Thursday, April 4, 2013

Universal Law and the 5th Dimension

Posted On April 2, 2013 By James Gilliland

james_gilliland1Many sensitives and adepts are feeling there is an overlay of the 5th dimension pressing hard upon the Earth. Many of the flashes of light, loud booms, skyquakes, and societal changes are all a part of this process. There will be an uptick in change on every level. This process has been set into motion by what is referred to as the higher dimensional beings as, “The Real God.” It is also part of a natural process due to alignments with galactic plane, Alcyon and Sirius.

On a personal level this can best be explained as the battle between the ego with all its wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience and the 5th dimensional realm. Our own 5th dimensional selves are taking over and the ego is kicking and screaming, sabotaging, blaming, projecting, doing everything possible to hold onto the old ways, what is known. Many times this is based on fear, insecurities and decisions are made due to these fears and insecurities to hold onto the old ways.

This will be the greatest insecurity in the days to come because the old world and the limiting dysfunctional ways are coming to a close. The polarities and divisions between those who have chosen the upward spiral and those who have chosen the downward spiral are increasing. The archon network some refer to as regenerate ETs, greys, reptilians, and beings in the lower astral are being shaken severely by these new energies.

The programs in the matrix of seeking acceptance, approval or love through the outer is also in direct opposition to the soul and higher dimensional selves. This includes the programs of control, manipulation, as well as competing and overpowering others for material gain and false power, the real reason behind all wars. It is all about inner awareness, allowing the soul and spirit to guide you in every moment, relaxing the ego drive, letting go of the fear and insecurities and making the right choices and actions aligned with soul purpose. We did not incarnate to be a part of the problem, we incarnated to be a part of the solution. This means breaking the controls and manipulations placed upon us, healing the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience and stepping into soul purpose, service to the Omnipresent God within everyone and everything.

The patriarchal ego drive where women are objectified as external adornments for sense gratification is over. The desire to be well adjusted in a sick society is also now being revealed by just how sick one has to become to be accepted and approved within it. Your soul and higher selves are screaming wake up, look around you, do you really want to be a part of this mess? Do you want to continue in the separation game, the wars, the diseases, the controls and manipulations, the fear, guilt and unworthiness programs pressed upon you by a very sick matrix? Have you not noticed the escalation of wars, poverty, disease, homelessness, the chemtrails, the gross uneven dispersal of wealth. The total disregard for your health and well being, not to mention the very platform for life, your environment? How much longer are you going to participate in this insane network?

Considering the coming changes and 5th dimensional overlay do you really think aligning with and serving this network will bring you security and peace of mind? Time to wake up and smell the roses, coffee or what ever it takes. This archon network and dense 3rd dimensional matrix is falling apart. It is meant to and will not be allowed to continue for much longer. This archon network is being revealed for what it is, those who serve it are standing naked. The unseen negative or regenerate influences are also being revealed and those who have sold their souls to these unseen negative influences are also being exposed. The 5th dimensional overlay is behind this, the consciousness and energy is increasing exponentially until eventually the Earth will be reset back to its original design. The original design for Earth was to be as above so below, an Eden where physicality could evolve to its highest expression. It was hijacked and now the hijackers and those who serve them will experience the dictates of universal law. It is written within the 5th dimensional overlay.

So now you understand why all the chaos, why all the processing, why your leadership is unraveling from the top down. This also explains why the light workers are being attacked on almost every level, even by those closest to them still in the network or matrix. It is because you are a threat to their world and many know their world is coming to an end. There is only one path to success along with several suggestions. One, remove yourself from the network and the old matrix. Two, make your own personal God/Spirit/Creator connection and start living a natural spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature. Three, shift out of the ego drive and into soul and spirit drive. Anything else will have some real hard lessons brought about by misalignment with universal law and the 5th dimensional overlay. We can take the downward spiral and continue with the old world, yet do not fool yourself, the prophesies will be fulfilled and the Earth has a destiny. It is not to take the downward spiral; it is to ascend and it will rid itself of all that cannot match its increasing frequency and its destiny. Be well.

James Gilliland

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