Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 260

As many if you have noticed lately, there are interesting occurrences starting to happen. As usual, the changes you so long for have not yet manifested on the outside, rather, they are discernible within. We know that for many, this in itself can be frustrating indeed, because you all long for more tangible results from all of these intense energetic upgrades you have been receiving for such a long time now. Well, let us just say that you will soon see how these internal effects will start to multiply, and with them, the realization that the outer changes you have been looking for in vain may not be the most important part of this process after all.
Let us explain. As you have in many ways entered new ground, what you still see around is in so many ways just a lingering remnant of the one you left behind. However, there are still many things that ties you to this old world, and all the practicalities and indeed impracticalities of the monetary system is indeed one of them. But let us just lay that aside for the moment and concentrate on what you have ahead, namely the realization that the new world you entered as you literally shifted from the old year and into this, the new year of 2013, will start to manifest in more tangible ways than you have seen so far.

You see, you are all more or less still hovering over the ground of this new world, and as such, you have not been able to ground yourselves sufficiently into this new energetic level that you have entered. In fact, this is an important part of this process, and not something that should be cause for alarm for any of you, although this feeling of disconnection can be more than unnerving at times.

You see, you all feel deep inside that you have in some ways been left out in the cold, and the reason for this, is the clear separation that has occured. In other words, you have been separated from the old, but as you are still in this seeming void not yet fully connected to the new, you may have a hard time finding any footing at all. Especially since you all in your daily goings on feel the pull fom the old. In other words, you will feel slightly discombobulated from this energetic vacuum that seems to have formed around you, so we are here to tell you that this is nothing to worry about.

We know that our words will be like a mere puff of smoke for some, as this feeling of unease, irritation and even disempowerment may seem to grow at an alarming rate lately. So again we remind you that all is well, and you are perfectly poised for the next step of your journey. And even if this period may feel more than a little bit unsettling, not only for your mind, but also for your body, know that it will soon start to dissipate as you will all in some ways get a glimpse of the surface of this new world that you still feel more than a little disconnected from. For your roots are already starting to seek down, and little by little, bit by bit you will all start to feel the strong connection that is awaiting you there. For then, you will finally sense that you have indeed come home, and your hearts will lift again as you feel this surge of welcoming starting to percolate throughout your whole being.

But until then, remember not to berate yourselves whenever you feel yourself falling under the spell from the void. For it is a powerful place indeed, and it can leave you feeling almost powerless. Know that this is not true, as you have all stepped into your powers, but as you have yet to be allowed to ”touch ground” with your new home, your powers will seem to be almost nonexistent at the moment. But that is about to change, as you will all be allowed to send those first tendrils down into the new soil that awaits you, and then you will start to feel how your powers will start to make themselves heard again.

Again, this is not a signal that you are disconnected from it all because of your actions or inactions in any way, far from it. This step into the void is an important part of the process, as you need this period to reboot and rewind after that long immersion in the third dimensional world before you literally reconnect not only with your true self, but also with your new home.

So, not long now before you all feel more at home, not only in your physical bodies, but also within your own greatness. Until then, go easy on yourself and let yourself rant and rave should you so need. There is no need to hold back on any negative emotions that might arise, so just let them pass through you in order to let off some of the steam of frustration that will inevitably build up in this holding pattern you are currently in. And remember that you are about to step out of this void shortly, and start to truly connect for the first time in eons.


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