Sunday, April 21, 2013

AA Michael - It is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are.

Right here; Right now...Oh Yeah...DT the ET


Well we have caused quite an uproar, haven’t we?  Let’s return now to our normal conversation.

We would like to discuss today  a change which quite a few of you have begun to take note of, and we will use yourself and a few of those you have conversed with as an example.  It is a phenomenon which has been around literally forever, but never have so many been in a position to notice or take advantage of it.  Now, as you continue to raise your energy levels and frequencies almost all of you are in a position to do so if you desire and intend to do so.  You may also, stumble upon it, quite by accident.

Of course there are no accidents.  So if this seems familiar to you, and it seems an accident, be aware that your higher selves and your guides have been moving you along your desired path, even though you seem blissfully unaware in your day to day consciousness.  This, of course, is why you might wish to get deeper in touch with your Selves, in the higher sense.  Nothing we tell you is beyond what you know in your hearts.

As we stated in the beginning, several of you have noted between yourselves that you have made decisions, or entertained ideas, and suddenly it seems your lives have taken off like a whirlwind, where before they were seeming so very placid, even stuck.  You like to use that word, stuck.

You may be processing, you may be searching, or learning, or any of several other things.  BUT, dear hearts, you are never stuck.  You may be retreating, but you are never stuck.  You may not be in touch with what is going on inside yourselves, but you are never stuck.

Go inside and learn what it is you are about.  We cannot, and apparently have not, stressed this enough.  But our point today is that when you spot the next step on this journey and summon the courage to take it, even though you do not see how it could possibly lead you anywhere successfully, be prepared to learn the power and wisdom of yourselves and your group of mentors, guides, and angels.

 Be prepared to have your lives take off like one of your rocket ships.  And, my friends, you will not have time for the customary countdown.  Do not let this arouse any fear of what we are saying.  We tell you that it will bring you a feeling of joy such as you have seldom known.  It will mean that you are well and truly on point with the purpose you came here for.

Blessed and divine beings that you are, it is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are.  Be at peace.  Be in joy.  And we will speak with you again very soon.  Good day.

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