Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Landing Party, Part 6 – Galactic Alliance with Earth

Channelled By Suzanne Lie – April 9, 2013

Contact Person Speaks:

MultipleWorldsI have decided that I must write down my experiences, as a confirmation that these experiences are real and not just a “figment of my imagination.” There is a fearful voice in me that is confused, but I know there is also a part of me that is very wise. Last night I dreamt that I had another experience. I was standing in a long corridor with many other Beings.

I say the term “Beings” as many of those with me were not human. Some were very tall with blue skin and a few had very dark skin with a third eye in the center of their forehead. Their mouths were very small, and I could see no ears. I soon learned they were telepathic when I heard one of them talk inside my head. It had no gender that could be determined, was very friendly and asked if I were from Earth.

“Ah, yes, I think so,” I muttered with my old-fashioned voice.

The Being’s small mouth expanded in size to become a lovely smile, which made me laugh. Not that I was laughing at It’s mouth. I was laughing because It totally understood me.

“Do you mind if I use my voice,” I said. “I can’t talk with my mind like you do.”

“Oh but you can. You will remember soon.” It telepathically responded.

I wanted to ask It more about our location, when we were ushered into a large, very beautiful room. The room was lined with many portals, which revealed that we were in outer space. Lush, comfortable chairs lined the huge room, with small tables in front of them. On the tables were small glasses of an unknown liquid with a pitcher to refill our glasses.

I sat between my new friend and a male who looked quite human until he started to talk and his voice made a shrill sound that I could make no sense of. I started to tell him that I did not understand his language when a huge Being of Light entered the room. I felt a familiar loving sensation and found myself relaxing because of this Being’s presence.

However, that relaxation turned to excitement when the tall blond man with the blue eyes entered the room just after him. Why was this man so familiar and why was I so filled with joy to see him? On the other hand he seemed to barely notice me, which hurt my feelings. Why would he not acknowledge me when I felt like we knew each other?

Before I could ponder that thought any longer, the huge Being of Light began to speak in a telepathic manner. However, this telepathic message was heard in my heart rather than in my head.

The Arcturian Speaks:

Dear members of our Away Team,” the Being began, “It is lovely to see you all in your natural state. We understand that returning to your natural form is a relief after wearing the guise of a human circa 2013 AD. We are aware that while you are wearing your human form many of you have forgotten about your true SELF who is with us now.

In fact, some of you totally forgot about your Multidimensional SELF when you are awake in your human form, which is why we have brought you here now. We who live safe and fulfilling lives on the Starships often forget the difficulties of a third dimensional frequency of reality.

Hence, before we give you our primary message, we will remind you that all of you are crew members of this Starship. You have been chosen for a special mission to bi-locate to planet Earth to assist with Gaia’s planetary Ascension. You are originally from many different worlds, and are all holding an Earth vessel during the Earth time of 2013.

Because the illusions of that world are so powerful, most of you have forgotten your true SELF and believe that you are “only human.” Therefore, we have decided to invite you to join us in your higher dimensional form while your human body sleeps.

Our Starship resonates beyond time, hence you are joining us from many different timelines on Earth. Since most of you have been forgetting about your true SELF while wearing your Earth vessel, we have decided to gather you together as your higher dimensional SELF to remind you what you were told before your mission began.

We wish to commend all of you for the great contributions that you have made in your guise as a “normal” human on planet Earth. Despite the fact that most of you have temporarily forgotten your true nature, you have been able to carry out your assignment to work towards awakening and educating humanity regarding the importance of the timeline in which they live.

We organized this mission at the request of Gaia, who is the collective consciousness of planet Earth. Gaia is returning to a higher expression of Her multidimensional planet and wishes to take as many of Her humans as possible. Gaia, as well as Her plant and animal kingdom are ready for the transition. However, many humans have become lost in their third/fourth dimensional density of separation and limitation.

Therefore, they feel separate from each other, separate from the planet and separate from their true SELF in the higher dimensions. Much of this forgetfulness is because the polarity of Light/Love and dark/fear has been tipped towards darkness and fear rather than Light and Love.

Hence, so much energy and attention must be placed on the process of daily survival that there is no ‘time’ for the meditative exercises that are vital for them to communicate with their Higher Expression aboard our Ship or on their Homeworld.

