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Jaymie Price - December 2013 Newsletter

The Energies of December

November Review
In November we received a lot of energy from the sun, comet ISON and a Pluto/Uranus square (among other interesting astrology).  It was generally a time to just let the energies flow and breathe through them rather than focusing a lot of attention on action.  The intensity of the ascension symptoms increased as we were bombarded with Light information releasing from our sun.  I was keenly aware of the process of compression then release that is so natural to our growth, but that we rarely association with our evolution because of the span of time.  Especially during late November, the physical pressure was increasing as icy ISON was blazing closer to the sun.  It actually felt incredibly strong a day or two after it made its perihelion to the sun, which consumed much of its density, too!  More about comet ISON below.

December Energies
Much along the same line of November, December feels as if it is generally a time to allow the energies to flow, to stir your energy field into release and to breathe through the changes, yet with an increased focus on the energy of celebration.  Woohoo!  2013 hasn’t necessarily been the easiest of years for many.  Yet as you utilize your valuable mental and emotional energy, you can amplify challenges or amplify solution.  Soul evolution.  Soul(evo)lution.  Solution.

As the year draws to an end, observe the changes around you through the lens of Love, through the lens of progress.  The universe is fail-safed toward Love.  You can’t help but get it right, even if it takes time.  Any ‘mistake’ is merely a path of discovery.  Any ‘wrong choice’ is mastery expanding.  Observe Life through the lens of Love and you begin to discover your mastery, the support of Life, the beauty in the opposition of others that calls you to your empowerment. 

That is what 2013 has been – release of what is no longer in alignment with your mastery.  It will continue into 2014, but the ride will be a little smoother.  In 2013 it generally felt like challenge/release after challenge, but they passed fairly quickly, their benefit was known rather quickly and endurance was increased.  Sometimes there was no experience to it other than increased ascension symptoms, but ease was fleeting in 2013.  This is a result of the massive Light influx of the 12/21/2012.  So many Lightworkers focusing on Love.  The natural flow of the universe amplifying that as we met with the center of the galactic center.  Our galactic heritage cheering us toward growth.  Like a graduation ceremony of sorts, as we get our mastery degrees.  ;o)

December is a time to reflect on your progress and celebrate it.  It is a time to celebrate the Love in your life.  It is a time to celebrate that 2013 is over!  Allow the energies to continue to soften you into a rapidly evolving human being Love.  That is Ascension – rapid evolution increasing your vibrational signature into one that is more in frequency alignment with your Higher Self, the physical becoming less dense and more attuned to the subtle frequencies.  As you release resentments, fear, frustration, etc., you tune your frequency to the band of Love that is beyond our typical sensory span on earth.  You become less rigid and controlling and more fluid and creative.  That has been the process of 2013, allowing the Bunsen Burner of life to create new Soulution (soul evolution).  Congratulations, Lightworker!  You’re shining ever brighter!

Comet ISON
Comets bring encodements.  They plummet through space on a trajectory, gathering and releasing momentum/information.  They get drawn into orbits, meet different temperatures and the information they bring from their journey is released along the way.  That is what we experienced as ISON came near our planet.  It’s energy was already felt in November, much like if you were late to a concert, you begin to hear the music as you draw closer.  At the end of November as it reached its perihelion to our sun and the energy intensified.  By Sunday, December1, the energy was incredibly strong.  That day felt like a death of the old within, with the new energies of the Golden Age beginning their full-fledged birth.  I was shown an etheric brain finally anchoring in a field overlaying the fabulous human brain.  We are integrating higher frequency functionality along with our physical.  We are integrating a new frequency bandwidth of capability, which will begin to unfold over time in different ways for each individual as they navigate their path of mastery.

The ISON encodements also bring information from our galactic heritage, the wisdom of our past, into a new applicability.  As humanity evolves, we raise our consciousness to include the technical and moral expansion that allows us the expansion we seek.  The two are not separate, yet it can seem so.  ISON brings us into a greater understanding of the connectiveness of humanity, the earth and the universe that we inherently know is teeming with Life.  ISON brings encodements that effect the human heart and mind in such a way that our morality begins to overtake our technology.

