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Lord Arcturus On The Energy Matrix

An oldie from Lord Arcturus that sounds like it came through last week...DT the ET




 (Note: This message was given in 2007. I have been guided to share it again as the message is relevant to what many are going through now.)

Greetings & Blessings to one & all.

I am the Lord Of Arcturus, speaking on behalf of The Arcturian Council. Many of you have been calling out for messages of wisdom to guide you through these times. Many of you have been feeling the effects of certain events in the cosmic grid.

You are reading this for specific reasons indeed.

Welcome. Thank you for honoring your intuitive wisdom which led you to these words. Interwoven into these words are sacred codes & geometries which will come to you through the realm of the energetic matrix. Understand that much can be transmitted through the energetic planes: the energies of sound, of healing, of vibrations & frequencies. This is the reason why you, dear humans, are affected by solar activity, by movements of stars & planets through the heavens. All of these carry high frequency energy which affects some of you more than others, depending upon your sensitivity to energy & the density of your energy body.

This channeling will be in two parts. The first part will address the energy matrix, how it is developing & how it will affect more & more of you. The second part of the channeling will specifically deal with the codes carried in sacred geometries, especially in crop circles, artwork & energy work that deals with these sacred symbols of geometry. Please read the second part if you have been seriously ill or have been experiencing challenges that seem inexplicable to you.


The energy matrix is made up of specifically coded atoms & DNA particles that make up the entire structure of the cosmos. It stretches out to infinity & the size of it boggles the human mind. Within this structure is stored ancient memory, star seed codes & the history of all the constellations & planets that ever existed. Within the energy matrix is also stored the DNA cellular matrix memory of the human plane. What this means is that history from the very beginning of Earth’s cycles is stored. This history may come as a complete shock to many humans for it is not what is found in most history books!

We, The Arcturian Council, say to you, the current history, reported & bandied around in most books & cultures, is filled with misconceptions & half-truths. All of this will be rectified with the current shifting of perception which is occurring with the massive awakening process of the human soul.

What has been happening is a great shift in consciousness, as a specific grid in the cosmos is actually being anchored into place. This grid is The Magdalena Grid of Christ Consciousness, the feminine overlay of the Christ Grid which was anchored into place slightly more than 2000 years ago. This is the second ray of Christ, a coming in of divine feminine light onto the planet. This energy is affecting the whole cosmos as many inter-dimensional beings of light eagerly await the changing of energies upon the third-dimensional plane. It is important to them for much will be affected upon the other dimensions in a ripple effect.

What has caused the inter-dimensional beings of light much concern is the detonating effect of atomic activity & the recent sonar activity in the oceans. This sonar activity has caused much disruption to the holders of Earth Wisdom, the whales. Many whales have experienced trauma & are unable to continue with their mission. As a result, many whales have beached themselves or cause themselves to die through being caught & slaughtered.

What these inter-dimensional beings of light have undertaken to do is to come onto this third dimensional plane & anchor in energy forms such as crop circles, energy artwork & energy healing through sound & light frequencies. What this accomplishes is the raising of consciousness upon this plane. In turn, this will have an uplifting positive effect upon the planet & the cosmos as a whole.

Also many light beings are coming to selected humans in the form of guides & more & more are choosing to open themselves to channeled information. All these have a cumulative effect upon the energy matrix & will speed up the anchoring of the Feminine Christ Overlay, The Magdalena Grid.
The Magdalena Grid, once fully anchored, will bring in a Golden Age upon the Earth. There will be much honoring of the Earth’s energies & gifts & She will be respected as never before.

There will be a return to simpler agricultural methods & the use of toxic pesticides & products will cease. Women will come completely into their power in ways never seen before. Countries in which women have been specifically dishonored, tortured, oppressed & vilified will see great upheavals in their economy & political systems. There will be a cleansing in the form of natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis & the spread of diseases. This is a necessary part of the Earth’s cleansing for it will be part of the releasing of the old to make way for the new.

Many humans have undertaken a sacred contract to leave the third dimension during these times. Please respect & honor their choices for they have undertaken this in full soul awareness. We say to you, dear humans, do not be overly saddened by this. Look at the spiritual implications of their choices. Pray for these souls, for these countries. Much can be accomplished through peaceful means.

To those who choose the old ways of greed, corruption & lust, we say to you, the Earth cannot cooperate any longer to sustain those energies. Understand too, that this is a free-will planet. It is not our call to make any soul follow our guidance. We honor all choices, even when their choice is to follow the old paradigm of control, power & manipulation.