We wish you, who have joined us in this NOW, to know that a higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF is in deep meditation to hold your essence here on the Ship while you are, also, bi-located into your sleeping human on planet Earth. In this manner, you are concurrently experiencing three realities within the NOW.

  • You are your Higher Expression on board our Ship

  • You are our Crewmember who is NOW de-briefing your Mission on Earth

  • You are your human Earth vessel that is currently sleeping
We ask you to listen to our message with your multidimensional thinking, as your third-dimensional thinking is unable to grasp simultaneously living in three different realities. In fact, as you re-activate your multidimensional thinking, you will easily remember that your Multidimensional SELF is capable of maintaining myriad realities within the NOW of the ONE.

The primary reason for recalling you to the Ship for debriefings is to remind you to maintain your multidimensional thinking even while wearing your Earth vessel. If your thinking becomes third dimensional, you will quickly forget your reality on our Ship. Then, you will be in great danger of becoming lost in the illusions of third dimensional Earth.

Furthermore, as long as you can remember your multidimensional thinking you can also maintain your multidimensional memory. When your full memory is activated while you are wearing your Earth vessel you will not forget the reason why you have stepped-down your great consciousness to consciously encompass your reality on ascending Earth circa 2013.

Because we underestimated the power of third dimensional illusion and many of you became lost to your Multidimensional SELF, Commander Mytre will reiterate the purpose of your Mission.”

(When Commander Mytre stepped forward to address us my heart skipped a beat. What is it with this man that makes me feel this way? However, when he began to speak, my questions had to cease. I must also be a member of this “Away Team.” If so, I certainly did forget my instructions. In fact, I forgot my SELF.)

Commander Mytre Speaks:

Greetings my friends,

(Mytre’s statement made me wonder if Mytre and I were friends.)

I am here to remind you that your mission is to assist all life on Earth to expand their primary consciousness from the third/fourth dimensional resonance of Earth into the fifth dimensional version of Earth.

For the sake of this conversation, we will entitle this recalibration of consciousness the ‘Creation of New Earth.’ However, you will not actually be creating New Earth, you will be expanding your perceptions to include the frequency of New Earth.

First, my fellow Shipmates, we underestimated the density of consciousness on Earth and the power of the illusions of separation and polarity. We realize now that you will need to be debriefed on a regular basis in order to free yourselves from those fear-based emotions and indoctrinations. In fact, these were the issues that caused Gaia to call for our assistance.

(Just before Mytre begin to speak, his eyes caught mine. Within that moment, time stood still. I had obviously forgotten. I had not understood much of what had been said, but with my attention focused on Mytre’s bright blue eyes every word began to make sense.

When Mytre broke our gaze to address the entire room I was sad beyond all reason. If Mytre and the Being of Light (whose title of Arcturian suddenly filled my mind) were correct then I was a crew member of this Ship, and this was my true home. With this thought great joy flowed into my heart, which allowed me to listen closely to Mytre’s message.)

Dear members of our Away Team to ascending Earth, we are all here in human form to remind you of your Higher Expression of SELF who is living in these higher realities. We hope that this reminder will assist you to remember, embrace and communicate with your Higher Expressions of SELF on Starships and in your Homeworld.

In fact, even though you may appear to be wearing a human form, you are actually members of our Away Team to Earth. We have come here to remind you that YOU have the ability to create a new, higher frequency of Earth. Within your NOW on planet Earth, the most important task in your life is to remember YOU are your Higher Expression.

Then, the next most important task is to tell the Truth, as you are receiving it, from your Higher Expression. Fortunately, when your consciousness is resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond, your Truth IS the Truth because your consciousness is in alignment and calibration with the ONE.
Within the ONE there is only Truth, and that Truth is perceived from many different “points of perception.”

Therefore your three-fold task is to:
  • Remember your SELF

  • Set up an ongoing and intimate relationship with your SELF

  • Translate and transmit the Truth that you are receiving from your Higher Expression of SELF to all who can listen
We need our Family of Light who became lost in the third dimensional illusions to:
  • Wake Up

  • Look into your own eyes and see your SELF

  • BE your SELF while still wearing your clay form
We realize this is a huge request, as the clay form you are wearing is of great density. Hence, it is extremely difficult to hold your consciousness in the fifth dimension and beyond while wearing that dense shell. We know that we ask a lot, but we also know that others among you have fulfilled this promise.

