Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disclosure Update, 2013 - The Pleiadian Light

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Our current view regarding the release of information to the public as to the reality of extraterrestrial life is that it is seeping into the common consciousness on a daily basis. This is happening due to the increasing number of individuals on Earth carrying extraterrestrial energy.

The energy is present through the resonance of walk-ins, starseeds, soul braids, bright new expanded children, and the multitude of lightworkers with extraterrestrial past-life connections. They are holding extraterrestrial energies and spreading them by entrainment, conscious interactions, and blending with your world subconscious, which already knows that you have an extended family on other worlds.

We don’t like to use the word “don’t” in our messages to you. It is not part of our interactions with other worlds to give directives. Instead we will request that you allow the disclosure of life on other planets the freedom to be revealed as the flower blooms: when it is ready and all necessary support is in place.

Please understand and trust that we are with you now. We are among you. We are part of you. We are helping you with downloads of information to specialists in many fields to assist you in solving your planetary problems. We are guiding the destructive forces to paths of peace through your own international diplomatic agencies. We are encouraging many of your leaders to “think outside the box” in order to break up third density patterns and be open and available to fifth density potentials.

We are working to speed your ascension because that would create the state of consciousness necessary to be open and welcoming to extraterrestrial visitors.

We are not just speaking from our Pleiadian point of view, but as part of a galactic unity. There are so many extraterrestrial world cultures supporting your growth now. They have supported the evolution of your world’s development from the beginning.

Those of you who are holding out for a landing on the White House lawn are focused on the wrong drama right now. If you allow yourself to climb a little higher on the consciousness ladder, you would get a clearer view of the action on Earth. There are widespread changes moving the total world culture in the direction of the Light. These changes are being woven into the fabric of your evolving world history and the fabric of your individual lives. At first just a few new threads of change are visible. Then more and more threads become visible until the whole fabric of your total world culture is a completely different color.

In order to create an energy armature for your support and comfort, we will repeat, we are here now! Our energy is part of your reality. And for those who are camped out, in spirit, on the White House lawn, we will land a shiny ship, step out as extraterrestrial emissaries and greet your media sometime in the future, if you still want that drama. (But no dates, no appointments!)

We have two other pieces of information for you to consider. One is directed to those who are deeply committed to open contact and would involve the current state of change in the Vatican. The activist-type members among you might want to start petitioning the Vatican and the new leaders in power positions to allow greater access to the vast archives that have been withheld from the public for centuries. You will find data there that validates the reality of extraterrestrial life.

Another consideration is that there are ongoing contact events, and have been for decades, between extraterrestrials and individuals or small groups of people who have prepared for contact and can handle the energetic impact to the human psyche. Even when these events have been reported they have been ignored by the common consciousness, which is not ready to handle the information.

The current transformation of your species will allow those whose bodies of consciousness are blending in ascension energy a greater ability to be open to handling the impact of extraterrestrial energy.

Consider evolving your own practice of preparation for contact. Let your imagination and your personal extraterrestrial connections be your guide.

Be at Peace…

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2013

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