Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Federation of Light Report

Channelled Via Blossom Goodchild 12-4-13


Blossom: Good morning to you. If it’s ok let’s get into it straight away, as there are a few things I’d like to clarify if I may? Yet first, let’s not forget manners … are you well?

Federation of Light: We indeed FEEL of the finest energies throughout our existence. We are aware that one thing you would like to clarify is the ‘buzzing within your head’, this is correct is it not?

Indeed. It’s like I’ve had five strong coffees and yet I don’t drink coffee. I try to meditate to calm it down yet that seems to almost exaggerate the FEELING

Do you find the FEELING unpleasant?

It is not painful … yet difficult to settle down. Am I correct in thinking I am being downloaded BIG TIME.

It is a question of priorities as to which order we explain what is happening. You are correct in saying that you are being downloaded … yet also there are actual changes taking place with inside your brain. There are parts of your brains that have long lain dormant, that are now being activated in order for new beginnings to take place. These changes are heightening your senses and although a little uncomfortable at the time of ‘opening’ … they shall surely serve you well. 

May I ask exactly what they will reveal?

They shall allow you to awaken more fully into yourself. They shall re-open powers that were once to a great advantage yet have been shut down over hundreds, indeed thousands of years. These activations are preparing you for THE NEW YOU. All the pieces shall fall into place once THE EVENT occurs and you shall nod in great understanding. For the energies that are to accompany this Event shall ‘click’ into place with the activations that are taking place with inside your brain. They will allow you to do a great deal of remembering. Rather like a chemical reaction … when two chemicals blend into one … it causes an onset of effervescing and a chain of events occurs. Again … difficult to describe … yet it is easiest to say that although you are experiencing these sort of symptoms … the ‘reality’ of them shall not ‘dawn’ until the final ingredient is added to fully activate them into fullness.

It is difficult for you to comprehend all that is to take place within you in ‘that instant’ … and indeed it is necessary for preparation of mind body and soul to have occurred beforehand.

Does this not give you a sense of ‘ITS’ closeness?

Here’s hoping! And what of this deep sleeping … yet within that sleep being so aware of ‘something going on’ that I can’t quite grasp? Is this uploading, downloading, side loading … what is going on in that time? Because it sure is knocking me about … mostly mid-afternoon and two and a half hours later I struggle to ‘come round’.

Much is taking place. Yet it is not just ‘information’ being received … it is also that your ‘Higher Blossom’ … is at work elsewhere … adjusting things to make sure that all goes smoothly when the time comes. Many of you are at work whilst asleep. Many of you are balancing out energies … shall we say … spreading them evenly across your planet … so that THE EVENT shall take place as smoothly as possible and not have your world topple over.

Is that a possibility then?

It was once … yet much balance has been restored and energies are now far more in alignment … so it is a very small percent that suggests this would occur … if it were otherwise we would not be going ahead.

You say ‘we’ … have YOU got a lot to do with it?

Oh yes indeed. This is why we are so excited … for it is drawing so very close now.

That ‘sounds’ and FEELS exciting to me also … yet a few more clarifications if I may be so bold? Many are very concerned about ‘being left behind’ when the time comes. Feeling they haven’t quite ‘got it’ yet. I know last week you spoke of some people remaining and yet I still don’t FEEL that we are going anywhere and that we are staying on the planet to bring her back into full health. I FEEL we are the ones who are making the change, and therefore wouldn’t be of much use if we were elsewhere. There are so many thoughts one has about this particular issue and believe me I am no Socrates … yet I still wonder sometimes. Can you assist at all in REALLY making this clearer for us?
First of all … you are not going anywhere …

Yet you said … Actually I won’t interrupt on this …

When we spoke of one being left behind … we are merely speaking on an energy level. Do you really think it feasible to suddenly have most of your population up and disappear? This is not why you are here.

When we say you are moving into a new world …. you are already on your way … Even within your head space Blossom … you are FEELING the difference in energies. A long while back we spoke of moving house as an analogy … still on the same planet … yet in a different location … perhaps closer to those who are on the same wave length!

‘Words, words, words are so inadequate’ and THAT dearest Blossom must be our quote of the century.

Many of you are FEELING the change within you … and if you are not … yet … you will.
You are MOVING UP … NOT OFF! There is an enormous difference! In ‘other’ words … you will be shifting from one ‘space’ to another.

That ‘space’ is already established … by YOU … each one of you seeing this through. You are simply making your way there.

AND … THE EVENT is like throwing a double six and then landing on another throw and scoring another double six … which says move three times round the board … It will MOVE YOU …
YOUR BEINGS … into an expanse of yourselves that understands ‘IT’.

‘IT’ being?



You will ‘understand’ unconditional LOVE in an instant … yet we advise that it is not full time … at that instant … for as we have stated … it could blow you up.

I just have to ask … because I said I would if it ever came up … someone wrote in recently to ask why a soul would choose to leave the planet via human combustion … devastating for family left behind etc. and really … I mean … surely it isn’t because they wanted to go out with a bang! (Sorry I just can’t help myself)

It indeed is what you would call an unusual phenomenon … to overheat to such a degree … yet as you correctly replied Blossom … the soul would have left seconds before … as does the soul on many occasions that would be too much for it to cope with when the ‘physical’ is playing up. We would say there is a fault in the rewiring … and it maybe that the soul chose to leave at that essential time of its journey and yet there was no agreement as to how, for it was not important.

You say ‘rewiring’ … not just ‘wiring’.

That is correct … for in the ‘re’ wiring there would have been a circuitry fault … very similar to your electrical wires and plugs that blow a fuse and catch fire. With all respect of course.

Thank you. Sorry to digress … just didn’t want to miss the opportunity …

So we return to the ‘unconditional Love’ experience … our calculations ‘assume’ that the majority when FEELING the astounding energies will ‘follow through’ in the KNOWING of where this leads … Yet there shall be some … that simply choose otherwise.

It is useful to KNOW that there is choice in this matter. And we ask you to recall also the fact that no one shall suddenly get away with actions that purposefully did not serve.

Yet … in joyous resounding LIGHT … we say to each one of you … ASK YOURSELVES TRULY … HAVE YOU LIVED YOUR LIVES WELL? FROM YOUR HEART?

We are not expecting you to be saints in this answer. For you have had to endure much in this Earthly experience … in order to do just that … experience!

Yet we ask you to ask yourselves of your intention … is your intent towards yourself and another of/in Love?

There is not perfection of your Earthly souls … for the density you reside in has blocked much of your ability to be so … so again we ask you to ask yourselves … is your intent to be of LOVE? …

 Even on the days when you do not FEEL you have quite carried out that intent?

We would say for billions of you that the answer is yes … BILLIONS … so we hope that answers your concerns of BEING LEFT BEHIND.

Yet the rest of us are not going anywhere?


So we would say that THE BRIDGE we speak of is THROUGH the veils … not across … although we have spoken in those terms.





We say to you … PREPARE YOURSELF … for your lives shall become so enhanced …

No day shall you be sitting twiddling your thumbs wondering why you are here and what to do and where to go …

EACH DAY shall be wondrous in its advancement to BECOMING FULLY … THE PEOPLE OF THE NEW WORLD.

We ask that you do not concern yourselves over the ‘what if’s’ because the ‘what if’s’ do not exist. The what NOW is all you need KNOW for within every living breath the NOW of that moment is all there is … and within that moment …








INDEED. WE ARE … ready and alert … and in much gratitude. Until next time … Love ya.

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