There are however ways in which these beings can be assisted & thus, much upheaval can be avoided. It is through the raising of consciousness of the planet. We ask that as many of you get together in meditation & prayer as possible. Understand how the energies multiply when you come together in groups. The moment one individual comes together with just one other person the energies are multiplied in a quantum manner. What this means is that the energy of 2 is equivalent to however many they are focusing on, the energy of 4 will be equivalent in a quantum manner, that is, multiplied by infinity, to however many they are focusing on. Do you understand, dear human, what this means? In mathematical terms, it is, yes, quite mind-boggling! (Chuckles)

So we say to you, get together, regularly. Have evening gatherings in your homes, in centers, get people together & make meditation & prayer your focus. Choose dates of significance, such as the New & Full Moon Days, or portal days such as 10/10, 11/11, 12/12 and 1/1. When you meditate, have a facilitator guide the group into bringing into focus particular areas of the world or particular groups that you would like to pray for.

Below you will find a meditation that you may follow or read out during your gatherings. Remember to keep the atmosphere lighthearted at these gatherings. Recognize that you are coming together as light workers. This is what light work means, dear ones. It means bringing light to others or places that need it while being light at heart! Now, remember why you have come to Earth at this time!
May Peace Be With You.


We wish to bring information to you regarding the codes carried in sacred geometrical forms. These forms can be found in crop circles, artwork & is carried in energy work that focuses on these sacred symbols through sound, light & energy frequencies.

It is of vital importance that as many of you gather together & meditate upon sacred geometries that you are drawn to collectively. These forms can be found on the internet, sites which feature crop circles & sacred energy artwork are good choices. Use your discernment in choosing these sacred forms to meditate upon. If these forms are pleasing to your eye & you can visibly feel the energy emanating from them, then, obviously they are good choices for you & your group.

Dear ones, these sacred geometrical forms contain key codes that will awaken in you the Sacred Magdalena Codes, codes that have lain dormant for centuries in the human DNA field. By meditating upon these sacred forms that you are drawn to, your dormant codes will experience a massive awakening. Some of you have been experiencing this without consciously realizing it. How often have you felt odd aches rising through your body only to disappear a short while later? These are some of the signs of your awakening Magdalena Codes.

Other signs are restless sleep, sleeping less or more than normal, experiencing changes in your breathing patterns, sudden restlessness or anxiety, short periods of feeling depressed for no particular reason & feeling an urgency to get on with your mission even though you may not know just yet what it is exactly! Also deep exhaustion is another sign that the Magdalena Codes are awakening within you. We suggest that you bear with these ‘symptoms’ & do not resort to taking prescription drugs.

Drugs of any form will have a negative effect on your system & will need a further cleansing & detoxifying out in future. We suggest that you use a variety of natural, herbal products to help your body heal & we also suggest that you learn to work with the energetics of your body.

The Magdalena Codes will impact every human upon the planet in a variety of ways. They will affect each human in different intensities as well, for much depends upon the density of the energy body. If you have focused a lot of effort on cleansing & releasing past patterns of dysfunction & on improving your health, your energy body will be ‘lighter’ & less dense. As a result you will be more sensitive to the key light codes present in the Magdalena Codes. Your ascension process will be accelerated as a result & you will move through bodily processes of lessening the density of your energy body even further. What this means is that you will go through periods of emotional release which may seem inexplicable or almost irrational to you. These releases are brought upon by the collective release of the entire planet as a whole.

Understand that you, dear human, are being put to service in a very Divine manner, and that you have agreed to this at a deep, karmic, soul level. So as the planet releases, so do you. And as many other humans go through this collective releasing process, understand that the vibrations of the Earth change & rise to even higher levels. Humanity, as a whole, will experience the lessening of crime, of violent rampages, of cruelty to those apparently weaker. This will be the end result of a rising in the consciousness. What will also be apparent will be a change in the attitudes of many to a higher state of being, where grace, compassion & unconditional love will be the order of the day.

Many of you will notice that before any major shift in consciousness happens, much happens to intensify conditions that are already prevalent. For instance, before peace can be fully anchored onto the planet there will be a surge of violence & new wars may actually be instigated. Before women can be honored, respected & revered for their gifts much will occur that may horrify us. The same applies to you as an individual. If you have been affirming, say, abundance, then, certain events occur that are the opposite of abundance. This is one of the Laws of the Universe. What you can do during these times when the reverse is occurring for you is to keep calm & balanced. Know that these times will pass. Keep positive, knowing deep within that things will inevitably change.

The physical bodies of many humans will undergo several changes. A phenomena will occur which will be very puzzling to many doctors. Many, as they rise in vibrations, will undergo disease processes such as cancer, heart disease or tumors, which will be diagnosed & probably treated in the usual way. However, after a short period & after a vibratory shift, these symptoms will simply alter & vanish. These events will appear ‘miraculous’ & there will be no logical or rational explanation. The medical profession will be quite baffled by these incidences which will be more prevalent as time goes by.

