Friday, April 12, 2013

Archangel Michael - We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil.

We wish to spend some time today discussing your money and economies. It is rather unique to your world to do things in the manner you have chosen. On other worlds, everyone contributes to the society, of course. Without that there really would not be a society, would there? However, you have chosen to make the basic necessities of life, the food, shelter, clothing, and education needed to live in your societies, those things which are essential to each and every individual, into salable goods. There really is no compassion there, is there?

Then you have allowed the control of the supply of that one item, money, to be placed, or rather taken, by truly a handful of individuals. You have literally given it away, rather than maintain it, once you had wrested it free from the grasp of a king. And then the system they invented to take control spread like a virus.

You see the problem lay in your allowing yourselves to believe them when they told you that they knew what was good for you. You began by saying, “Go and run our country as we wish it to be run”, and allowed it to become, “Go and run our country so we won’t have to.”

Now the question is whether or not you have realized your mistake in time. What do you think? Have you done so? We are speaking of one country, but the same situation has, as we have said, spread like the virus that it is. Have you awoken in time? It does not appear to be so, does it? But take heart, dearest angels. As you are fond of saying, things are never as they seem.

The problem for you now, in that regard, is that what you see is, in most cases, only what the controlling interests want you to see. That is because they have conveniently arranged to own the means of distributing information. They really are brilliant in some ways, you know. However, in their infatuation with themselves, they have made one or two little errors. They overreached, and they believed they could be more powerful than the life force itself. One cannot overpower what one is actually a part of. Doesn’t that make sense? And each created being is a part of the whole, the One.

So things are destined to turn out a bit differently than they planned. This situation has been allowed to continue to the point that will cause the corrections necessary to give you a bit of a bumpy ride though. We wish that were not so, but it is. This is what results in your wishing for an outside force to come in and save you from yourselves. But the universe is not set up that way, my dear friends.
In your case, however, it has been decided that your initiation of corrections, your intent, and your involvement are enough to invite help from others. Many of the others are here now, in spirit, in other dimensions, in short, in ways which make them not quite visible to you. That is also information which has been carefully kept from you.

Ideas such as these have been laughed at and scoffed at until you dared not express them. Well, there are a lot of things that have been scoffed at up until now which are about to take center stage in this little game. And we predict with certainty that you will enjoy the result.

Now, up until today, statements like that have always caused an outcry of ‘whens’ and ‘bring-it-ons’. And we have repeatedly replied that you must take responsibility for the initiation of events. And then there was a bit of timing involved, as well. We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil.

If you are not one of those who has taken the initiatives involved, do not be dismayed. Your own progress has been a part of the change in consciousness needed as well. Do not let up now, my friends. In fact, it is time to redouble and reaffirm. Determine now to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs. Things will get a bit squirmy in a bit. Do not lose hope. Trust yourselves to come out the other side. And at that time, we promise you, you will have made a system which allows for the compassionate care of every individual on your world, just as you have dreamed. Dreams, you see, are not the silly things you have been told they are. Not much is as you have been told it is.

Good day, my friends. Keep yourselves in good spirits. We will speak again soon.

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