Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Message from the Angels via Tazjima

As Channeled by Tazjima – January 02, 2013

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

As a collective angelic presence focused on the Pink Ray of Love, we wish you all the best as you continue to let go of all that stands in your way, your anger, your grief, your disappointment and yes, even depression. The collective of humanity has taken a huge step and so now it is time to process your sense of loss, of everything you ever knew before which no longer is a part of the brand new world into which you have just emerged.

Like hatchlings just emerged from the shell, you are breaking free of age-old limitations, conditional thinking, extreme polarization and deep, deep soul pain. It will take a bit of time to adjust to strong influx of love that is present in your new world. It is due to the love that you now begin to feel so immensely all those myriad of feelings that you may have been able to deny or stuff down into the subconscious before.                          
You cannot do that here, dear ones. You must face the darkness that dwells deep in your very tissue and cells, feel it and release it. Remembering to feel and to acknowledge self and through self-awareness, others in your immediate environment and community, will take on greater significance as you awaken to the new possibilities and potentialities that exist, as yet un-materialized in this new world.

Love will push against your awareness, gently but firmly, until you let go. Love has been much understood in your old world, but you will begin to become more aware of what love truly is as you are more consciously enveloped by its strong, nurturing energies.

Your first step must be a discovery and entering into self-love. To be in love with self has never been encouraged in the old 3d paradigm; it was considered to be selfish. Always you were encouraged to give away your energy, your power, your belongings and in many cases, your life in an exchange of energies that left many of you in suppressed resentment, anger and even hatred. Yet, due to your natural and generous natures, you continued to give.

We do not suggest that you should discontinue giving or turn away from those in need, but learn to bring this tendency into balance. Many of you, especially the females among your population, have given so much that they are but wraiths in their own eyes; they have come to feel devalued and to even dwell in self-hatred and loathing. It is this pain that we wish you to free yourself of, dear ones.

Be kind to yourself and to exercise forgiveness for those hurts given and received. Treat yourselves gently as you process and release all that has been suppressed, that has contributed to poor self-image, poor health and even disease, to unnecessary tensions between individuals and family members and many other states of imbalance.

Learn to accept yourself as you are now, in this moment. In our eyes and the eyes of your Creator, you are perfect. Your auras are brilliant and as colorful as a garden of the most beautiful of flowers. Your light will grow and expand as you begin to come into a place of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, for we tell you, dear ones, that this is the first step you must take in order to be able to expand into your full potential as an ascended being.

Self-mastery starts at home and home is where your consciousness currently resides, within your human body. That consciousness will expand as your heart center reopens, your chakra system is aligned and healed and as you contact consciously with the greater and for most yet unseen, perhaps unfelt parts of yourself, your soul and monad, the celestial beings and ascended masters and your extended Family of Light. Blessed ones, we love you very much, more than you might be able to process in this moment of transition, but we promise you, you will open to this love and make it your own, because it is you, all of you.

As your sense of self expands and you feel more empowered, then you will be able to take on greater tasks. Each of you has a “mission” that you came here to complete. For many, it was simply to take physical form for you have already ascended and anchored the wholeness of your being many times.

Those of you who are starseeds and wayshowers volunteered to come to this world and to demonstrate just what it takes to ascend. Even those who have ascended before momentarily forgot that to “ascend” means, initially, to bring your soul and monadic energies into your body. It never meant that you would go “somewhere” else; it meant that you were bringing your higher energies here and now, to this place where you lie, or stand or walk and live. You, the lightworkers, were and are in the process of bringing heaven to earth, where eventually all will live as fully multidimensional beings, capable of sustaining the increased radiance of light and love while being contained within a physical temple.

Yes, you can ascend from Nirvana and the Summerlands after death, but this mission was to accomplish, to bring into being the ascension of an entire race, the race of humanity, the fifth race into the fifth world. Part of the work has been accomplished. Gaia has ascended with all life upon her into the fourth dimension. This is a huge feat that has been accomplished and one that has been long in the planning and preparation. Humanity has matured enough, due to its suffering and the resulting soul growth, to take this step, but most humans are unaware of ascension and the energies of love. For so long they have suffered that they have lost their way in a thick, tangled forest of misunderstanding, fear and self-hatred.

Gentle, and perhaps impatient, Lightworkers – it is you who will take these lost ones and show them the way forward into the new world that awaits your exploration. You are needed here, to be the wayshowers, to exercise balance in all things that you do, to learn to be gentle to self and others, to take back your power and be willing to hold the light and love within – and to radiate it out into the world so that others less able, at this moment, can feel those energies and begin to re-open their hearts and eyes to the wonders that are, right now, all around them. It is the work of the lightworkers to act as transformers, to step down the intense light and love vibrations and gently emanate that energy through your own beings, like miniature suns. As you work on your own ascension, your sun, the Christ within each heart, will expand and shine until your very physical body begins to take on a glow. It is this way that you can assist your fellow human beings and all life that is within your presence.

This is one way that you will assist in bringing the new world into being, for it while the sensitives among you can feel the change, still little has manifested to let the more skeptical among your ranks really believe. Is this not the way of change, dear ones? Do not the pioneers go first, scouting out the trails and pathways, perhaps creating new ones in order to facilitate the passage of those who follow? Then be at peace, dear ones, and even be a little excited for the world that lies before you are untouched by the old matrix. It is for you, all of you, individually and as a collective, to bring this world into being, through your intent, focus and thought.

Humans have forgotten the power of thought, which is the creative power of the will of the Creator. With your thought and following actions, the new world will take shape. You now have the opportunity to use your natural creative abilities to do what they have been given to you to do – create. In truth, you are creator gods and we advise you to use that power wisely and thoughtfully.

When you feel ready, ensconced within your own power and self-love, you will have a foundation upon which to anchor your personal energies and work to enhance and heal your community. Start at a local level, unless you are one who will be addressing and working with numerous groups. Start at a level that you are comfortable with, working with family and friends, to take back local power, to improve your local environment, to grow food locally, to support and aid those who need assistance by giving them the necessary tools into order to provide for themselves. Each individual must learn to stand on their own, in their own power. No one, in this new world, will be able to or will need to beg from another; they will be given what they need to succeed. First and foremost, for all, are self-love and self-acceptance, forgiveness and letting go of all past expectation, desires and attachments.

There is much to be done, but go slowly at first, dear ones. There are no more deadlines, dates or predictions to ponder; there is only the ever present Now in which to bask. Linear time will fade from your memories and time will take its rightful place in your lives. The tension and stress that many have lived with for years and decades can now be dropped, let go; it will have no place in this new bright world that you are creating.

Society will be restructured, from bottom to top, as it should. And the land, the earth upon which you depend for sustenance, will be vital in your recovery. Even if you live in an apartment, seek a way to connect to your Mother, the planet, through gardening, through walking and playing on her surface, and through helping to clean up the soil, water and earth that are vital for life to exist.

For too long has humanity been sundered from their Mother, the planet, but no more; you will find yourself drawn to Her, to the soil and waters, to the plants, to the animals, and to each other, in ways long forgotten. You are all children of the Mother and she has lovingly carried you upon her breast. Now as adults and potential caretakers and stewards of the earth, go forth, dear ones, and create a new world, one that will be a new Garden of Eden, one that will draw the eyes of the Galaxy to you in wonder.

We wish you well with your healing and the healing of Gaia. Let yourselves be as little children, your eyes filled with the joy of discovery as you encounter new wonders that lie before you, as you expand into the wholeness of your being and take your place as conscious co-creators of your world.
Be in joy and open to possibilities. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.
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