Friday, April 19, 2013

GaiaPortal: “Galactic Body” Alignments Accompany Increasing Frequencies of Transformation

Channelled By EirePort - April 19, 2013
Frequencies of transformation among up-grading Hue-mans are increasing, and currently have reached 11-fold from time of prior post. frequency increase varies from individual to individual, yet the 11-fold number signifies transmittance of new 4-7D codes into the consciousness bodies of each.

Indications of frequency increase include sense of dissonance with all prior life pathways, release of all internal energetic “packages” which no longer support the increasing frequencies, and desire, and attunement with completely new directions of movement, energetic, consciousness, as well as 3D.

“Galactic body” alignments accompany these increasing frequencies of transformation, and result in attraction of each Hue-Unit to appropriate Galactic study groups and Galactic-Purposing families. 

Such include Gaia-based as well as non-Gaia-based organizations.

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