting together on this little blue planet will start to amass so many new voices. And so day by day, the volume and the complexity of your song will increase in so many ways. For you were the first ones, and in the beginning, your voices where few and far between, and they were easily lost in the ongoing drone of noise being emitted from all sorts of sources around you. For if you were not listening intently, this heavenly song was easy to overlook amongst all of the clamoring of fear, voices of discontent and the hubbub of downright deafening proportions. For you were not easy to spot in this veritable mass of wall to wall noise, and as such, you yourselves felt how your sound was drowning in a sea of emotional turmoil.

But now, it is like your choir is parting the waves of this at times overwhelming background noise, and as it does, more and more will find themselves humming along to the tune that you are calling out. And at first, they might not even be aware of it, just like many go around their daily lives humming inaudibly even to themselves, without being conscious of doing so. But bit by bit, this low humming that emanates from their heart will start to gather momentum and indeed strength, and soon they too will start to hear this song originating from their own soul. And when they start to pick up these sounds, their whole being will be alerted to it, and they will find themselves walking away from what held their interest up until a very short time ago. For they will become as if transformed by this simple, but oh so beautiful tune that is talking not only to their ears, but also to their hearts. And just like you, they will understand that the time has come to leave the old behind, and start to open up the door behind which they just know that this heartening tune is coming from.

We know this will not be news to any of you, for you will all in some way have encountered these newly awakened souls in one form or the other, but what will be news to you all, will be the sheer number of them that you will meet on your way now. For you have in many ways been in hiding, as you have felt the need to protect yourselves. Just like newly hatched little birds, you have seeked shelter under the bushes, in order to make it through that first stage, where you felt as if surrounded by negativity and dangers on all sides. But now, your plumage has grown, and with it your confidence, and so now, you will feel ready to start to show yourself in full daylight, singing your beautiful song loud and clear, having no fear as to just who will see you or hear your song. For the time has come to take your wonders out into the world, show you true colors and sing your song of freedom. And we promise you will all be amazed by the response you will get. Oh yes, some will be more than a little frightened, and even jealous of your light, and they will not hesitate to show their displeasure, but that will not be news to any of you either. But what you will encounter more and more, are those who will be in awe of your true beauty, and who will want to know what has made you into this radiant bird, fluttering above the disheartening reality they themselves feel surrounded by. And when you look into their eyes, they will see it, and you will see it in them, and that is all it takes. For it will be as if the mere sight of your soul will set them free. And they will all start to feel the itching from their own feathers, waiting to emerge.

So fear not, dear ones, you have the wings and the voices that will carry you as long and as high as you want, so do not stay cooped up in your hiding place forever. For if you do, your light will almost be lost to this world, as you will only be able to light up a small circle around you. But if you dare to take to the air and sing your jubilant song, your light will be cascading down upon this whole planet in a way that will speed up the process considerably for everyone. So take heart, and take to your wings. You will find it a very enjoyable task indeed, for your eyes and your heart will find light in so many places, and you will feel the deep connection that you share grow stronger and deeper for every soul your song will touch.

Channel: Aisha North

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