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MFG Part 143 - Lucifer Reverb

 Best read with The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For the Devil" playing in the background...DT the ET

Channelled By Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/16/13

Let’s begin by answering the many questions which have come up about the last post, in which we described the capture and dissolution of Lucifer. We described it exactly as it happened (since we were in attendance). We had no intention of misleading you about the entity we called Lucifer, or Satan. Yes, his name, Lucifer does refer to Light.

The original Lucifer was a Fallen Angel, one of our precious children who chose to defy Us by attempting to live outside the Light and outside the circle of our Love. He wanted to prove that the evolution of Life did not require our presence or assistance. His original intention was not to destroy Us or to spread suffering and pain across the planet. He simply wanted to prove that independence from Us was preferable, and that he could teach freedom in a more absolute way than we do.

As you can see from the results, his teachings were interpreted by humans as license to behave, each according to his own wishes, rather than considering the Greater Good. It has grown into what you now see as nearly limitless and shameless greed and lust for power. Many years ago, as the Industrial Revolution brought massive poverty and illness in the name of profit and “progress,” Lucifer saw the inevitable patterns of emptiness and despair which separation from Us brought to our children. At the same time, cults honoring Satan, as they called him, caricatured his philosophy by depicting it as pure evil - the celebration of murder, rape and the torturing of children, which they portrayed as “sacrifice.”

As a result, Lucifer came to acknowledge once and for all that his interpretation of freedom and independence was in fact disastrous for humankind because of their 3- dimensional thinking and their tendency to see things in extreme duality. They seemed unable to manage their own views of a life of productivity and well-being without the sense of connection which communication with Us provided.
 The lessons of Atlantis had been profound, but he still believed he could make his views bear fruit in the new civilization which arose in your current era. Once again the foolhardy experiments with technology began to show themselves as unmanageable without the fundamental belief systems which taught protecting the sacred God within the Earth, the body, and the mind.

Another disaster began to appear inevitable as the Reptilian beings were attracted from across the Universe to Gaia, who had been mortally wounded by the Atlantean explosions. Cunningly, they professed loyalty and allegiance to Lucifer, and a disastrous pact was sealed. They managed their own DNA to disconnect themselves from any emotional connection to their bodysoul, as we have called it in Kathryn’s book. This left them as thinking, conniving beings without what you would call “a Heart.” In the final struggle to regain his influence over them, Lucifer understood, finally, that his experiment had been a dismal failure, and that free will can only bring happiness and progress in the presence of reverence for all Life that is Oneness with God the Creator.

Lucifer, the created soul who was our own Child, returned to us to cleanse himself and restore his deep connection to Us, his loving Creators. We welcomed him back and have worked with him to resolve the difficult karma which his adventure in absolute free will accrued. He is working his way through the lessons of ascension as all souls do, and has developed enormous empathy and compassion as a result of his actions.

It is a great sorrow for him to see that his influence on Gaia has led to such extreme Darkness at the hands of the Reptilians. They have taken his lessons and run with them, creating unspeakably desperate situations we have discussed many times before in these messages. It is largely their doing that many on your planet starve in the presence of plenty, and that the power discrepancy is immense on a planet of creative, motivated humans.

This brings us to the explanation of how Dark Entities came to make it their badge of honor to demonstrate their ability to take over and “possess” (their word) the humans around them, especially the ones who would be powerful Lightworkers were it not for their interference. The humans who were subjected to the experience of being “crazy” with jealousy, anxiety, fear or rage began to presume that their own unfulfilling behavior was a sign of “possession” by Satan himself. Those around them were only too happy to develop expansive discussions about who Satan was, what to be on the alert for, and how to avoid his temptations. Religious ideas from the Middle Ages and beyond gained new “life” with the addition of dramatic preaching material involving the awesome and feared Superman who called himself Satan.

And so, the myth of Lucifer lives on in the minds of the people of Gaia, even - perhaps especially - after the real Lucifer has left. You see, the real Lucifer had a heart, although he was avoiding its use to any great extent. He was a living entity with a soul. This is not the case with the Dark Entities who are trying to invade and occupy large numbers of people at this time.

The ferociously destructive energy forms which stalk the planet now are created by the people. For every person who is trained to be a Black-Ops assassin, there are dark entities which are formed in the process of worshiping murder and destruction. The same is true with those who play murderous video games. Any participation in the Dark Arts of Devil Worship or the imaginative creations of the horror movie producers spawn destructive Dark energies which then do as their creators imagined: they attach themselves to people, inside and out, and manifest the very horrors which their creators divined.

And so a new plague has been released on the planet - one created directly by the thoughts and feelings of the people. The obsessive fear of cancer, for instance, can manifest the disease in the person who fears it - the specter of poverty relentlessly worried over brings the very disaster one is trying to avoid. You have understood the Law of One and the Universal Law of Flow from earlier discussions: As you sow, so shall you reap. Expand that understanding to the increasing ability to manifest what you imagine as thoughtforms because of the rising vibrations on the planet. Now you have a picture of what is being created daily around you, and what has been needed to counteract the proliferation of these Dark Entities.

You have been encouraged to clear your own negative thoughts and feelings over the past months. This has helped you to feel and experience the loving and free Self you are at your best. Now you are able to know the difference if you feel a “mood” come over you that does not feel like You. You are also able to protect yourselves by calling on your angels and guides to place a cone of protection around you to keep you safe as you go about your work as Lightworkers and healers.

We alert you now to the state of awareness you must maintain in order to expand your consciousness and continue your ascension. Fill yourselves with Light and Love and practice your beliefs all day long. You will generate Light, and as you have done in the past few years, you will overcome the Dark Energies with the power of your Inner Light.

It will not only protect you from being vulnerable to attack, (Lightworkers are the favored target) but it will increase the pressure on the Dark Entities to “give up the ghost.”

It is also time for all of you to adopt an enlightened view of what others around you may be suffering from so that you can encourage them to get help clearing these Dark Forms. That process is not difficult with the help of Sananda and his team of assistants, as well as the Arcturians who take responsibility for the removal of Reptilian Entities. However, it is absolutely crucial in “clearing” these entities that they be captured and taken away to the Light to be dissolved and reabsorbed once and for all.

Know yourself, and in knowing yourself, know others. Know that it is not a normal life process for a loved one to suddenly develop a deep depression, for instance, or for one to begin feeling suicidal after a lifetime of being productive and reasonably happy. Neither is it character-consistent for a person who has been loving and warm to suddenly turn vicious or self-destructive. All these are symptoms of a person who has been invaded by a Dark Entity. Talk with those you think might be suffering unnecessarily - given that there is help available - and encourage them to think in terms of the possibility that the problem is truly “not them.”

Begin your day with the knowledge that you can be a part of the solution in this current transition time, as you ready yourselves for 5th dimensional life. As we have told you before, Be the Light, and you will carry yourselves and your entire planet into the next adventure.

Love yourself; Love your Neighbor, and live in peace.

With infinite Blessings and Unconditional Love,

Mother/Father God

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