Friday, April 12, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 299


Channelled by Aisha North On April 12, 2013

The days are getting longer and longer in your part of the world, and your physical bodies are once again starting to settle somewhat less uncomfortably into their role as conductors of energy. For remember, not only are you receiving vast amounts of energy, you are also transmitting the same substance out again, into the world around you. For you are indeed anchors dear ones, in more ways than one, and now, you are constantly pulling down the building blocks of your new world through your physical bodies. 

We know that this is not news to any of you, but what may be of interest, is the amount of energy you are all transmuting and sending out now on a daily basis. Or rather, on a daily and nightly basis, as this is indeed a process that is going on 24/7. For what started out as a mere trickle, has now increased to a steady flow of energetic particles, constantly bombarding not only you, but through you, the whole structure that you see around you on all sides.

 So yes, you are indeed pulling down heaven to Earth, particle by heavenly particle. And even if this job at times can seem to be more than a little bit taxing on your own system, know that this is just a temporary thing. For when your bodies enter download mode, many of you will feel as if you are totally depleted of energy, and you have no wish but to lie down and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. 

But what you are experiencing, is not a depletion, rather, it is an excess of energies that leaves your body somewhat flummoxed as to what and how to deal with all of this, hence this feeling of almost shutting down at times. Again, we hasten to add that this is not harmful to you in any way, it is just a strain on your physical body at times, and so it will make you take it slow in all sorts of ways until it can sort itself out and successfully send the energies where they are supposed to be. For some of it is for your ”consumption”, if we can call it that, while the rest of it will be used externally. In other words, you are all receivers and transmitters of energy, and when you feel almost devoid of energy yourself, you are actually full to overflowing of it.

Do not think that this is a case of bad planning, and that you being left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted are the results of a poorly executed plan. Rather, it is the inevitable result of all of this downloading, and it is of immense help to your physical body. For it is indeed the physical part of you that determines the speed of these injections, if we may call them that. And so, you are never being given too much, for when the limit is reached, your body simply turns off the connection, and then it starts to download the information you yourself need, while it also starts to send out what is being deemed as the ”external part” of these supercharged packets of information.

So again we say, remember to heed the signals you are getting from your body, for it knows when the time is right for taking a break, and when the time is right for keeping in motion. And when your body is in shutdown mode, it is doing so because it is very busy handling all of the incoming information. So you are not wasting any second, even when you are flat on your back, not even able to lift a finger, for that is probably when you are working the hardest.

So make sure to thank your constant companion, that faithful servant and hard worker, your colleague and teammate, in other words that physical vehicle you are inhabiting that is the main reason you can even do the work you have come here to do in the first place. We know it can be a little cranky now and then, and it is never shy in voicing its protests, but as we have said earlier, these creaks and groans, whimpers and shouts of distress are nothing to worry about. For you physical body knows perfectly well that it is doing more than well, but it cannot help itself but to protest loudly now and then. But never doubt it will keep on doing the work it has been set up to do, for it is both immensely loyal, but also immensely powerful. So again we say, make sure that you appreciate this physical vehicle for all it does to keep you going, even at the times when it seems to be the biggest obstacle to your continued process. 

For it will not hold you back on purpose, even if it at times makes you slow down on any ”extracurricular” activities. For it has but one purpose in mind, and that is to make all of this a resounding success, and it knows fully well that without the aid and assistance of your physical body, you would be bereft of the one thing that makes your sojourn here possible. 

And remember, it will never ever use that against you, for you are indeed a match made in heaven, and that is what you will see for yourself as soon as these energetic upheavals start to quieten down a bit. Mind you, they will never cease completely, but your physical body is getting more and more adept at handling them without going into full reboot mode every time, and as such, the limits for your capacity have been stretched, and they will continue to do so. And then, you can continue to do the work that you do, for you will never cease to be the anchors that are serving to hold this whole new world tethered to the surface of this planet.

(From Aisha: Always listen to your body, and if you have any doubts if what you are feeling are just ”energetic symptoms” or something else, it is always a good idea to have it checked out by a professional.)

Channel: Aisha North
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