Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Message From The Masters: The Perfect Cosmic Storm

Channelled by Meg Blackburn Losey 12-3-13

Ensa Anshallah
Greetings to your Grace
In human nature, you are in an exciting time. A time of expansion, of change, of light. What has come to you in your time, is a combination of factors that has affected your very construct, your very beingness, and your abilities to reach far beyond your current reality and into what you used to consider the unknown. What is now is that the infinite possibilities that we have spoken of previously come to you and your world as options to be embodied. Your light has expanded to the point that you are now able to reach outward, which is also inward, to your greatest heights and depths of the infinite and bring these into your world, into your lives, as part of your creative process and part of the illumination of you. Your illumination has come forward over time as possibilities, as glints of awareness that you have tried to grasp, live, understand, expand, and yet, it requires nothing.

The enlightenment you seek is truly a spiritual experience, and still, it is not a story that you create to make it so. Your enlightenment is just that: you becoming light. It happens in spite of you. The key is what do you do with your great being? What will you choose as a result of having infinite options at your beckon call? Becoming truly enlightened occurs when the sense of self is unconditionally combined with the actuality of all things to an arrival at the embodiment of the IAM in such a way that the "I" can never be alone and the "AM" is all of it.

What this means is that you, as human beings, have developed senses of importance, or a need to be that. You have arrived at a need to fit, to be like others, to stand out in a crowd, to hide from it all perhaps. Although none of this is true and al of it is so, the crux of the point is that the human mind has a need to logically state all data in a manner that makes sense. The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. All things are in a state of continual change, never hesitating, never slowing or slacking, but instead evolving as a fluid nature in everything.

Your enlightenment is a product of the constant evolution of the entirety. It is not a product of what you do or think or try to be. It simply is. The immensity of what enlightenment is available to your awareness is often exacerbated by celestial events and events of less than a tangible nature.

You have read above in our vehicle's notes what has been happening in your "hard copy" world. What you cannot yet see is what is happening beyond that world, in less definable worlds that are yours as well.

Other dimensionally, there has become an opening across the third through the sixth dimensions that is streamlining a huge energy force to and through your world. This moves through each of you in such ways that is creating openings in your awareness, in the paths of consciousness to gain knowledge and abilities beyond your recent senses. Instead, you are absorbing this information as part of your make up. It is not and cannot be mental. Instead, it becomes you. Part of you. That which is you.

In addition to this tunnel through creation, which is actually a bending of the space time continuum, there is a second opening that joins the first in the fourth dimension. The second opening is t a 30 degree angle to the first opening, joining it in the 5th dimension, and then shooting out thought all dimensions into that which is light, your source. As this occurs, the combination of openings creates a double helix of energy between them as well as acts as a stabilizing factor to the first opening.

What this means is that not only are you gleaning information in your field through the mental planes of creational dimensions, you are also blending this knowledge with light from the higher dimensions. In many ways you can consider the current forces as a perfect cosmic storm that contributes to your knowing, your being, and that which you are beyond your world. This is the perfect set up for humanity to become enlightenment even as it exists. What has stood in your way in the matter of density is temporarily disturbed by the manner of flow across dimensions that are triangulating all that you are with all that is possible. It is this time that the ancients counted in their calendars. It is this time that the prophets have spoken of. It is this time that is your time and that which is the time for future generations.

The current dimensional conditions will remain in place for a number of years. A third opening will occur in 9 months and a few days on September 14th of your year 2014, that will create the perfect triangulation leading to the 2018 occurrence of the harmonic attunement of all of the pyramids simultaneously across your planet. It is this occurrence for which they were built. A moment in your time when conditions align for the perfect set up of harmonics of and to your planet, and therefore you. Many of you may have wondered what occurrence we spoke of that would begin your last September 29th. It was the opening and coming together of the two tunnels that cross dimensions.

You may have notices that since that time there have been some huge storm events on your planet. It is so that these occurrences affected the interrelations between the physical and the etheric because the openings also act as sort of vacuums, sucking energy through them. This affects your weather patternings and you may see some intensification over the next months through your winter months in particular. Whatever does this mean to you as human beings, all of these strange and seemingly otherworldly events? You are living in a time where anything and everything is possible and what you believed to be obstacles truly do not exist. What is available to you beyond measure is everything that you have believed, all that you are, and infinite possibilities.

How do you get there? Relax, breathe, get to know yourself beyond all of your self-perceived deceptions, honor the light in you which is also the light in all others, and know that to live well is to do so at the best of your ability. There is nothing to be, no thing to accomplish, experience the life for which you have come with ease and grace and allow that which is now available to sweep through you like the breath of God.

End of transmission. Be in peace. We are grateful to be of service with you in this now.

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