Friday, April 19, 2013

Council of Angels, Your Higher Self, And Source Via Goldenlight: A Message About Abundance

Recieved On April 17, 2013 By The Golden Light Channel

sun-shining-waterIMG_0534Good evening we are the Council of Angels, your higher self, and Source, bringing you a message today about Abundance. As the channel took her daily walk on the beach today, the concept of Abundance was materialized everywhere – in the massive mounds of seashells that were piled on the beach, the plethora of cat-tails swaying in the breeze, the billions and trillions of grains of sand on the beach, and the sun shining everywhere in the clear blue sky. The sun, and abundance, shine indiscriminately on everyone, with no one left out.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe, and indeed, of everything that I, Source, Am. Everything is created so that there will be plenty – from all natural things on your earth up into the heavens, the galaxies, the stars, the universes and beyond….everything that I Am and everything that I have created is naturally abundant. There are no shortages where I Come From. I have created everything to be plentiful. Notice a field of grass….how many blades of grass sway in the breeze….or a flock of birds…..all flying in formation together. As you look up into the sky at night, you see just a small area of the billions of stars in your galaxies….and there are many, many, other galaxies, and many other beings in all of the other galaxies and in the multiverse.

Abundance of ALL creation is the natural state of all emanations from source….everything you see, including yourself, that is born in nature in your world is an emanation from source, all plants, oceans, land masses, rocks, trees, the sun, people, animals, every living thing and living creature on your earth and on all other planets and in all other galaxies and in the multiverse, are all emanations of source, meaning they all emanate from the Source of All That Is. Everything that is an emanation of Me, Source, is created in abundance. I rarely create one of anything. Just not in My nature. Well, you could say there is only One of Me, but even that is not true, because YOU are all Me, the plants are all Me, the creatures are all Me, the galaxies are all Me, and so on.

Cluster of GalaxiesNow we come to the “man-made” creation of money, which is a manipulated form of abundance. The is not “per-se” an emanation from source. This is controlled by many, hoarded by a few, and not available to everyone in unlimited amounts.


This will all be changing in the future, as man steps into a new paradigm, wherein he lives his life KNOWING that he is an emanation from Source. When all beings on your planet realize that they are all connected, and all come from the same source, all violence and wars will stop. All self-serving behaviors will stop. All disharmony, greed, and lack shall stop. You are all on the verge of a great awakening, a mass awakening and ascension that has been planned by Me for eons.

You are waking up from your slumber. You are saying the violence, wars, hunger, and poverty have to stop. What you are willing to tolerate as a species is changing.  You are beginning to be in control of your own destinies. You are ALL beginning to tune into UNIVERSAL abundance, and that includes the cutting-edge concepts of what your leading and visionary thinkers are thinking about. Free energy. A new monetary system based on Oneness, unity and harmony instead of service to self, greed, and disharmony. You, as a species, had to get pulled to the brink of disaster, to the edge of despair, in order to be pulled back again in the other direction.

The mass awakening that is occurring now will propel you into the brightest future you have ever known. You are on the verge of coming into open awareness of beings from other galaxies.

Awareness is always the first step in the key to change. After awareness, comes action. After your societies accept the awareness that there are beings from other galaxies, and that these are LOVING, KIND, CARING, HIGHLY EVOLVED BEINGS, you will begin to communicate and interact with them. So many in your higher awareness (“lightworkers”) circles are already communicating with these beings. The next step is to have a reunion with these beings, (yes, you have known them in other lifetimes), finally leading to open relations with these highly evolved, loving beings, who are emanations from Source, just as you are.

Reuniting with these loving beings is a part of your universal abundance, as they have technology to assist you with Free Energy. Free Energy alone will release so many of your society from enslavement and poverty. So this is a huge step forward in mankind coming into universal harmony and abundance, which will in turn be beneficial for your Mother Gaia as she will no longer have the “blood” of her body (oil) extracted so carelessly from her. This extraction has unnecessarily removed the necessary lubrication needed for her tectonic plates (similar to your bones). Imagine what your body would be like without lubrication in your joints and blood to give life to your body. Free energy will also reduce toxic oil spills, pollution, and mass inequality of wealth. Many in your society in the past have attempted to develop free energy, but it was always suppressed.

The free energy technology that will be brought in from intergalactic relations will help you develop it much more quickly, allowing you access to this technology in the NOW moment. As you all being to raise your frequencies ever higher and higher, you begin to access the higher dimensions beyond the fourth dimension, into the fifth, and beyond. Time does not exist in these higher dimensions, wherein all is happening in the NOW moment. This raising of your frequencies will assist you in creating harmonious intergalactic communications and relationships. Communication in the higher realms is accomplished by telepathy, and you all, as evolving humans, are in the process of developing these higher dimensional abilities.

We will end this discussion for now as the channel is having difficulty typing due to an injured finger! But will resume at a later time our continued discussion on abundance. For now, try to get out into nature as much as possible, and tune into your higher selves and into nature to absorb the abundance frequencies so prevalent everywhere. This will give you ideas in your own life about the things you can do and the steps you can take in your own personal lives to assist with abundance, as well as in assisting with the abundance of everyone on earth.

You are moving into Unity consciousness, wherein all beings work for the harmony and abundance for all, not just for self, and the movement towards this philosophy and mindset is extremely beneficial for everyone on your planet to begin adopting. Begin to think of yourselves as ONE, for indeed you Are, and you are all loving creations of the One Source, and I, Source, love you most dearly and truly, and cradle you in my loving light always and in All Ways. Know this, each and every moment of every day, that you are INFINITELY loved, and that there is never a time that I Am not loving you, each and every moment of every day and every NOW moment.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

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