Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Méline Lafont ~ The Bridge Is Placed And The Timelines Are Merging


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I want to share a vision and a message that I have received during the night of the 6th into the 7th of April.  I was shown something that I now understand to be “timelines”.
I was shown the image of a stream of little stones with a certain Light aspect.  They were all coming from the cosmos into our Earthly plane and into our air, forming a big stream; like an orbit where they are kept together in this stream.  My first thought was that these were meteorites and that this was a confirmation of us being in the photon belt as we speak.  As I was watching this and trying to find my camera to record this, all these stones were getting bigger and began to fall down onto my house, without destroying it.  I was praying to my team that my house, my family and I would be safe and I felt a bit of fear.  So I centered myself and took a big breath.
But as I was watching these stones, I saw that they were no meteorites at all but more like limestones.  And they all were getting bigger and coming closer, falling on my house without causing destruction.  When I was finally able to record this scenario with my cellphone, a big explosion and booming took place in the sky. There was a huge smoke signal like the ones you have with a volcano eruption or a big explosion, but the thing is that this explosion was not bad at all!  It was actually beautiful and was accompanied by fire.  This was all visual from my point of view in my bedroom and all was happening up in the sky, coming from the cosmos.
After the explosion, this huge stone bridge came out of the fog and came down from Heaven to Earth, as if this bridge was the pathway to Heaven. One side was high in the sky and the other side was down here on Earth. Fire means that old things must be purified in order for them to be able to transform into the new.  So fire brings illumination and hope, in this case it brings transformation and enlightenment.
As I wanted to share this recording with everyone, I was searching for it on my cellphone and when I was looking at this recording, I saw that the things I had been recording were absolutely not the same as what I had been seeing.  So I was disappointed because this was truly something magical and I so wanted to share this with you all.  So I was starting to think that this was only a dream, but this answer simply did not satisfy my feeling. So I decided to go back and search for it and suddenly I was finding myself in a whole other scenario on the exact same spot.  As if I was placed in a movie scene where the entourage was the same but the scene was different with other attributes.
This time I saw a huge airplane flying right above me with such low altitude that it was going to crash. Suddenly something inside of me was telling me that this was not real, fear was not real and that I needed to understand this and know that this all was just not real and past.  As soon as I did understand this and I saw this to be the past and not real, all of a sudden everything disappeared; The plane, the danger.. all of it!  I was still at the same place but the scene just changed into a clear sky with singing birds and the sun was shining!  Amazing! ! This was a vision and travel in timelines, where I have been granted this lesson.  This is how simple and powerful our thoughts work, as soon as I centered myself and said this was not real, all was gone!
When I was feeling fearful, it was affecting me and putting me in great danger but as soon as I let go of the fear, I saw through these scenes and understood that this was a timeline; all was happy, sunny and gone.  I see this vision in my dream as a lesson, a message and time travel or dimensional travel where all different scenes come across on the exact same place, presenting themselves as possibilities of outcomes.
This is what I firmly believe we are in the middle of; all of us, and that there are so many creations, possibilities of our own reality that we wish to experience and be.  I believe this was a clear message and lesson about the timelines becoming one now as they are truly approaching each other and merging into one.
I am fully aware that even though we will be all in the same timeline, a lot of misunderstandings can come from this as we will all be in the Now, but not necessarily everyone is at the same level of consciousness and are therefore not feeling, seeing and thinking the same; what can lead to some disagreements.  This is because we can see specific things in our Now moment that another can’t see and vice versa, because we create our own things and our own being.
I would like to refer to my last vision where I saw this beautiful new world and moons with energies and fairies, but that my boyfriend on the other hand did not or could not see.  This gave a disagreement in what we both saw; I saw a beautiful and magical kingdom while he was wondering what the fuss was all about?!  You see, we will all be in this merged timeline where we will have all our own and different views and it will demand a lot of grounding and centering of ourselves in the heart, to maintain the balance that we are.
Anyway, I wanted to share this beautiful vision that brings us the message of us being at the pace of this real manifestation of this new world and being, for the bridge is placed and open to walk on, bringing us all to the next timeline where all the timelines are one as zero point and the Now.  This is what I believe to be the message of this all, with  a very big reminder of not taking this reality for real as it belongs to all past timelines and creations of thoughts.(*)  So always be careful with your thoughts, for they will affect you and create your world.  And all your creations are coming to you, so be ready.

Namaste dear friends.  Eyah Asher Eyah

(*) I want to add something about this line : taking something not for real, taking this world or reality not for real does not mean you have to ignore the ones whom are stuck in this Illusion or situations.  We need to help them see what we see and feel, we need to help them get through this Illusion and tuff situations that they seem to be stuck in, by giving our Love and support, understanding and patience.

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