We say to you, dear human, if you have been diagnosed with a severe or a terminal illness, take heart. Know that we are with you every step of the way. The advent of an illness gives you two vital forms of information. One, that you may need to change the way you manage your body, your stress levels, your relationships & your level of energy in your body through the intake of what some call ‘prana’ or ‘chi’. You may need to make relevant changes & also, very importantly, ask yourself, several vital questions such as…..

“How important is the quality of my life for the rest of my time on Earth?”

“How willing am I to learn to change energy patterns in my body?”

“Am I willing to leave the Earth at this time? If not, then what can I do to reverse the effects of my dis-ease?”

The second bit of information that you need to know is that you are processing the symptoms of your illness for the entire planet. If this brings on a curse or two, please know that we understand. Know that you will move through this inevitably. Know that you can call upon the Arcturian Council to lessen the severity of symptoms, or even to eradicate the illness form your body altogether.

Understand that as you make several vital shifts, that your illness will move to a point where it will completely vanish. Know too, that you have a vital part to play in all of this, for it all depends upon how you raise your vibrations, individually & on a planetary level.

There are many energy workers who are being called upon to work on others through sacred geometry, through sound & vibrational work. Many speak in the Language of Light & channel frequential tones from the whales & dolphins. Please use your intuition to guide you to the ones who have sacred contracts with you. Many light workers are moving towards using sacred mantras in their work which are basically sacred geometries in sound code vibration. Others are being guided to using mandalas which utilize sacred geometries through the energy of color, shapes & symbols. All these are very effective in raising your vibrations which is the key to clearing many issues, challenges or health problems that you may be facing.

The ancient Indians used ‘yantras’, sacred geometrical forms designed to focus the energy of the meditator upon key energy forms. Powerful key codes are also given to awaken consciousness in many different aspects while meditating upon these sacred yantras.

Here is a meditation that you may want to use during your group gatherings. Place a bowl or cup of salted water with the intent that the water absorbs all negativity released from the group as you do the clearing work. You may record this on a tape or CD to play it back for a smoother, more ‘flowing’ process. Remember to speak slowly, gently, confidently & in a nurturing tone. (CD Copies are available to order) (See below)

“Breathe deeply. Draw your breath deep into your abdomen & gently breathe out all that needs to be released, all stress, tension, negative emotion, anger, breathe it all out. Take deep breaths and with a deep whoosh, bend your body down at the waist & release your breath with some force, expelling all that you need to let go off. Do this several times, straightening your body up as you breathe in, & bending down as you breathe out. Keep releasing all that you can think of to release, old memories, past conditioning, belief systems that do not serve you any longer.

Visualize a huge golden bubble of light all around you. Breathe in this golden radiant light in every pore, every cell of your body. As you breathe in this incandescent, divine, iridescent light, notice all negative thoughts, energy & patterns clearing from your auric field. Keep breathing in this golden radiant light & fill out every part of your auric field until you are one beautiful glowing golden mass of light. Visualize yourself as a golden bubble of light getting even bigger & more radiant. See your light getting so bright that it becomes incandescent.

Now gently breathe into your heart & allow your heart to expand like a beautiful flower. Allow your heart to heal all old hurt & pain by breathing in more golden divine light deep into your heart center. Keep filling up your heart with this divine radiance until your heart is full to bursting with divine love & light. When you are ready, gently send out waves of healing, out form your heart to all the people who are close to you. Now visualize those whom you have had intense relationships with, or those with whom you have some tension. Gently send out waves of healing love & light enveloping them in divine radiance. If you feel some emotion, please allow yourself some gentle healing tears.

Now, slowly, gently send out waves of healing light to the entire country. Feel your heart’s vibrations. And now send out waves of healing light & divine radiance to the entire Universe. Bless all beings with love & radiance.

Slowly breathe & connect yourself now with the energies of Mother Earth. Visualize beautiful golden roots growing down from your back, from your feet towards Mother Earth. Feel a powerful strength & wisdom coming from Mother Earth towards you, through these roots. Allow your body to rest & relax in a way it never has before. Soften your body & allow it to be held fully by the energy of Mother Earth. Feel gentle nurturance form Mother Earth holding you firmly in her embrace. Know that your every need, every desire is provided for. Breathe easy in this knowledge. Let go.

Feel a further grounding, centering & balancing taking place. Gently move your fingers & toes as you slowly come back to this present moment. Spend a few moments simply loving yourself, each & every part of you. Move your feet gently as you ground yourself even further. Breathe deeply & slowly come back completely into your physical body.

Blessings to one & all. This is the Arcturian Council through Lord Of Arcturus.

Channeled by Veenaa Saynana.
Copyright@ Veenaa Saynana
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