Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aisha North - The Paradox Of Our Changing World

You have come a long way since those dark days of December, and even if many of you still struggle to see – or rather feel – the difference, there is indeed so much that is different, it is as if you have entered a whole new world. Let us explain.

As usual, on the surface, much will seem to be exactly the same as the last time you opened your eyes, and this will indeed go on for quite a long time. But underneath this superficial layer of illusion that still meets your mind whenever you awaken from your sleep, there is something completely different going on. And the difference is by no means a superficial one, but a profound one. For what has transpired, is a change that has literally taken you all by storm, and swept away all of the vestiges of not only last year, but your last existence.

For what has happened is such a major shift it has left no one untouched by it all. But for anyone familiar with the word ”drag” in all of its implications, the results from all of this will take some time to be visible on the surface. For just as the sluggish and heavy outer layer of your planet takes a much longer time to adjust to any movements coming from within, so too it is with all of you. And even if your inner core has been transmuted from a dense and dark matter into a light and shining and fluid one, it will take some time before these same attributes percolate all the way to the top, or rather, to the outside world. So yes, you have all changed beyond recognition, but as in everything concerning someone like you residing inside a physical body, outward change takes time.

This does not mean that nothing will change in a very short amount of time, for already so much has, but unless you know how to look for it, it will as always stay out of sight for the majority of humans. But we know that for many of you, these outward appearances of the inward evolution have already started to seep out, and you can tell by the minutest of changes literally in the air that something is afoot. And the most effective way of tuning in to all of these changes, is if you let your mind to rest and let your heart do the surveying. For it will have no problem in spotting these fundamental changes taking place, not only within you, but in everything you see around you.

We say this as a reminder that even if your impatience seems to be more prominent than any changes at the moment, know that this is not true. For your impatience is only masking the fact that you have already started to breathe a fresher air, and there is indeed more lightness in your step than it was before. And this will only become more and more pronounced, as the inner revolution so to speak starts to work more and more on the sluggish movement of the rest of your body, and through that, the rest of your environment. And this is in no way any criticism, as this is just a natural way for this process to take place. For that is indeed how it has all been set up, by changing from within, in the flash of an eye, to the gradual, almost imperceptible change that is already taking place all around you.

For know that one day you will all wake up to a totally changed world, all the way from your core and out trough your very atmosphere. But know also that for many, they will not even be aware that this change has taken place, for they will just wake up as usual and believe that this wonderful world has always been there. So yes, this is indeed an instantaneous change, but also a very gradual one, as it has already taken place, but it is also under way.

 In other words, this is a process taking place in more than one timeline simultaneously, therefore your ability to understand it and perceive it will be determined on just what level you currently are able to tune in to. For some, they will only be able to distinguish one of these levels, the one you currently refer to as ”reality”. But for others, they will be able to get a much more detailed view of the proceedings, and for them, this will unfold in a very fascinating and somewhat complex way. For, as we said, this has already taken place, and the process is indeed already complete, but at the same time, the seed has just been sown, and is only now starting to sprout. [ED. This is the paradox; good luck making sense of it in a 3D mindset...]

We know we speak in somewhat convoluted terms, but just know that this process cannot go wrong, for it is already a success, and even if you at the moment may feel a little bit lost and ”out of it”, know that this is not the case. You are all traveling at full speed towards the point where everything will be more than crystal clear to you, and you will indeed be able to experience the full spectrum of this wonderful creation. So even if the colors, and even the light, might seem to be a bit pale at the moment, know that this is literally only a trick of the light. For it is all there, ready for you to immerse yourself completely in it all when the time is right for you to do so.

And when is that, we hear you ask. Well, let us just say that the answer to that is as always ” soon”. We say this, knowing fully well that this is perhaps the most unwanted word we can give you, but this is indeed nothing that can be described by any measure of time that you can come up with. For, as we said, this is a task that covers multiple timelines, and as such, yours is perhaps the least accurate of them all. So let us just leave it at that, and remind you again that all is well, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time and place.

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