Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Crystal Dolphin Pod Through Bella Capozzi

 “Pillowed By The Whitecaps.”- April 24, 2013

1357656963_461498044_1-Pictures-of--Dolphin-Alchemy-Personal-Transformation-Retreat-with-Wild-Dolphin-SwimsBecause of you, the sun shall rise again.  Because of you, the rain shall fall and snow shall fall and all is made anew upon the dawning of another day.  You live to spend another day here.  Every day brings boundless opportunity for all of us to do some good.  It is because of your efforts and ours that hope remains alive.  The Light is winning.  Oh pray, correct that… The Light has won!

Moonrise brings illumination to the darkness.  And oh, how we are creatures of the moon!  How we flow with the tides, and we play !  We dive and dance amongst the cresting waves, up and down, pillowed by the whitecaps.  It is your doing, sweet Cousins, that you and I are blessed to play our games and raise our young, as part of these evolving societies.  We must let it settle in, all this bright Light. 

The Light is much akin to rain upon the seas.  It falls from the sky, it scatters like stars.  It lands not softly, but with an impact into the water which is already here.  Thus it must blend, blend, blend.  It must integrate, you see, with all of that which came before it, so as to become one.  We are quite sure you’ve concluded by now that becoming one is no small feat in a place such as this one, wouldn’t you say?.  Together, have we not been battling the false concept of separation for a seeming eternity?  You are tired, as we are, are you not?  Yet we swim onward, to freedom.

Let’s think on something, if we may.  Let’s speak of the concept of “freedom.”  By it’s very definition it implies that there is something that otherwise binds us, that there is something or someone that we have need to escape from.  We must break free so that we can become free, and then in turn remain free.  Thus implying that our Divine right to make our own choices could ever be taken away from us.  You see, we remember Home, Cousins, in a way that you as yet do not. 

Our families at Home are often mystified by the idea of “freedom” because outside the roleplay of the 3rd dimension, there exists no other way.  There simply is no other way.  For to have freedom, there must be bondage; another illusory concept.  As though it even possible to imprison a flawless child of Creation!  We are wordy, yes?  We do wax on!  But we only seek to give you food for contemplation.

Be assured that in all ways you are shining stars in Heaven.  To all of those who guide you on your journey, you are accomplishment personified.  You are so deeply loved.  Know all this, and rest easy in the soft embrace of Gaia.   As we tell you over and over again, do make time for joviality and play.  Ride the currents of your lifetime secure in your own powers of transmutability.  You are the changemakers.  You have the ability to shape yourselves and the world around you into whatever it is you so desire.  You are forever free.  Because, after all, is there truly any other way?

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