Saturday, April 13, 2013

An Angelic Message via Bella Capozzi: Outside The Gilded Cage

An Angelic Message Channelled By Bella Capozzi On April 11, 2013

imageStretched before you before you is a glistening path of golden light, and it beckons to you to toss aside your fears and take a chance. Are you brave enough to follow it? To follow your heart? Are you bold enough, great warrior of the light, to skip happily down a road which you know leads to paradise, but the end of which you cannot readily see? Wide open it’s embarkation point, and it looks so inviting, so devoid of barriers and tolls.

It costs you nothing to take this road, other than your weariness, doubts and pain. And so begins your journey to whatever lies ahead.
Would it surprise you to learn that you are already walking on this path, and that you have been for quite some time? For lifetimes, truly; for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s been so tedious, and you are thirsty, your shoes are worn, your clothing tattered. Yet in your heart you know with stunning inner clarity that the effort you are making to reach your destination is ever so worth the trouble!

Sense the pressure of your childrens’ hands pressed warmly against yours. Look to the left and see your mothers and your fathers and the long line of grandparents and great-great-grandparents who have walked the earth before you. Glance to the right and smile a bright smile at your dear neighbors and friends. You are all together. United as One, which, all in all, is how it ought to be. How it was in the beginning and how it shall continue to be, forevermore. All united as one heart, one soul, one unstoppable force.

You are being called by Creator to be his and hers eyes and ears and hands. You are asked to to be both the artist and the builder – your hands working as their hands, to wield the paintbrush and dig the foundation. It is you who are entrusted to design the color palette and lay the first stone of what is set to be an impossible beautiful new world. This is a world without war. It is to be a world without hatred and violence and injustice.

Oh, and yes, in actuality there shall still be lack, except that this lack shall not be an illusion, but a reality. Yes, a reality! For in this world there shall exist a lack of famine, disease, inequality, injustice, confinement and pain. The new world is a world in which all creatures great and small exist in fairness, each with plenty of clean water to drink. Each with nutritious and untainted foods to eat and jeweled robes upon their backs-reflective of the vibrant and multifaceted colors of their soul. Imagine this place to be populous, thriving and abuzz with activity.

See yourself living there. Imagine what you shall do with your days. What does it mean to you personally, to be living your life-purpose and doing it outside the boundaries of your old, gilded cage? How does it feel to have kicked off the shackles?

And therefore you walk on, brave warrior, your blistered feet set firm upon a glittering carpet of crystals and light. You know this light to be as golden-white and glowing as the heart of Creator themselves. Dear mother/father God, may they be blessed. They are by your side, every step of the way, on this journey without end. They are lighting the way home for you, so you may easily and clearly follow the path ahead.

Don’t you see, that you cannot possibly become lost? In fact, you are treading that path already, and it is absolutely the correct path. Your Mother and Father are guiding you home, so they might lovingly enfold you in their rapture.

As it they who gave you life. So go to them. With them, push onward towards the peaceful, rich existence you so rightfully deserve. You have fought for it, long and hard. It is with supreme confidence that you move on now, becoming one with each other. And when you reach the Golden City, you shall be met by all of those who walked before you. You shall be gifted with a cool drink and a lush bouquet of roses with no thorns. Then you shall sing and dance beneath the stars.

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