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The Alpha and The Omega Points

Why is it that some Galactics are so very fond of gigantic paragraphs?  Good stuff, non-the-less.  DT the ET

The Council Channelled By William LePar

This information comes from WIlliam LePar's spiritual source, The Council during one of his trance sessions where they were discussing their purpose for these trances. The Council:

As a bit of general information, what are you really involved in? What is really going on? What can an individual expect out of dealing with us or dealing with the material? We will tell you. What is going on is the instructions that will bring you to the Omega Point, the Omega Point. What is the Omega Point? First, you must learn what the Alpha Point is. The Alpha Point was at that moment in eternity when the Divine Source brought you into existence; complete; whole; beautiful; magnificent; power within yourself that would be unbelievable; purity of heart that would be unsurpassed by
anything else; like a light that shines brighter than all the light in the universe. In this beauty, in the total magnificence and power, in the center of it, was you; busy in motion, busy at creation, the motion, the activity, the sensing, the examining of a world never seen by human hands, never seen by human eyes, a world unlike anything you have ever conceived or are capable of conceiving; not a world as you understand, limitations, but a heavenly world of motion, action, expansion; such beauty, of vibrant existence,
a constant evolution of creation. That was each of you. The power of one thought from you could create an entire universe as fast as the thought could form, but the awe-inspiring factor was the warmth of love, the power of love that emanated with such strength that it elevated everything that would come in contact with it; add to it so that it would grow and blossom, like a beautiful rose, like a beautiful tree, yes, the Alpha Point. All was perfect; all was perfect; until that love no longer flowed out, but was turned inward, and then the Omega Point. Oh, oh, what a Point to reach. It was like an entire world collapsing in on itself, but the transmuting of that brought about a second Alpha Point in the material manifestation. This then was when you as spirit entities were entrapped in the material manifestation. From there on each of you as souls, as beings, as Children of God, have moved constantly in one direction or the other, forwards or backwards, through many times, through many changes, through many periods of darkness and through many periods of light, and so now mankind arrives at this time in the plan and each of you here are in this time. Our purpose is to bring you again to the Omega Point which will be the doorway to the original Alpha Point.

You wonder what is the Omega Point now? Is it like the one we described before? No, no, you are to grow from that collapse; you are to grow into the original Alpha Point. How do you do it? Let us tell you of the great love your Creator has for you. It is very simple. Perfection in an instant, if you choose. Each of you and every one on the face of this earth has a past. What should you do with that past? Should you let it devour you? Should you let it destroy you? Or should you allow it to teach you? All of you have a now. What should you do with it? Should you allow it to destroy you? Or should you allow it to teach you? And all of you have a tomorrow. Should you also allow it to destroy you or teach you? The steps to perfection are relatively simple. Your past is your past, and you should learn to accept it. You should learn to affirm that it did exist and that is that. Regardless of what you may have done, do not let it hold you from growth. No one's past is without negativity, without, what some refer to as, sin. Do not allow guilt to destroy you because it was never meant to destroy but it was meant to create. Guilt, if handled in a proper way, is an extremely healthy thing, but, unfortunately for mankind, he turns a beautiful gift of God into something that destroys and annihilates the soul. Guilt is the finger pointing to the proper way. Man should learn to accept that direction that the finger is pointing to, and then learn to accept those sets of experiences or circumstances that brought about the finger of guilt. Accept it; affirm it; and then move to the present of now. Do not allow it to hold you in the past, for it was not meant to. That is man's laziness, his lack of faith. Even now, what is there to do? How do we prepare? What must we prepare? Now is where perfection lies, not in the past, not in the future, but now. Perfection lies in the here and now, if -- oh, that treacherous little word that rises its head like a venomous serpent, -- if -- do you remember what we said about that large, large word? If is the difference between what you are and what you should be, what you could be -- if each of you were to do the very best you could or can do in your situation now, that is perfection, THAT is perfection. If any one of you were to actually enlist all the powers within you, all the forces that God your Father has given you, if you were to actually enlist those and apply those to any set of circumstances or situations or problems or what have you that would come up in the here and now, if you would apply yourself to the best of your ability, you would reach perfection right then and there. And then what? Then the Omega Point. What is the Omega Point? For you here and now the Omega Point will be the most glorifying experience in your entire creative existence; in that it will be the meeting of your existence and your essence. The Omega Point; the rebirth of you to the state that you were originally created in. How simple it all is. The mystery of all of man's creation, all of his efforts, given in one simple statement: the Omega Point. You want a mystery? You want a secret? You want something very profound? You have been given the key to God.

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