The ISON encodements have a resonance to a few different energies that I feel.  I feel Antarean energy strongly associated with the ISON encodements.  The Antareans are a highly advanced race of Unity, one that heralds such evolution that humanity tends to focus a bit closer to home (Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, etc.).  But it speaks volumes that we are opening to it, and you will likely start to see some Antarean channelers coming forth.  We haven’t heard much from them, have we?  Humanity stills associates unity with giving up the self or annihilation, but that isn’t the truth of Antarean energy. 

As we become a global community and work together more, we are opening our path to unity and that always requires empowered individuals.  I didn’t expect to see it so soon, but the universe plants seeds that grow over eons of time.  I also feel Alpha Centauri energy with comet ISON.  The Alpha Centaurians bring a lot of technological advances, so our scientists that are working with subtle, unseen forces often have Alpha Centauri energy.  They are very sensitive and often can’t even explain some of the things they know, as our instruments aren’t as advanced as their visions.  Tesla and Einstein could tap into these universal forces of information and technology.  Comet ISON will be awakening the Alpha Centauri energy in those that hold that heritage, though now the human body is better evolved to handle it.  Human society isn’t quite there, but it’s changing more rapidly than the news will tell you, thanks to all the Lightworkers awakening!

I also feel Andromedan energy with this comet.  When I connect with Andromedan energy I feel this warm purple/blue energy that feels likes wisdom, protection and healing all in one.  The Andromedans have been working with humanity on an energetic level that oversees and encapsulates our Ascension.  While the Arcturians deal with a lot of emotional healing and the Pleiadians/Sirians works with our mental/emotional interaction and technology, the Andromedans feel like a broader step back that deals more with the overall process of development.  It’s a beautiful, gentle empowerment feeling.

From the Scorpion to the Eagle – The Phoenix Arises

Comet ISON has a lot of coherence with the scorpio energy we have been immersed in lately.  Our North Node is in Scorpio (path of progress), the recent eclipse in Scorpio, etc.  Comet ISON brings encodements that help us elevate these energies into the eagle, the higher aspect of Scorpio.  Scorpio is a fascinating astrological sign, one of the few that associates with multiple levels.  It is the collective water sign, powerfully deep and courageous.  Ruled by Pluto, our infamous Pluto/Uranus squares help us move our scorpio lessons.  With scorpio energy elevated, the Light has exposed the darkest, hidden realms.  Enlightenment.  We are each doing this in our own lives and humanity as a whole emerges changed, bit by bit.  Comet ISON brings the energy of the Phoenix transformed as it emerges from the fire.  Woohoo!

It’s ON!
Comet ISON is a powerful upgrade of our natural path, how it unfolds in your Life is your journey of discovery, and thus we circle back to the energy of December.  Celebrate your path of discovery because it is at an ending point and a beginning point.  That is exciting!  We have so much support that is unseen and awaiting our awareness and openness.  Open your heart and mind to the unknown and it soon becomes the known.

In general, 2014 is going to feel a bit smoother than 2013.  It is as if 2013 was choppy water and 2014 feels more like waves.  We are still in a process of releasing, we are still in a process of integrating our mastery into a world that has resisted empowered individuals.  That is changing.  Find the evidence where you can and continue your journey of mastery with an openness and awareness that makes the journey enlivening!  A comet doesn’t get destroyed by the sun, it gets transformed into less dense forms.  The violet flame of transformation is within you, at your beck and call and awaiting your attention and direction (I’m smelling lavender as I write this, though there is none here).  2014 will be a gentler ride of exciting waves of change.  The indigos and crystals have been reworking themselves in 2013; strengthening in ways that aren’t quite visible yet (yes, that’s you).  The encodements of comet ISON herald an influx of energy that has travelled far to meet us.  Like the Phoenix, the fire has brought new life.

In Summary
Celebrate your progress.  Celebrate the ending of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.  These overlap and merge, the newness not quite visible yet.  Keep shining your Light of Love on all that you are experiencing, as the challenges grow your strength and the triumphs grow your faith in yourself and Life.  We are evolving, ever so rapidly in this in-form-ation age.  Don’t lose sight of the invisible before it becomes visible.  The path you are walking is the perfect path for your soul, as soulution is fail-safed in this universe that supports Life.  You are part of a unified field of Love, expanding Life through the pulse of your heart.  That is worth celebrating!

Happy December!

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