Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why You Can't Connect With Some

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Dear Ones,
Perhaps there are family or community members you cannot understand because their actions and thoughts seem so different from yours. As a child, you may have even dreamt of your ‘real’ family rescuing you from this foreign home.

Even though you cannot remember your pre-entrance to earth, many of you lined up for the opportunity to be part of this transition despite the lack of interest of your previous spiritual family members.

You merely remember how uncomfortable you felt for much of your childhood as you tried to interact with the strangers who were your family or community members.

You might also have selected families you interacted with in past lives to complete specific karmic pieces in this lifetime. Even though you do not particularly like interacting with them, there is a bond of sorts with those people with whom you have had previous lives on earth. Those individuals are not the topic of today’s discussion.

We are speaking of those you cannot understand or relate to no matter how diligently you send them love and compassion. Perhaps they are family members with whom you feel absolutely no attachment. You cannot understand how they think, nor do you particularly wish to. It is not that you dislike them – there is just no connection.

You may have learned that you interact with the same people in lifetime after lifetime. Such is usually the case – except for now. There were limited slots available for an earth life during this initial transition phase. Those of you who were part of many earth beginnings – including the first humans and each major transition since – have found one another through your families or communities.

You relate to each other in so many ways – even though not all are positive interactions. But you feel some sort of heart attachment when you look within your being to solve the dilemma of how best to interact with them. You do not need to protect your heart – merely to open it and allow those who do not match your current frequency to live their lives without interference from you. Even though there is a heart connection, you have little interest in an ongoing physical connection.

We are discussing those with whom you feel no heart connection. Perhaps they are your parents, siblings, children, co-workers or a similar relationship. The connection is a void. You have no feelings for them and are not interested in understanding them. As if they are from a different place or world. So they are.

Even though all will eventually discover their light path, some of those you now interact with are not interested in doing so in the immediate future.

We wish to reiterate that there is a difference between those you have interacted with in past lives and those who are new to your circle.

Those you have interacted with in past lives – on earth or other venues – feel important to you physically, spiritually or emotionally. Those whom you have not interacted with previously do not produce the same feelings. You interact with them physically – but you have no ties to them beyond necessary 3D interactions. They feel like strangers.

Again, perhaps your childhood dreams included finding your ‘real’ family – an indicator that you did not have close ties to your family in this lifetime. Maybe you knew them briefly in previous lifetimes – but certainly not in a way that unites entities into families during non-transition times.

Why have we not relayed this information before? You did not have the emotional skills to interact with foreign bodies within your world.

You have been clearing for some time. As you did so you explored past lives, family dynamics, community interactions and many other pieces. But you have not yet learned how to interact with those who are not part of your heart. The next few days will provide the information to do so.

Some of those you have not experienced a life with on earth or other parts of the Universes you have managed to connect with in a heartfelt way. Maybe not as you would necessarily like in the physical world, but you have forged a connection.

We are speaking of those who feel uncomfortable and yet you cannot erase them from your being for there is nothing to erase. It is as if they are ghosts – not solid enough to eradicate from your life.

The next few days will provide you with tools to remove those who feel like a heavy burden with little or no information to help you on your way.

Let us explain. Sometimes those you have no feelings for latch on to you because you are a beacon of light and they are frightened. Those entities are most likely new to earth. They wished to be part of the excitement of this transition and volunteered to do so.

Some slots were filled by new earth entities who cannot feel or think as those of you who have lived numerous earth lives.

They are new earth souls – whether or not they are new souls in all parts of the Universes. Like Dr. Spock of the television show Star Trek, they might not even wish to feel as you do. They seem cold and calculating – playing with their new mental capacities and not interested in or familiar with feelings. Or so filled with feelings that you find them oppressive.

These new earth souls might have such an extreme imbalance that you do not wish to have them in your heart. That is the group you will address in the next few days.

Will you wish to help them learn the ways of earth? That is your decision. But most likely you will not for they are earth infants compared to your adult. You are flying beyond them – exploring new dimensions and activities – and they wish to explore earth.

We have told you that some will never move beyond 3D in this lifetime. And so it is that these wonderfully loving souls have volunteered to fulfill that role along with others who have issues they wish to clear in this lifetime. The rest of beings on earth are Lightworkers.

Everyone is an important part of this transition – including those to whom you cannot relate. They are not bad people – merely new earth entities having a glorious time wading through the physical, emotional and spiritual 3D elements you moved through months or even years ago.

Think of them as immigrants who are enhancing the dynamics of earth, who will eventually transition into dimensions beyond 3D with fresh insights, thoughts and actions that you will experience with great joy in future lifetimes.

Allow them to be the infants of earth – no matter what their age. Knowing there is no need for you to spend time caring for them – unless you wish to in a heartfelt way. They are thoroughly enjoying their learning phases on earth – just as you are the dimensions beyond 3D. They are introducing new ‘blood’ to earth – and are as an important part of this transition as you.

There is no need to take care of them. Merely observe them, if you wish, knowing you are growing in different dimensional directions, while they are playing with great joy in 3D muck – only to blossom into Lightworkers at a later time. So be it. Amen.

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