Thursday, April 4, 2013

Suzanne Lie: Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance – The Landing Party, Part 5

Channelled By Suzanne Lie – April 2, 2013
2WorldsMytre Speaks:
“Mytria is lost, she is lost!” I cried out to no one. “How could that have happened? She has forgotten me, as well as her true reality. She has so united with the contact person, that she has taken on the human rather than showing the human how to take on her.”
I thought I was talking to myself, when I suddenly experienced a familiar feeling behind me. I turned quickly and saw the Arcturian looking into my heart. “Do not be concerned Mytre. In order to awaken our family members who have taken Earth vessels it is necessary that we fully understand what it is to be lost in the human illusion.
“You have gotten through to her, but she must find her way back through the human’s emotions before she can make a connection with you. You know that she was able to remember the meeting in the briefing room that you had before you started this Mission. You can bi-locate into that timeline and meet her there to give her a message.”
“Thank you for coming to assist us,” I responded to the Arcturian. “I was beginning to lose my composure. We had no idea how difficult it was in the third dimension. How do our Grounded Ones survive all the illusions of fear?
“Not easily,” replied the Arcturian. “But, you must go now into the timeline that she visited. You can do so by bi-locating, just as you have before.”
I felt the Arcturian’s sense of urgency, so I didn’t ask the myriad questions in my mind. I did not have time to construct a message, so I would have to trust my instincts. I centered my consciousness in my Core and remembered our final meeting before we began this mission. Once I found myself in the briefing room, I focused on the feeling of Mytria sitting next to me.
At first the image was only in my mind, but as I continued concentrating I felt my feet on the floor and the chair beneath me. I saw the Arcturian speaking to us and felt the excitement in the room. Then, I dared to look to my right, and there was Mytria. However, instead of the confident version of her I had always known, I sensed fear and confusion surrounding her.
Therefore, I knew I was in the correct timeline. I was seeing her as I expected to see her, but she was seeing herself as the human she was connecting with. Quickly, before she left, I said, “You must gather together like-minded people and tell them to spread the word that we are coming.”
I tried to follow her to the destination of her bi-location but could only find the general area. Her primary form was in the Ship in a deep trance while she bi-located to Earth. However, it was dangerous to rouse her from such a deep trance. I would have to wait and see if her Earth Self had received my message.
Contact Person:
I must be hallucinating, but when I returned from the trance – or hallucination – I had a message in my mind saying, “You must gather together like-minded people and tell them to spread the word that we are coming.” I had no idea what that message was. Who are the “we” that are coming? Also, if there are any like-minded people, I have not met them. Therefore, I pushed the message, memory or delusion away and went about my day.
However, no matter how many times I pushed the message away, it returned. Furthermore, after I stopped judging myself, I began to realize that there was a very special feeling that accompanied that message. In fact, it was a familiar feeling, as if maybe the tall blond man with the blue eyes had told me that before I fell out of that experience.
Similarly, the room felt familiar, and it seemed that I knew the people there. We all seemed to have our attention focused on a huge Light Being who was radiating pure Love into the room while it spoke with us. The Being of Light seemed almost as if it were my guide or teacher. I say the word “it” as the Being was beyond gender. It seemed to be speaking to all of us at the same time, while it simultaneously spoke into our individual hearts.
The memory of this Being of Light calmed my erratic emotions and centered my mind. Then, as if I suddenly remembered something, I turned to my left and saw the tall man with the blond hair looking right into my eyes. I was overwhelmed with the personal and spiritual Love that I felt this man had for me, and was surprised to realize that I felt the same for him.
The memory of that feeling of Love and safety gave me the courage to find a way to follow his instructions. I did not know who these like-minded people were, but I would need to find them, meet with them and begin some honest discussion about what had been happening to me.
The thought of that monumental task made me tired, and I decided to close my eyes for just a moment. Nevertheless, I went right to sleep and had the most wonderful dream in which I was living in two worlds.
When I awoke, I wondered if I may actually be living in two worlds at once. Could I have another reality that was occurring at the same time as this one? That thought seemed impossible, but it also felt as though I had discovered an important truth. Should I trust my logic and push away that ridiculous thought of living in two worlds. Or, should I listen to my inner feelings?
I know that my logical conclusion made me feel lost and alone. On the other hand, the feelings I had in that dream made me so happy, so fulfilled. In fact, I felt like I had fulfilled some kind of promise, a promise I had made to myself. No, that is silly thinking. I have been lying around too long feeling sorry for myself. I need to get up and prepare to go back to work tomorrow.
However, as I stood up to continue my daily life, I was overwhelmed with loneliness and sorrow. I knew what I was lonely, but why was I sad? “You miss Mytre,” whispered an inner voice. But, who was Mytre, and why should I miss him? I pushed that thought away and set about the business of finally fixing myself some food.
However, the food was tasteless and the memory of the tall blond man with the blue eyes would not leave my heart. Could that man be Mytre?

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