Monday, April 15, 2013

The Angelic Guides-"Your imagination is but a window into another reality"

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On April 15, 2013

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of imagination. There are many who have questioned the validity of their imagination. We would like to further expand upon this topic today in hopes of helping you to understand more about the power of your imagination and why we perceive it as being so very important.

We will begin by posing a question that has intrigued humans for quite some time; what makes something real? We find that many refer to their imagination as something made up; in other words something “not real”. If your imagination is real, then where do those actions you see in your mind occur? Or is your imagination just in your head?

Many have come to rely upon their 5 physical senses to determine whether something is in fact “real” or “fantasy”; if something can be heard, seen, tasted, smelled, or touched then this validates that something is real within your reality. This is to be expected when living within a physical reality as you do. However from our perspective we perceive the physical reality which you seemingly exist within as being an illusion. Yet even an illusion is real to the perceiver, is it not?

 This topic is very intricate and much more in depth than it may at first appear to be. The very question of what is “real” and what is not “real” is the basis for all that you perceive, all that you experience, all that you give value from your current perspective. We do not intend to speak in riddles or confuse you with the complexity of this topic. Rather our intention is to both intrigue you as well as to clarify for you the nature of your current “reality”.

As we have expressed many times before, this reality which you exist within is very different from any others. The complexity of this reality is compounded by your free will to perceive, create and experience whatever you wish. This reality of yours can be compared to a ball of clay; you are free to mold it into any shape you desire. However it is only now that so many are awakening to the fact that they are the ones molding the clay. In the “past” many had seemingly watched in amazement at the varied ways this reality could be experienced blaming many of their experiences on chance, luck, punishment or reward never realizing that it was they who were creating each moment.

Many have underestimated the power of their mind. Even though they have often heard the phrase, “thoughts are things” many do not realize just how accurate a statement like this really is. What if we were to tell you that every day dream, fantasy, concern, fear, each and every single thought you had, instantly created a reality in which that event really did occur? This is mind blowing to some of you, and some of you have already begun to realize the incredible power that you possess with just your thoughts.

Many believe that they cannot do any harm by simply thinking. They have been taught that they cannot control the thoughts in their minds and therefore are not responsible for them. We often hear those who say “how can I be responsible for things that just pop into my head?” “It’s not like I actually did them.” That may be true in this reality; however those thoughts were made manifest “somewhere”. Realize the magnitude of this statement. We have spoken several times about parallel realities. And this is yet another layer, another message which dissects this diverse topic just a little more.

If we were to ask you to imagine sucking on a lemon, really imagine the taste as the tart juice rushes through your mouth, the sour flavor that the lemon releases. Does your mouth not water? Do your checks not pucker with this thought? And yet, you do not have a lemon in your mouth, you did not just drink the juice. And so again we ask you, what makes something real?

Many of you “day dream” regularly about places you would like to go, what you would enjoy doing, experiences you would like to have and yet when you are “snapped back” to “reality” you do not find yourself in these places, or enjoying these activities. So you may wonder how can your imagination possibly be real? To this we would reply, although you may not find that your current reality matches the surroundings that you “imagined” yourself within, this does not mean that you are not experiencing that reality in another “now” moment.

As we have said before, we do not experience linear time in the same way that you do. Rather we choose to view time as a marker. We see “time” as being a string of now moments strung together. You perceive them as happening one right after the other. However we perceive time as being much like a page number in a book. It allows us to know what “page” to turn to, in order to find the experience or “now moment” we would like to focus our attention on.

We are free to focus on any number of now moments regardless of the order. And so, from our perspective, the “you” that you saw in your imagination enjoying that desired experience you wish to have, is just on another “now moment” in another parallel reality. Only when your current vibration and beliefs align with the necessary vibration will that reality which you saw in your imagination be drawn to you in your current reality for you to experience consciously. However let us remind you that each and every one of the “you’s” in each parallel reality equally believes that they are in fact the “real” you and all others are simply just possibilities. You are the imagination of another you….

Your imagination is but a window into another reality. You may or may not choose to attract that experience into your conscious reality; however regardless of whether you experience that event in this reality or not, that event is still taking place to another “you” in another parallel reality. As we have stated many times before, you are all shifting back and forth between many realities at any given moment; however you perceive this shift from one “now moment” to the next as linear time. Your motion pictures are a wonderful analogy for us to compare your experience to. A motion picture is just that, it is the rapid movement of many still pictures placed in a row to create the experience of movement which you perceive as linear.

Many believe that your imaginations are “not real” and in fact many have been taught to discredit their imagination. Children are naturally gifted at using their imagination; it is only as they begin to grow older and are taught to no longer use or develop their imaginations that the ability begins to fade. For some, they have never lost the ability to vividly imagine and create intricate worlds using nothing but their own minds.

We asked you a question in the beginning of this message. What makes something real? We will give you our very simple answer. Your beliefs directly affect what you will perceive. Your perception is what makes something real. However what you perceive is unique to each one of you, what is “real” for one is not necessarily “real” for another.

We would strongly recommend that all of you begin to use the vivid creativity of your imagination. Knowing that you are not simply pretending, you are actually creating. This is why we say chose your thoughts wisely. You are wonderfully gifted creator beings. What is it that you wish to create today?
We hope that this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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