Yes, you all decreed that you would BE your Higher SELF while wearing your clay, Earth vessel.
We are beginning to understand how so many of you have become lost. Furthermore, some of us have only incarnated on Gaia a few times. Therefore, we had no “past” lives in which we could learn the rules, or lack of rules, of the “3D Game.”

It is NOT important that you fulfill your mission perfectly. In fact, your first challenge is remembering that you even have a mission. Therefore, be kind to yourselves. You will likely feel alone at first, unless you are able to remember your Higher Expression of SELF. Fortunately whether you know it or not, your fifth dimensional Divine Complement will be guarding and protecting you while you are bi-located into your third dimensional Earth vessel.

Even though it appears that you, the members of our Away Team, were beginning this Mission all at once, you each bi-located into different Timelines. Hence, you may not be able to find each other again until you move into the higher, more timeless frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Therefore, please take a long moment to look into the eyes of your comrades here on the Ship, as they are also members of this Away Team. Look into each other’s eyes to ignite your memory of the friends that surround you, and the reasons why you accepted this mission. I will now repeat the first dispatch for this Earth Mission.

During the time of nuclear testing, and the wars that followed, Gaia called on the Galactic Federation for assistance. Most of the Timelines of nuclear testing lead to total destruction of planet Earth. There is one timeline that has the greatest chance of avoiding that disaster. Unfortunately, that Timeline actually had WWII with the nuclear bombing and many other atrocities.

Nonetheless, that Timeline has the greatest hope for Ascension. Hence, we are sending you into that version of Earth. We are inserting our “Ground Crew” into important times and places where they can make the greatest impact on revising the path of those Timelines.

We see great potential for that timeline, as many have begun to awaken to their true Multidimensional SELF. The Away Team will be placed in the period of that reality from the beginning of the nuclear testing until that timeline of 2065. Thus during the period of 2013 the volunteers will be:
  • GREAT GRAND PARENTS during 2013 – born to survive WWII and the myriad smaller wars, and their children the:

  • GRANDPARENTS during 2013 – born just post WWII and surviving until 2013 and forward, and their children the:

  • ADULTS during 2013 – born to be at peak adulthood at 2013 and their children the:

  • ADOLESCENTS during 2013 – born to be young adults in the years just after 2013.
This Away Mission will extend 45 years past 2013 into 2053 (one full generation) to protect Gaia from those who cannot change and expand into the higher frequencies. Fortunately, once these Lost Ones leave their Earth vessels, they are freed from the polarity of Earth.

The Guides that they have ignored will then greet them and remind them to look back on their lives of fear and/or power-over others, victim and victimizer, to finally realize that they too have Higher Expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.

With this realization they will be able to envision into the Timeline they just left and send it the necessary Unconditional Love to heal the wounds that they caused to the Matrix of Gaia’s physical form.

As this healing increasingly occurs, Gaia will be set loose from Her moorings in the lower frequencies. She will then begin to release Her lower frequency realities. As she releases the old, she can more easily expand into the higher dimensions of Her Planetary SELF.

Many of you have bi-located into a Timeline in which you have the possibility of maintaining your Earth vessel long enough for you to move into New Earth while you also maintain your 3D Earth vessel.

If you can remember that you are your Multidimensional SELF wearing an Earth vessel, you will, eventually, remember how to bi-locate into New Earth. Then, you can keep the physical anchor of your human body within constant contact with Gaia while you also create your Lightbody and cross the Great Void into fifth-dimensional New Earth.

Then the generations after you will maintain that Portal that you have opened. Please remember that time is an illusion of the third dimension. From our higher perspective, we are able to see all these generations through the viewpoint of the NOW of the ONE.

Hence, we can see how the contributions of generations after you actually influence your generation which appeared to be in their past. Thus, generations before and after you are all influencing each other within the NOW.

Finally, we must remind you again that once you enter fifth dimensional New Earth, there will no longer be time. Therefore, you will be able to look into different timelines as easily as the humans change the channel on their television. Hence, when you awaken, please remind yourself again and again to release the illusion of time.

(With these words, I awoke in my bed. I knew that if I did not document this experience, I would forget it. In fact, as I walked to the computer I wondered how many times I had already forgotten it.)

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