Thursday, April 25, 2013

Big Momma Through Linda Dillon

The Divine Mother appears to the devotee in the form worshipped. What to Linda is the Universal Mother Mary to me is simply the Divine Mother.  You’re welcome to worship the Mother in the way you choose. To say the Divine Mother is to say the universal, primal and creative energy that brings all things into being, preserves them for a while, and transforms them back into their original nature again (i.e., the Holy Spirit, Prajnaparamita or Shakti).

Universal Mother Mary speaks of change, and the constancy of her love for us

Channeled through Linda Dillon, the Council of love, April 20, 2013
Linda - There are times when a channeling is so profound that hearing the actual words and receiving the direct download of the energy is over the top desirable. So it was with our last Saturday’s conference call in which Universal Mother Mary declared “I AM Yours”. This channeling will touch your heart and soul. Please listen as well as read, bookmark, print and share.To listen click on the link below.

The Holy Spirit is worshipped as the Divine MotherGreetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of love and Mother of change and Mother of constancy for what is eternally changing is also eternally constant and what is the constant dear heart? The constant is my love, the constant is that this love forms and is everything. It is the substance, the essence, the fiber, the material of all of your 12 dimensions, of all of your physical reality, of all of your bodies and it manifests, continually changing. You are not the same beautiful angel that you were yesterday and you are not the same as you will be tomorrow. The beauty is in your constant growth, evolution, and at the same time, the constancy of who you are in essence.

So the task at hand, and yes this is part of the New You, is not only identifying but fully anchoring that truth of who you are. And we use the term ‘a spark of light, a spark of love’ and then you tend to think of it as small, as tiny, as minuet, this tiny little fragment that you have carried from me. We should change the language to ‘supernova’ because the truth of who you are, my beloved children, is not small at all. It never has been. And of course that is why so many of you have difficulty fitting into these tiny little forms that we call human bodies and it matters not whether you are earth-keeper or starseed or hybrid or completely star being because to most of you, at some point these bodies have felt alien. But they are one, in conscious memory, in conscious participation, they are one of your first creations. Yes we know all about DNA and the act of creating a child but, in truth, that is a group effort. But that physical vessel is also determined, not by chance, but by choice and by you.

Now why do I bring this up and why do I bring it up this day? Because it is important for you to remember, to realize, and to embrace the fact that you have been creating even before you drew your first breath. And you have continued to create every single day that you have been on this magnificent planet. Again it is the usage of language and particularly this English language which can be limiting, for in many situations even the word ‘creative’ is viewed as less than. It is better to be driven or industrious or studious or excel at this task or that task.

Do not dismiss and do not undermine your ability to create. This gift has been given to you as part and parcel of who you are. Does it flourish in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th dimensions? Yes, of course it does. But you have only to even look at the rapidly evaporating old 3rd dimension to realize that creation has been taking place, seriously, for a very long time and it is speeding up. And it is not simply speeding up in terms of the unfoldment of my plan, which is speeding up by the way, but the unfoldment of your plan and the plan of Gaia

You did not come to earth and simply say to me, “Well Mother, what I will do is I will go to earth and hang around. I will know some happiness, perhaps, through family and relationship. I will find a job and do meaningful work. But basically I will just hang around and then in the last few hours of my life I will create. And what I will create is my transition.” That was never your intent. You came to create unity, connectedness, balance, love, in form, in expression and most importantly in expression to your sacred self.

My beloveds, you are very good at the expression of love to each other and to others, but there is room for expansion, there is always room for expansion. But there is massive room for expansion of your regard and creation of you. When was the last time that you truly sat with me? Not that I am going to direct you, but I will hold you and listen like the mother I am. When was the last time we simply sat and you said, “Who do I want to be, who do I really want to be? Who did I think I was going to be? Where did that go awry? Was that a silly idea? And am I acknowledging and creating and co-creating the truth of my potential?”

You have come to the planet intact. This is not a lesson of learning. You have brought all talents, all abilities, fullness of soul design. You have received my Blue Diamond, the Father’s Gold, and your unique beautiful Pink. Now where and how do you wish to go? With whom? In what way? And whom do you wish to be? Do not, and seldom will I be this emphatic, do not simply adopt an archetype and say ‘this is me’. That is far too narrow and I wish to hear your heart and thoughts say ‘I am artist, I am teacher, I am communicator, I am healer, I am architect, I am bringer of light, I am lazy as all get out!’ And then we can laugh and then together we can play and say ‘well, what do you wish to create today?’

As a child it was Lego’s and sandcastles and imaginary friends that weren’t so imaginary at all. It is time to build again. For some of you this means in a concrete way, for many of you it means the building of spirit and community with others, with family, and with soul family, for we do not distinguish or differentiate.

Seldom will you ever hear me say that I am tired, for my energy is infinite, but I say this in the language of love as your Mother, “I am tired of seeing you minimize your sweet self.” Sons and daughters of my heart, we have come to experience joy. That is the gift of Gaia, that is the gift and sacrifice that she made in transmuting her angelic form into one of a planet of such beauty and diversity. Follow Gaia’s lead. No, not her history but her lead, for her history has been one of temperance and patience where she has allowed herself to be raped and pillaged and sullied. But her lead is “Regardless, I am going! And I am anchored in the higher dimensions. And I invite you to go with me and be my co-creator, finally.” Follow Gaia’s lead, anchor in her heart and mine.

Let us help, never control, for your ideas are too unique and beautiful. We do not want to change them, we simply wish them to be brought into form. And the form, what does it look like? It looks like you, each of you having a happy, open, joyous heart where you see, you feel, you hear, you listen, with your heart.

There are many on your planet who say that faith is foolhardy and hope is ridiculous. Well, they are incorrect because I have infinite faith in each of you and eternal hope and knowing that you will anchor this and you will do so…listen to me very carefully…you will do this in ease, in perfect health, in balance, in laughter, and in peace.

Go with my love and turn to me, please, constantly and consistently. I am yours. Farewell.
Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-20-13

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