Monday, April 15, 2013

Archangel Uriel: The Dimensions of Infinity

By Jennifer Hoffman – Channelled Message From Archangel Uriel for April 15, 2013

UrielThe dimensions of infinity exist beyond the trinity of the third dimension, which is body, mind, and emotions, and beyond the integration of the 4th dimension, which includes spirit as you can know it.

All dimensions beyond the fourth are part of infinity, the vast unlimited potential of universality. This infinity is part of your Being, through the divine aspects that are encoded within your humanity. Now you are on the threshold of infinity and can access its gifts of grace, truth, knowing and limitless, unlimited Being.

Infinity is not accessed by destroying the third dimension and rescuing humanity from its drama and fear. It is accessed by liberating the third dimension so it can expand beyond the limitations of its fear and the density of its beliefs.

The bridge to the dimensions of infinity is accessed through your willingness to accept yourselves as divine, unlimited and universal. It was necessary to limit your access to these dimensions so you could complete your mission of ascending beyond the third dimension, which was integrated within humanity’s original mission of Ascension.

When you question the gifts, potential or blessings of different dimensions and judge them, wondering whether you are in the 5th, 7th, 9th or beyond, you are ignoring the potential of universality, which is that there are no boundaries in infinity.

Each dimension has its own gifts and blessings and any and all of them are accessible to you. The question for you is whether you can bring these dimensions into your reality and become multi-dimensional aspects of yourselves, integrating many dimensions into your expression of yourself and your physical reality.

You know the third dimension as your physical reality, but you are not limited to the singular expression of 3D in your life and in your world. All other dimensions are possible within it as well. Within your physical reality you are an anchor for other dimensions to become part of the Earth’s energetic expression. Each of you is a physical anchor for Universality to enter the third dimension, as you are a portal that allows higher frequencies and vibrations to enter physical space and manifest into being. This is the liberation from 3D living, but not so you can explore other single dimensional living. It is happening so you can become multi-dimensional, as expressions of the infinite being-ness of universality.

While you may wish for someone or something to rescue you from the fear and limitations of your life, what you need to ask for is liberation from the density of fear and limitation so you can expand into your infinite dimensions of Being. What you are seeing now as the collapse of the third dimension and its paradigms is possible because the dimensions of infinity are opening and revealing the truth of fear-based living, as well as alternatives through intentional living and liberation from fear. You can choose to be angry or to embrace the potential for the transformation of 3D into infinity; this is the process of Ascension and evolution. The third dimension is part of the evolutionary spiral, as are all other dimensions.

You are ushering in multi-dimensional living, where all dimensions can co-exist within your reality and the realities of humanity and the Earth. This brings the Earth back into balance within the Universe, where all dimensions co-exist and all are accessible to those who choose them.
Embrace this transformation because through it you are creating the portals to allow the new Earth to be reconnected to its Divine source. It is time to stop fearing the transformation, to shift from feeling your way via the emotions through this transformation, to being who you truly are and becoming energetically aligned with your highest aspects so the limited 3D trinity becomes the unlimited, multi-dimensional Word of God that expresses its divinity in all ways and in all things.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself that you are a spark of the Divine, no less than Source because you are Source and can never be disconnected from Source: “I am divinely guided, connected, secure and protected, in all ways and in all things.

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